Hide and Seek

*Currently, Usagi has been turned into a child. The villain who did this escaped. Everybody is now trying to figure out how to assist Usagi.*

Naruto: "Well, shit! How are we supposed to help her, when the freak got away?"

Usagi: "Your jacket's so warm Naruto."

Naruto: "And why does she have to wear my jacket!?"

Kadiska: "She could wear mine, but I'd have nothing to wear."

Sasuke: *thoughtful look*

Naruto: "You could wear her clothes!" *points to Usagi*

Kadiska: *shrugs*

Sakura: "Quit messing around Naruto! She's your friend; you should let her borrow your clothes. Besides once she shrank, her clothes were too big."

Kadiska: "I like my clothes."

Usagi: "Come on, let's not argue now! Let's focus on the guy who 'shrank' me."

Kakashi: "She's right. We must figure out exactly what ways he fights. Then we can defeat him and make Usagi normal again."

Kenji: "I like her size! Besides, she's my age now and I have someone to play with now!"

Usagi: "Naboi." *happy look*

Naruto: "..."

Kakashi: "We'll meet tomorrow. But let's go home and get some sleep."


Naruto: "...here it is!" *pulls a shirt out of a drawer and tosses it to Usagi.*

Usagi: "What is this?" *holds it out*

Naruto: "You can wear that from now on. Can I have my jacket now, please?"

Usagi: "Oh, okay." *takes off jacket* "Here you go."

Naruto: "Ack! Put the shirt on!"

Usagi: "Okay." *pulls on shirt, sleeves are far too long.* "Lookie."

Naruto: *smiles*

Usagi: "Good night Naruto!" *hugs him*

Naruto: "Good night Usagi." *hugs back*


Naruto: "Kenji."

Kenji: "Hiya Naruto!"

Naruto: "Since Usagi is not turned into a child of an impressionable age, we as clan members must make sure that she must not turn back into herself depressed."

Kenji: "...huh?..."

Naruto: "We three-you, me, Usagi-are a clan, remember?"

Kenji: "Oh, ya'!"

Naruto: "Well, Usagi is your age now and that means she can get her feelings hurt real quick. So...you and I have to make her happy and keep 'er that way 'til she changes back to normal."

Kenji: "How do we do that?"

Naruto: "Hmm... Well, we find ways that make others happy...but good things...ya... Anyway, let's get going!"



Usagi: "What?" *blink, blink* "...I'm right here...."

Kenji: "Uhh...Oh! You wanna' play hide and seek?"

Usagi: "Hide and seek?"

Kenji: "Ya! I'll hide somewhere in this woods and you have to find me. Ready?!?"

Usagi: "Uh..."

Kenji: "GO!!" *runs off into the woods*

Usagi: "H-Hey! Wait!...Now what?..." *walks into woods*


Naruto: *sitting in a tree* "Now what makes girls happy? I know Sakura's happy when she sees me get yelled at and Kadiska's happiest when killing somebody or when training with Sasuke, but Usagi's different..." *Sees a boy and girl together. The boy gives the girl flowers. She is surprised and smiles.* "Well, that's convenient." *jumps away from spot.*


Usagi: "Ugh...Where is he?" *looks off* "!" "'Allo! I found you! Is that it?" Kenji: "No you didn't." *turns into a rock*

Usagi: "Hey! What?! Don't hide as a rock! Or...oh...that was a doppelganger... DAMN!" *She searches and finds him many times, but they are all doppelgangers. Small trees, rocks, bushes, and the like. It becomes late."

Usagi: "Ugh! I'm tired. Sorry Kenji, but it's late. I'm going home." *walks away*

Kenji: *tree with big eyes, poofs into Kenji* "I don't think that made her happy...I'm so stupid."

Kadiska: "Kenji, what are you doing out here?"

Kenji: "Kadi!" *runs to Kadiska and they both leave*


Usagi: "Err! Stupid Kenji and his stupid doppelgangers! Oh well, at least I'm home..."

Naruto: *asleep leaning against a wall* "..."

Usagi: *nudges Naruto* "Naruto...NARuto..."

Naruto: "SURPRISE!" *pulls a bouquet of roses from behind him*

Usagi: "Ah..."

Naruto: "They're for you! Hope you like 'em, plus they were a pain in the ass to pick them. Sharp thorns, see?"

Usagi: ..Sniff.. "Oh, Naruto!" *Hugs him and cries, roses fall on floor*

Naruto: "Usa! Look!"

Usagi: "Huh? I'm me again!" *Usagi is her regular age and size again* "How..?"

Naruto: *shrugs*

Usagi: "Maybe the guy who did this to me doesn't like roses..."

Naruto: *sweatdrop* "Maybe..."

Usagi: "Thank you..."

Naruto: "No problem! Glad I could hel-"

*Usagi kisses Naruto, who faints*

Usagi: "???"


Kakashi: "So...how'd this happen?"

Usagi: "Don't know. But I'm me again!" *hops*

Kakashi: "Well, that's good, but we still need to find out how to defeat that guy. Who knows when he'll come back..."