Chapter Nine: Trips and Crashes

Pale blue, empty skies as far as you could be bothered to see. Sweet smelling water fresh grass preparing itself for the battle of summer where pollen counts will rise, eyes will swell and noses would run. Spring. It's an interesting season in its right, but a lot like autumn. Just, maybe… warmer?

'Cold, cold cold!'

She'd bathed in a near by steam, ridding her body of its days memory in dirt, sweat and other niceties she'd do with forgetting. She'd managed to drown Kiba, with his constant veering, enough to pass as clean or at least damp. He was now currently running around showing off his birthday suit to any passing traveller and watering the weeds with his organic hoes pipe whilst she tried to block out her shivering and attempt a go at Tai Chi. Steadying her breathing and stifling her body's attempt at warming itself she began to move her hands in smooth controlled motions.

It had been two weeks since she'd returned to the Feudal Era.

During the first week she did something she thought she'd never have to do this side of the well, catch up. She'd been told that Naraku had come for a visit whilst she was gone. It had been a normal, "How'd you do? And lets start killing each other," visit. InuYasha had managed to fend him off with some help from Kikyo, but Naraku had only come to test his new barrier, and it worked. InuYasha's Wind Scar attack was rendered useless, and Naraku left with a wink at Kikyo and a manic laugh that came with the job of being the ultimate evil to walk the earth in that era.

This was all told to her by Miroku, since she'd screamed at InuYasha until his ears had bled, for letting Shippo turn into a blood barrier junkie. She couldn't believe how irresponsible he was, not that she was much better, 'But I hadn't known that I created the barrier in the first place,' she'd thought defensively, whilst she was still yelling at him. It was a simple matter of looking after him, making sure he didn't wonder too close to the barrier and if possible stopping him from touching it at all costs.

Blood barriers weren't the kindest of barriers to be made. There were ones that made wonderers avoid it because it made them feel insecure or just plain sick. There were the more common ones where they could just walk into them, like they would a wall, maybe even earn themselves an electric shock if they were lucky. But a blood barrier is the priestess' equivalent to a roach motel, just with a higher rent rate. The barrier made the brain of the demon it came in contact with produce a relaxingly enormous amount of endorphins; clouding most senses and also spurred the brain to produce serotonin as a side dish. Demons wondered near, liked the feel and would stay a while, and then wouldn't leave again if they could help it. Then later the priestess would come back and get rid of the vermin.

The only way it did any serious damage was if it was keyed to a person, persons, thing or things. This would then make the barrier act in a slightly different manner. Instead of a comfortable amount of endorphins that would increase as they got used to them, it would make the brain produces a non stop amount resulting in a natural over dose. Due to the magical content, the target would then feel his or herself dying slowly and enjoy it immensely.

They had split up after the 'ear bleeding seven part' episode, which happened on and off for the first week, and gone their separate ways. InuYasha and the gang, minus the children had gone off in search of a great power to embody Tessaiga with so they'd have a present to give to Naraku should he show up for another of his unwanted visits, in which, they all were.

Such dark thoughts were interfering with her movements making them sharp and brittle, just adding a little more tension to her muscles than needed. Kagome let one eye drift open to watch the children run around being disgustingly cute. It had taken Shippo quite sometime to become more like his usual self. In the first week he wouldn't leave her side, stuck to her like a fly on shit, not even for a quite moment in the bushes when nature screamed. Most of his changes were due to the efforts of Kiba and his distracting ways. She'd though that he would become dangerously jealous, but he seemed more concerned on how he could train his new play mate. The wolf would constantly drag the poor fox into the woods and come back with something he deemed edible and wave it at Kagome to be de-boned. Shippo, still in his impressionable stage, had taken on many of his carer's annoying habits. The main one was pissing on any available tree, shrub or anything that seemed vaguely green, as though it was his territory.

She visibly shook herself evicting those adorable thoughts and slide her open eye closed, 'Empty the mind, let the power flow and direct you,' she emptied but it didn't work as well as it should have.

Thoughts of the day's travel began to flicker into existence against her will, imprinting themselves on her sealed lids.

Even thought the sun shined, the village was still dark, as though the very energy was being drawn off. She stood amidst the blood and carnage and allowed it to wash over her as death permeated her every pour. The screams of the damned had filled her ears to a ring. The swords of the accused dripped their owner's blood. The air clogged with the smell of faeces and urine as dead bodies expelled their contents in their last act of living.

