Riding Freedom
Damn It All ``````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````

My typewriter was bold in saying so, but it was the immanent truth; to the rest of the known world, I do not exist. Sure, I was your cliché, antisocial, reclusive, outsider that everyone casually looked past. I had escaped the eyes of many, happily keeping to myself; or so I thought. I didn't need friends. The way I see it, all people are too vapid to see what matters in the human spirit. Mine is too free and content with it's own will to be strapped down by another. This gratification permitted me not to care for vanity; not in any extreme sense at least. I allowed myself just to be, myself; and nothing else. And I liked it that way, not only for the sake of it's rarity, but because that's how it ought be. Besides, who would I impress by being anything other than that? I learned early on the triviality of being a people-pleaser. This is just who I am, and if even my own parents won't love me for it, so be it.

Tightening the grip around my cross necklace, I sat up from my typewriter. What was I writing about? I don't know. Probably rambling on about my dad—either that, or some kind of dark, angsty poetry. "What is it?!" I replied semi-sarcastically down to my foster mother.

"Dinner!" her Texas accent painfully bounced off the walls and rang in my ears.

"I'm not hungry!" I yelled, in spite of my growling stomach.

"As you please, ya ungrateful brat." I heard her mumble loud enough for me to hear.

I walked towards my stereo and turned up my music--- The Two Towers Soundtrack, nonetheless. Ah, The Lord of the Rings; my new obsession. What bliss there was in getting lost in a brilliant fantasy such as this. If only it were all true. To escape this hellhole and be surrounded with beauty, myth, and legend. I drifted through my forested daydreams for a few brief moments before being stung with a cold slap back into reality; Damn it all, I've got homework.