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Pensieve Times by ImperialJedi

Chapter 4: An Exit While Playing

July 30, 1996

Harry had enjoyed his birthday party and now that all the cake and ice cream had been consumed they had said goodbye to Ron's family. The Weasleys had to floo home early because they had promotion party to attend for Ron's dad at the Ministry.

Ron had been allowed to stay with Harry on his red-letter day, but the three of then had been ushered outside. Designated by the others to keep an eye on them, Remus followed the trio out onto the Quidditch pitch while the other adults cleaned up after the party. It was warm out, but the hottest part of the day had already past.

After a quick discussion, Harry and Hermione had managed to get Ron to agree to learn how to play football (soccer). "How can you know until you try?" Hermione asked. They couldn't very well play Quidditch because Harry still had his lifetime ban and his Firebolt had been confiscated. Hermione was inept in broom flying at any rate.

Remus was sequestered into conjuring a soccer ball and magically drawing the lines. Harry smiled and explained the rules to Ron while his ex-DADA Professor listened on. When he finished Remus found him facing questioning emerald eyes. "We need one more person to make even teams. Will you play with us Professor?"

His reply was reluctant, "I don't know. I've never played before." Remus looked back to the castle as if seeking reinforcement. "I have never been all that athletic anyway."

"No, it'll be fun Professor! Ron's never played it either," Harry briefly considered mentioning Hermione's lack of athletic ability before striking the thought down for its lack of tact. "Nothing would make my first ever birthday party better!"

The last comment drew on Remus' heartstrings and he pushed aside his resentment of Harry's guardians, the Dursleys. "Alright, I'll play. Whose team am I on?"

Hermione looked at each of them in turn. "We can switch sides later, but for now let's have someone who knows how to play on each side. Ron can be on my side and you two can be the other." With that said, the two teams walked to opposite sides of the field.

At first it was a little shaky as Ron would kick the ball and it would roll the wrong way or the ball would be heading straight for Remus' head and he would instinctively catch it. Harry called "Hands!" The game had to be paused so they could explain once again that touching the ball with their arms or hands was not allowed unless they were a goalie.

It was also somewhat lousy because there weren't quite enough people. Harry started leaving the goalie box in order to help his teammate, but Hermione would not budge an inch from her defensive position.

Once they got the hang of the two-on-two soccer game it got interesting and they played so that whoever got to three goals first would win. The bugs were just coming out and the sky beginning to darken when Ron scored into Harry's undefended goal for a three to two victory.

Eyes shining with happiness, they returned to the Gryffindor dormitories where they spent the remainder of the evening talking and not once thinking now shattered time turner.

July 30, 1996 (In Pensieve)

It was an unusual birthday party to say the least. The boy named Harry looked like a deer caught in headlights at first, but then almost shyly thanked everyone. James, Sirius, Remus, and Peter, henceforth referred to as The Marauders, stood to the side basking in the overall cheer, but finding themselves somewhat tense due to the undercurrent of a topic avoided.

"Check out that cake," exclaimed Sirius excitedly to his companions. It was a large tower decorated with various magical creatures like the dragon or phoenix all designed in various chocolates and white chocolates.

James nodded in approval, "It can't be anything other than a product from Choccywoccydoodah."

"He's sixteen years old." The other three Marauders looked at Remus oddly. "Er, he has sixteen candles on his cake." He pointed in the direction of the chocolate monstrosity and there were indeed sixteen dancing candles placed at random intervals.

When it came time to sing happy birthday, they all pitched in. Peter was off-key, and Sirius was making a serious effort to be off-key as well, "Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday dear…er, Harry! Happy Birthday to you!"

"Blow out your candles, Harry," the redheaded woman commanded kindly in a very motherly way. "Be sure to make a wish, but don't tell us what it is or it won't come true, dear." The black haired youth eyed her skeptically, but took a large breath air. He managed to blow out all of them except the feisty red one, which ran off the cake and down the table. Everyone had a good laugh at that.

Once the presents were opened it was time for cake. Peter Pettigrew was the most eager, but when he tried to eat it he went right through it. Eyes wide with fear he asked with some trepidation, "We're not dead are we? Ghosts?"

Concerned the other three tried touching different things. The floor, chairs, and tables remained solid, but people and food would pass right through the space they occupied. "Is this normal for a pensieve, Moony?" Sirius asked.

Remus made some non-committal noise and looked startled as they started to change locations without moving locations by walking or any other normal means. "Look," Remus pointed, "we're following them, Harry and the other two."

Feeling unnerved by the movement of the memory, James started walking and following the trio. In the disorientation he nearly bumped into an adult who was also following the teens outside. "Excuse me, sir, I wasn't looking," James trailed off as he realized that the older man couldn't hear him. However, the closer proximity allowed him a good look.

Sirius had started walking as well and stared for a few moments at the older Remus. "Looks kind of like Moony, doesn't he?" James snapped his hanging jaw shut and nodded.

Once the memory had settled at the Quidditch Pitch as the next semi-permanent location, the Marauders ignored the Gryffindor trio and their Professor. James addressed the main topic on their minds first. "So," he began, "how do we get back?"

They sent Peter to run as far as he could to the edge of the memory, which he did until he crashed face first into a solid wall. "Ouch, my nose!" He held his nose tenderly until he returned to his friends. "Any other ideas? Maybe one that hopefully doesn't get me injured?"

James and Sirius shook their head forlornly and naturally turned to Remus as he usually had the answers to most of their questions. As it happened, their scholarly friend was doing more research. It was research about muggle football (soccer).

"That's definitely him," Sirius said comparing the young Remus to the older one standing adjacent to him.

James agreed, "Somehow I'm not surprised that he's a Professor. How can this be a memory though, if it's of the future?"

Peter opened his mouth to speak, but was interrupted when Moony nearly collapsed. "He spoke to me," the younger Remus called to them breathlessly. "He spoke to me! It was a spell, Exitus Memoriola."

"He didn't seem to be speaking to you," Sirius said nervously. It wasn't often that he found himself stuck in some bloke's future memory.

Remus was thinking pretty hard and trying to map out his wand movements with his hand. "The Latin was pretty straightforward, so all the magic energy must be focused through the wand movements and intent."

"Are you su… sure he was speaking to you?" Peter reiterated Sirius' inquiry in hope that they wouldn't get fried trying to get out of the pensieve.

"Yes, I'm sure. He, I, mumbled it under my breath and I wasn't paying attention to their conversation that much." He waved his wand hand in a sure movement. "Okay, I think I have it. Normally, it would be a simple Kemlet wand wave, but I had to adapt it for four people which was much like working a math problem." Remus continued even as one of Ron's misplaced kicks sent the ball sailing through his right shoulder.

"James, wave your wand like this, say the words, 'Exitus Memoriola', and then complete the wand work." Remus beamed and the four of them gave their trust to their friend and gathered together. James was the strongest spell caster of the lot and he smiled confidently. Taking a breath he focused his energy.

"Exitus Memoriola," and the Marauders felt themselves exiting the memory with a strange upward motion pulling their whole bodies beginning with their stomach. They could almost imagine themselves as taffy. Even with the bizarre feeling, they were splashed on the floor outside the basin and soon in their rightful states.

Glad to be back, but still disorientated, no one mentioned the resounding echo of the word, "Goal!" It seemed to have reverberated around the entire room in which they were standing.

"I think I need to practice that one more," James commented expressing what might have been considered a slight understatement. The others muttered their agreement and gathered their things before leaving the storage room as quickly as they could.

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