Ron and Hermione fic ^-^ What can I say about this one? Hmm… Well, not your usual fluff, that's for sure. Ron goes temporarily insane; Hermione will probably go insane with him by the next part. Don't know what I'm talking about? Then read and find out!

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The Underground Cave- Part 1

By Iris Marie

Ron Weasley, tall, freckled, and rather scrawny, woke up on one particular day in a very bad mood. He wasn't able to sleep at all that night, his body unable to get into that 'perfect' position. At around five in the morning, he was able to doze off, but only to awaken again in three hours with a jolt. The room was deserted and the clock read off that it was already half way through first period. First period that was with Professor Snape.

He had then dashed to the bathroom, flooded the sink, wasn't even able to shower. He had ran to his stack of clothing, rummaging through all his dirty robes to only see that there were no more clean ones.

Needless to say, the day was progressing very slowly for Ron. From listening to a whole lecture from Snape and having to screw up his potion, his mood did not lighten up. Everyone else seemed to be in the best of moods, the teacher's especially since by the time of lunch, they allowed all the students to relax around the Hogwarts grounds.

'Hate today, hate today,' he thought as he sat against the tree that viewed the lake. The sun was still blazing high in the clear blue sky, everything that was around him seeming to be happy and dainty. Ron cursed, watching as his fellow classmates took the lunch break to relax. Harry was talking with Fred and George about something, and Hermione was in the library, most likely doing research on whatever fancied her.

"Hey Ron!" a chirpy voice said as a small red head propped herself in front of him. "Why do you look so down for?"

"Ginny, go away," he muttered, covering his eyes with his arms and leaning his back against the tree. "I don't feel in the mood to talk to you."

"Humph, fine then," said Ginny, standing up. "I'll go, but only because there's this really big black spider climbing it's way down the tree."

"WHAT!?!" Ron screamed, jolting up and scrambling away from the tree. Everyone hushed as they stared at him. "WHERE!?! IS IT ON ME, GINNY!?!" He screeched, jumping up and down while swatting the invisible spider off his back. "Is it OFF!?! IS IT OFF!?!"

"RON!" Harry ran to his friend, grabbing his arms to calm him down. He laughed nervously at all the other students. "Yeah… well…" he said as he turned back to his friend who was still going through the hysterics. "Ron! Calm down!"

"Is it still ON me!?! Is it!?!"

"There's nothing on you!"

Ron calmed down immediately looking at both his shoulders to see if what Harry said was true. When he felt no little legs crawling at him, he sighed in relief, falling down on the ground with a thump. When he looked back up, he saw Ginny also on the ground, her face beet red as uncontrolled laughter spilled from her. Harry looked towards the direction he was looking at and grinned. "Too much influence from Fred and George," he said, his eyes getting slightly out of focus as he stared.

"Wait till I get me hands on her… I'll… I'll…"

"What happened to you?"

Ron turned around to see Hermione with a load of books in her arms, staring at his ruffled robes in confusion. He sighed, running both his hands through his hair in both frustration and annoyance. "Nothing… nothing," he muttered, his tone with an edge. Harry and Hermione exchanged looks, watching as their friend seemed like a ticking time bomb. "I'll just go jump off a cliff and wait for the little scavengers to pick at my bones while I rot."

Hermione stared at him in shock as he then turned away and stormed off. "What's with him?"

"Bad day, maybe?" Harry muttered, looking once more towards Ginny who was having massive difficulty in not laughing. "I'm just going to go…" he trailed off, his eyes dazing off again.

Hermione rolled her eyes as he began to walk towards Ginny as if in a trance. With Harry now drooling over Ginny, she might as well go to Ron, however depressed he may be. Tugging at her pack and books, she began heading her way towards the direction Ron had gone.

He had left to look for a cliff, wondering if he would be lucky enough to find one. He knew that Harry and Hermione didn't take it literally, but Ron, now looking around, felt far from taking or saying anything not literally. So, he had marched off away from everyone else, looking around the landscape. And then his eyes fell across something… some shape. He quietly walked over towards it and saw a bush half blocking it.

After a struggle that soon led to him taking out his wand against the vines, the bush had been cleared and he stood in front of an opening in a rock.

'A cave!' he thought, looking into its darkness with pure hunger. In there would be quietness, blissful quietness! Muttering "Lumos" he began to drag himself in. He didn't go very far, but far enough that the entrance light was dim to his left and the rest of the dark cave to his right. Quickly he muttered, "Incendio" and was capable of conjuring five fires in circles to light his small area.

