Ok. This is my first Sess/Kag pairing. This picks up or rather starts from the point where Kag sees Inu and Kik for the second time in there loving shudder embrace (you know, the one where she's pined to that tree so she can get a REAL GOOD LOOK). Also a few changes, I can't remember what Inu says to Kik so I'm making it up ALSO I can't really remember when Kag admitted her love for Inu, but in this she has. So on with the story! Hopefully more people will review this lol. Here's to hoping.

Chapter One: Meetings and Betrayals

"Inu...Ya...Sha." A name whispered from pale lips. Dark eyes watched in horror as he betrayed her again. There were no tears to streak her pale cheeks. The shinidamachuu didn't need to hold her to the tree, her body wasn't responding, it was numb, numb from the shock of being betrayed... again.

"Kikyo," InuYasha breathed, nuzzling into her dark auburn hair, "I promised to protect you, to stay with you all those years ago, and my words still rings true to this day."

"Inu... Ya... Sha."

"But what of my other?" Kikyo whispered. Waiting for a reply she realise he'd ignored her, idly stroking her hair and rubbing small circles in her back. She smirked in Kagome's direction, savouring the torture she brought her, snuggling deeper into Inuyasha embrace.

"InuYasha? What of Kagome?" Kikyo asked again using her name to get his attention. She shifted, in his hold waiting for his answer, pulling a dagger out of her white haori sleeve whilst keeping constant eye contact with Kagome, waiting for that pained look of horror that so easily came to her a moment ago. It never came again. She mentally shrugged. It didn't matter if the girl even tried to warn him, he couldn't see her or hear her. Her torture was a bonus.

"Kagome? What does she have to do with this?" he pulled back to look Kikyo, his Kikyo, in the eye. A flick of silver register in his peripheral vision, soon to find it pressed at his neck precariously over his jugular.

"Oh?" Kikyo quirked, "She has everything to do with this. How can you promise me protection when you have sworn it to another?"

"Kagome came after you," ignoring the dagger pressed to his neck he continued, "when I protect her I'm protecting you, she is your reincarnation. I want to protect you from Naraku. I want to keep you safe like I did all those years ago."

Kikyo laughed harshly in his face watching as his amber eyes shone with confusion. "I don't need you InuYasha. Naraku still possesses Onigumo's heart and that heart still loves me, much like yours. As long as that remains true he cannot hurt me," she paused in her assault, to give him a look of genuine desire, "but I want you, I want you to feel the same suffering I endured." Her brown eyes hardened with the last of her words as she pushed away from him.

"I enjoyed this meeting InuYasha, it helped me see that you still care. And I'll hold you to your word, you will stay with me, even when I descend into hell, you will be with me to share in my torment." she waved her hand dispelling the illusions that plagued the forest, to reveal Kagome's pale form.

InuYasha stiffened as he was hit with her scent, and her appearance. He'd never seen her... Broken.

"It seems that not everyone enjoyed this meeting though." She smirked calling her soul catchers to her, dropping the useless excuse for a reincarnation to the damp forest floor. She took flight with her escorts and left the two in the forest not looking back once.

"Kagome I-I." Kagome's body pushed itself to its feet, dusting at her pleated green skirt as though it would banish the mud smears. Her feet were lead, but her body managed to move her. One agonising step at a time towards her betrayer and then beyond him. To her escape.

"Don't follow me." She heard herself say. She'd retreated into herself, still not able to accept what had just happened. Her eyes were down cast watching the ground as it seemed to pass her by. She brushed by Sango and Miroku unable to hear their concern for her. All she could see were feet, two black boots and two in sandals. According to her brain this wasn't enough information to provide an identity, so it was dismissed.

She didn't know how long she walked for. She didn't even know when she reached the well, or jumped in, she was snapped back to reality when a torch light was shone down the well.

"Kagome? You're back early. Where's Inu-onichan?" came the high pitched voice belonging to her brother. She ignored him, grabbing hold of the rough rope ladder. Taking comfort in the biting feeling it provided, at least her body was her own again. Now all that was left was to order her mind.

She reached the top of the well, pulling herself over the brittle wood rim with the ease of experience. She reached to the side and pulled the lid of the well over the top. "What are you doing?" Sota asked watching his sister intently. She continued to ignore him and placed the lid over the mouth of the well. Stroking the lid with her palms, ignoring the way splinters tried to enter her flesh, until a dull blue light birthed, growing in intensity, and then dying in a flash. What was left was writing burned into the lid sealing the well off until she felt the need to break it. If she'd break the seal again she didn't know.

She walked out of the well house, the dirt path crunching under her passage. Pulling on the door she walked into her home. Sliding the door shut and kicking off her shoes she walked through the house to the bathroom ignoring everything and everyone, concentrating wholly on reaching her destination.

Upon entering the bathroom she found that the bath had already been run, with her bath-salts dissolved, leaving the room heavy with the scent of roses and rain. Somewhere in the back of her mind she silently thanked her mother. Tearing off her clothes she showered off first trying to clean off the emotional mess from her skin.