A bitter wind bit the back of her bare legs sending a shiver up her spine. Her memories broke camp, after receiving the sudden cold front.

"Shit! Oh shit!" She'd ignored all the warning signs, flashes and spider senses tingling with thanks to her ever-wondering concentration. A demon had wondered pretty damn close into the immediate vicinity and she was going to get caught with her guard down. 'Never mind that, no pants on', she thought with a chill.

Kagome had forgone the usual ritual of getting completely dressed because the sun decided to shine so she'd make the best of it. Normal people avoided, and the occasional pervert stopped to ponder the makings of a woman, due to her undress and naked Kiba, but that wouldn't stop demons and bandits from looking for a piece of meat. She felt confident in her abilities to take on anything up to a level three demon; a level four would be work, but the demon that was invading her personal space, of a hundred meters in all directions, even the made up ones, was on par with that of a level six demon.

She jumped and ran to her pants, grabbing them and flipping Shippo off with an audible flick. Shoved one foot in forcefully and hopped to get the other one in.

This day would go down as one of the most embarrassing moments of her life.

She hopped, keeping her balance so she could slip her foot in and not have to worry about getting her dangly bits caught in the zip due to the lack of a third lower limb. She bounced on her one leg a few more times when frustration took over and she rammed her foot into the waist band of her pants.

Her eyes grew as wide as saucers as the world began to tip. They crashed shut soon after the ground thumped her in the back and she began rolling down the hill head over heels. 'Don't worry,' she though with forced spontaneity, 'I'll be able to save face as long as it can't see me.' So she relaxed and let the world roll by until she was shocked back into reality when her coccyx smashed into hard and unforgiving tree.

She waited until her spine pushed itself back to its normal length and was currently deciding weather to thank the tree, maybe even bless it with the abundant amount of yellow tinted water readily supplied by her young charges. Or turn it into a toothpick for not being a rubber tree.

Her eyes cracked open and were met with golden ones. She slowly opened them fully. There in front and above her stood, Sesshoumaru, someone she'd never have suspected to be there. 'A haemorrhoid? Hill-anus? Hallucination!' In the back of her head, somewhere, she told herself that it was a side effect of having her spine rammed into her brain. She could wait until it faded. The world looked different from between her thighs and if this wasn't an opportune moment to study this phenomenon, her dazed brain didn't know when.

She had to admit, this hallucination was extremely detailed. Her 'trees' base was clad in white silk, and travelling north, quelled the itch to grab his 'not there' obi. The light hit the spikes on his bone armour just right to give that added illusion of metal. And the best bit was how his left sleeve fluttered in the now light breeze. Her head rolled to look at his other branch. It looked so much like InuYasha's except with better cuticles. Even the way they uncurled and… curled back. Her eyes took a short cut and returned back to the 'trees' crown of silver hair, striped cheeks and deep golden eyes that blinked.

Her face drained of all colour as she tried to kick start her body into un-rolling and running. Kagome didn't know how long she'd been staring at him, but guessed it must have been a while, for when she closed her eyes and uttered a curse they burned her.

Sesshoumaru looked down on his tug-ee, heels over head, staring at him and trying to play dead with the way her blood drained from her face all too quickly. It seemed as though his rabbit was a miko. A shiver came with the unwanted knowledge that one of these creatures had such a hold on him, and so, like many of his unwanted thoughts, he hung, drew and quartered it.

"Fuck," the curse wasn't missed on him as the priestess closed her eyes. She went limp, 'Probably thinks it's her time,' a fissure crack appeared in his stone mask as he smiled unwholesomely. He stood watching over her, waiting until she'd throw everything to the wind and beg for her life.

She did none of these things instead opting to remain still.

Time passed and he grew bored with her inactivity. He knelt to check if she'd really passed into the world of the dead. The scent of roses and rainwater were telling him differently, although with the other scents invading his nose, he could be wrong for the first time in his long life. Half way to stooping and he heard a cat roar. He returned to his upright position and watched it circle the skies over head.

The forest behind him ruffled and belched the stench of InuYasha. The rabbit moved on his shin. She was following the fire cat with some interest, until she made eye contact with him again and promptly froze.

'It seems he's shown up again where he's not wanted. He got that from his mother.' The Western Lord opted for dealing with the more known, and easily solved issue rushing towards him. With that decision made he turned as his brother crashed unwontedly through the thicket screaming "Sesshoumaru!"

End of Chapter Nine
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