Ron took a moment then to stare around his surroundings and oddly, he began to feel very, very protective of it. 'Mine… all mine… no one to take this away!' he thought. There were no clocks, no girls, no Snape, school, work! Happy in his mirth, he laid his back against a rock and pulled his arms behind his head.

As soon as he felt the warm feeling of sleepiness start to creep to him, a female voice broke him out of his reverie. "Ron, what are you doing in here?"

He shrieked, both in fright and anger, and bolted up from his sitting position to stare at Hermione who had laid her books and bags on the floor. She was staring at him in a frown, glancing around the cave constantly. "Really, Ron, it's so damp in here. You're going to catch a cold!"

"How'd you find me?" He asked her, staring over her shoulder to make certain that she was alone.

"It's not hard to track you down when you left a whole trail of ripped vines, you know," she muttered, now taking a comfortable seat on a rock.

Ron shook his head, staring around his cave… his cave! He watched as she seemed to start getting comfortable and anxiousness overcame him. "Hermione, you're my friend… one of my best friends," Ron began, "But if you don't get out of my cave, I will be forced to force you out."

"Force? Ron Weasley, you have no right to tell me what to do!"

"But this is my cave!" He cried out, noticing easily the whine that had interlaced into his tone. "Mine!"

"I don't see your name written anywhere," Hermione replied.

"Ah, but you see, Hermi, it is!" Ron said, his voice seeming to have become temporarily insane. He raised his wand and cried, "Inscribo!" On the wall to his right, his name was now spelt out in large letters. Ron, chuckling, turned back to Hermione with glee. "See! See! Now it has my name! See!"

Hermione rolled her eyes. "You're such a baby!" she said while taking out her wand and doing the same charm against the other wall. "Well now, the cave's also mine since my name's inscribed as well."

"Hey! Mine was there first! First, first, first!" Ron complained with a pout.

Hermione giggled, not able to resist the cute pout that he now wore. "Doesn't matter, Ron. And since you can't do anything about it, I suppose that means that you'll just have to get used to the fact that this cave is as much yours as mine."

Ron groaned, crossing his arms. "I can do nothing about, huh?" He said, once more raising his wand. "Finite Incantatem!" he cried out towards the wall her name was spelt on. When the magic hit it, her name was gone. "Ha! Now your name-"

He was interrupted as a jet of magic barely hit his ear. He heard it clash against the rock and when he turned around, he saw his name replaced by large, sparkling letters that read, 'Hermione Granger. The owner of this cave.'

Hermione was laughing at his confused face when he once more tried to remove her name. "There's a protection charm on it so you can't erase it," she said happily while watching his face turn red. Spreading her arms, she gave a mock shrug and sigh. "So I suppose you'll have to-" She was cut short as Ron's voice echoed through the cave and numerous jets of light going off everywhere. When the light's glare subsided, she saw Ron's satisfied face and his name written on every inch of the cave wall.

"Well, Hermione, as you can't beat that-"

"Can't beat it?" Hermione asked incredulously. "Watch this!"

More jets of sparks, more arguing, more magic.

"You can't-"

"What do you-"

"You just wait-"

"Watch this-"

"No you-"

Both gave out an aggravated cry and with a flick of their wands, they both screamed, "FINITE INCATATEM!" A slight rustle noise of rock against rock ensued from the entrance of the cave and Hermione and Ron quieted.

"Uh oh," Ron muttered, staring around. Hermione had her eyes wide, her breathing coming in gasps. He stared at her and then to the cave walls, uneasiness now flooding him. "You don't think-" He was cut short as a large jolt shook the floor and the walls about them began to shake violently.

"RON!!" Hermione shrieked, rushing into his arms. A few stray rocks were tumbling in, the light that had once been the entrance dimming drastically. "Oh no! We're going to DIE! Oh MUM! DAD!"

Ron watched as the noise continued, of rocks falling and smashing against rocks, and as every light was extinguished. The ground no longer shook and he felt a large boulder behind him. He gulped, wondering what might have happened to him if he had stood a step back.

Soon, the cave was dead silent and when he finally got the nerve to use his wand and say, "Lumos" he knew that he'd have to break the news to Hermione soon.

"Umm… Hermi," he said rather nervously, glancing down at his friend who was holding unto him tight enough to constrict his breathing to a minimum. "I think we might have a little problem…"

To be continued…

Haha! This was just a little preview as to what's up my sleeve for this fic ^-^ What will I do next with them? Next part will be longer, and hopefully some romance and laughs. This was so short only because I wanted to give you all a temporary sneak peak as to what inspiration came my way ^_- Any comments are appreciated! Please review!

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