Satisfied with leaving just enough skin on her body so that wouldn't bleed she sank into the bath allowing the waters to drain her sorrows, her hatred, her anger, her need of him. She relaxed sending ripples across the surface as she sunk deeper into the comforting water, as she closed her eyes willing her mind into order so she could function without him.

She'd spent quite a while in the bath. She remembered dully that she arrived home when it was just cracking into real night. She seemed to have spent quite a few hours because now no one was awake, the house quiet. She flicked the light on in the kitchen and was startled to find that her mother was sitting at the dinning room table in the dark.

"Sit." Her mother ordered. Kagome did as she was told not even putting up a fight at being treated like a child. Sitting rigidly in the chair opposite her mother's, Kagome waited for her to continue. "Now you're going to tell me what's wrong with you. It must be bad if you walk in here without saying anything and ignoring everyone, who've been sick with worry for you since you've been hopping between times. Now. Spill."

"InuYasha dumped me," As she uttered the words, the dam holding back her tears burst, spilling their oily waters onto the table top, "At least I think he did." Her voice held no trace of pain as her eyes continued to pour out her soul. "He said that when he's protecting me he's protecting her, so in effect I don't really exist. I'm just an extension of her. Even though I told him how I felt about him. Told him I'd wait for him to choose, when he'd already made the choice." Her voice cracked, the barrier around her heart was breaking with this admission. Now she cried in earnest. "Every time he looked at me he saw her, that fucking bastard never saw me. And now I've run away from him, further proving his point that I was never there. He said he'd protect me and he lied to me all this time. It was really her he was protecting." Kagome collapsed in the puddle of her soul on the table, her hands reaching to cover her face.

Her mother reached out, stretching over the table. Pushing her fingers into her daughter's hair she kissed her softly on the back of her head, resting her forehead on the kiss. She didn't know who 'she' was; Kagome never provided a name when she was talking about that woman. All she knew was that InuYasha and 'she' had broken her daughter. "The thing that makes me sick to my stomach," Kagome pushed out into her hands, "is that I still love him."

"And you will for a while." Her mother replied slowly. Holding her daughter as tightly as she could in the peculiar position she had put herself in. "I hope you know that he's no longer welcome here now, so when he comes to get you I'm sending him right back."

Kagome snorted bringing her emotion back under control, as she pushed herself up off the table. She wiped away her tears silently denying their existence. "I've sealed the well. He couldn't come through even if I wanted him to, which I don't." She added quickly, reassuring herself, building another wall around her feelings for InuYasha. She sighed from exhaustion; her mind had been stretched too much, having to order herself.

All she really wanted now was sleep. Sleep with no dreams. She bid her mother goodnight and ascended the stairs to her room.

Upon reaching her destination she opened her desk's draw and pulled out a small bottle. Sleeping pills. She first started taking these when she returned home only to have nightmares about Naraku gutting her and bathing in her blood. After a week of that her mother insisted on her taking these, allowing her to sleep with no dreams or any that she remembered. She popped two pills and crawled under the covers of her estranged bed, sinking into is soft mattress. Not having to will her eyes closed she drifted off into a world of darkness not caring if she woke up the next day.
Much to her annoyance she did, bright and early. Looking at her alarm clock, she noticed it was 7am. Flicking to check the date on the clock, she was now somewhat peeved at finding out that it was a Saturday. Sighing she turned her back on the clock giving the pale lavender of her walls her full attention.

She cringed at the slight cramp in her lower abdomen. This was odd due to the fact that her period had ended a week ago. Understanding shone in the dark depths of her brown eyes. With that she bolted out of bed, grabbed a near by housecoat and ran downstairs through the back door to the well.

Where she found the well glowing blue, 'InuYasha must be trying to get through... Well he can stay on that side, bastard, hasn't even given me a full day to recover and he's already trying to drag me back,' she thought bitterly.

Running her hand along the under side of the rim of the well she re- enforced the seal with another running along the rim of the well, and some travelling vertically disappearing into the floor.

'That should keep the fucker from breaking through'. She huffed and walked back into the house. Plopping herself into the sofa, she flicked on the TV to watch early morning cartoons. Her mother always did say that TV stopped you from thinking, 'Here's to hoping she was right.'
InuYasha blasted out of the well for the second time. He'd jumped in before on many an occasion, mostly to retrieve the girl after they had a fall out. The well never rejected him; in fact it always welcomed him with its enthralling blue glow that always managed to caress the dark recess in his heart. But now, it was as if he was jumping into rubber. The light of the well played as though it accepted him and then rejected him shortly after. The second attempt felt a lot better than the first, he actually felt some give.

He squared his shoulders preparing for another attempt at making time travel. Jumping into the air above the well, he descended quickly hoping the force would break what ever barrier was set up in the well. Falling quickly he caught himself short, only having his knees crash into the unforgiving earth at the bottom of the well. Nothing happened at all, no light, no feeling of weightlessness, just before he was blasted out the well. Nothing.

He sprung out of the well, his brow wrinkled in something similar to confusion. He had half an idea of why the well wasn't functioning the way it was supposed to. 'I'll get Kaede to take a look at it later.' Nodding his head he leapt through the trees of the forest bearing his name to find the old priestess.

End of Chapter One

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