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Description: An accident involving a time turner and a pensieve unexpectedly bring together Harry and co. with the Marauders during their 6th year. Only through the pensieve can the two times be united and no one can pass up the chance.

Pensieve Times by ImperialJedi

Chapter 1: A Break While Waiting

July 30, 1996

Once again the Trio were in Headmaster Dumbledore's office. Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger were both on their feet looking at all the curious objects that the room contained. Harry Potter on the other hand didn't seem to be doing anything while sitting in a big cushy chair. It was midsummer and they had been called to Hogwarts in order to discuss the coming school year.

"Hey, check out all these clocks. You don't suppose they do something, do you?" Ron asked his friends pointing to several complicated gold and platinum mechanisms. They did resemble clocks but the faces varied from the average analog.

Harry glanced over his shoulder to look. "Besides tell the time you mean? Probably." He gave a shrug, but then stood up. While looking back he had spotted the pensieve that Dumbledore owned. It was sitting innocently out in the open. He moved toward it half listening to Hermione as she tried to pin point exactly what each clock was for. Ron rolled his eyes at her inexhaustible knowledge, but still listened fascinated.

"What happened to the time-turner you had?"

"I carry it with me, of course," she answered.

Ron looked amazed. "You still have it? McGonagall didn't confiscate it?"

Hermione's frizzy hair bounced as she shook her head. "Why should she? It was the Ministry of Magic that authorized me to carry and use it, not Hogwarts. They haven't asked for it back, but it's much too dangerous to leave lying around, so I keep it with me." She pulled out a clear muggle passport carrier. Inside the little hourglass and its chain were visible. "I carry it in this because if I wear the time turner's chain around my neck and it gets set off by mistake I would be sent against my will. "

"Smart thinking. It would be horrible to be sleeping in the end of Binns class and accidentally find yourself at the beginning of it again! " Ron grinned and ducked just in time to miss Hermione's bookbag.

"It would do you good to hear the lecture twice. Even better if you were awake, too," she playfully chastised. She pulled the time turner out of the carrier and admired it. Harry had stopped listening at this point somewhat lost in his own thoughts and memories. He had first seen this pensieve in his third year and within it watched Professor Snape some other Death Eaters at their trial in the Ministry of Magic headquarters. The next time he saw it was when he was taking Occlumency lessons with Snape. The Professor had stored his more personal memories in it when teaching Harry to close his mind. The last lesson ended terribly when Harry entered the Pensieve and witnessed one of them. After that Harry couldn't imagine having to face the greasy Potion Master in the closely approaching school year. "It has to be empty to be left out like this." He said out of the blue more to himself then anything and then leaned over the bowl to get a closer look.

Hermione swiveled her head to look at him. "What did you-Is that a pensieve?" she said quickly and joined him in inspecting it with the time turner still in her hand. After you described your first experience with one to us I read all about them. I really can't be surprised that Professor Dumbledore has one. Pensieves are useful, but anyone can view what's in it," she said before Harry could answer.

"Really?" Ron called eagerly from behind them.

Harry beckoned him over. "Come and take a look. There are a few memories in it." Ron made his way over. On the way several things happened at once. Two of the portraits started arguing loudly and Fawkes, the phoenix, appeared out of nowhere onto his perch by the headmaster's desk, while Ron's foot caught on a table leg as he passed. He stumbled forward nearly crashing into Hermione, but she jumped out the way. Ron managed to stay on his feet, but pushed into the pensieve. Everyone reached out to keep it from tipping over and Harry's left hand crashed against Hermione's right on the basin's edge. There was a shattering sound followed by a loud whooshing noise then silence. The pensieve went unharmed and the three of them carefully released their hold.

"Ow." Hermione said in a quiet and somber way looking at her somewhat closed hand.

Harry looked ashamed. "Sorry." They watched silently as she opened her hand and turned it sideways. A minuscule amount of sand, pieces of glittery glass and some gold colored dust slid off and disappeared onto the stone floor.

"Was it supposed to break like that?" Ron eyed the ground where the remains of the time turner lay.

"Oh no, this is terrible. It wasn't supposed to break at all! What am I going to do?" Hermione took a few frantic breaths and then tried to calm down. "Okay, think logically." Ron coughed, "Mental." She leaned over the basin of the pensieve again. "I think most of the time turner went into the pensieve. We can't be sure if there was any magical reaction. I don't want to, but we need to tell Dumbledore." She walked away and sat in a chair to prepare herself for the headmaster's arrival.

One of the portraits spoke up. "Even if you don't, we will," sneered Phineas Nigellus from the wall. "I'm glad you're not in my house. What a disgrace." He would have continued, but was distracted by another picture of a previous headmaster who restarted the verbal battle they were having by berating his treatment of students. Harry and Ron also sat down and they all tuned out the animated paintings.

"This is awful. There are very few time turners in existence and we just destroyed one." They shared anxious faces. Fawkes ruffled his feathers as if purposely drawing attention to his beautiful new plume of feathers.

Harry looked up at the bird and then turned to the others. "Professor Dumbledore will be here soon." Hermione and Ron gave him curious looks. "Fawkes is faster at returning than the Headmaster is," he explained. He was right, because at that moment they heard the revolving staircase moving.

When the door opened all thoughts of the previous incident slipped from their minds. Dumbledore with his moon-shaped glasses, flowing robes of violet and long white beard looked far from what they were expecting. His face was not serious and stern with matters concerning the recent rise of Voldemort. In fact, his eyes were sparkling and he looked very pleased. "Ah, welcome back. Please forgive me for keeping you waiting. We are now ready for you, so if you would accompany me to the Great Hall?" The three Gryffindors exchanged silent questions and then hurried after the already retreating form of the wizened wizard.