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~A Moonlight Dance with A Demon~

~Chapter One: Mother Natures Son~

            "Doctor, we have a baby about to be delivered in room 104 down the hall."  A nurse said grabbing a doctor by the arm.

            "Good, it's about time.  Get her ready."  He replied and went to get ready himself.

            Meanwhile, in room 104:  "Honey, please they are only trying to help."  A young man, the expecting father, said as he tried calming the woman down.

            "Alright, alright, you try being in my position."  A younger woman replied.  Her eyes, that use to be icy blue, had turned to amber from the labor pains.  "You did this to me Kyoji Kasshu and guess what, your staying right here and going though it with me."

            "Pay no never mind to her Mr. Kasshu.  All women are very irritable when going though child birth."  A nurse said.

            "Irritable? I'M AS MAD AS A HORNET!"  Cloy yelled.

            Kyoji rubbed his face with one hand and tried to think of something.  "I know.  Oh honey, how about we take a nice long vacation away from the city after this?"

            "Now that's a plan."  Cloy said calming down.  Obviously the drugs had started kicking in and she was almost a blob of drool she was so high. 

            The doctor came in and when she saw him she said "it's about time, if you were any later the baby would have delivered itself.  Thought that isn't a bad idea." 

            Both Kyoji and the nurse laughed a little, and the doctor just said "lets just get started shall we." 

            It took somewhere on the order of three hours before the baby was finally delivered, and Kyoji was looking at his first born son.  As his loving wife Cloy rested he took a small stole down to the nursery to see his son.  He started to think back to the weeding which was only 9-10 months ago.  He had worked fast to get his wife pregnant with his son.

            He remembered that Domon had been his best man, naturally, and in that moment remembered his brothers weeding was coming up as well. And he was to be his best man at the weeding as well.  Rain had also suggested that Cloy be her bridesmaid. 

            Naturally, Cloy had politely declined at first, but Rain had talked her into it and they would both be at the weeding. 

            Reaching the window that new fathers were to look at there babies at he searched out the row of blue blankets, distinguishing boys from girls, and saw his son.

            On the end of the basket it said Kasshu  Kiyoto.  Cloy had suggested Cloud as a name; since he, like his mother, was half demon.  But when they got the first look at him, they knew he wasn't a Cloud.  So they named him Kiyoto, after the city Kyoto in Japan, adding the I so no one would really know. 

            He felt a surge of pride shoot though him.  He saw his son open his eyes and look right at him.  He smiled and knew that it wouldn't be long until he would have to get Cloy pregnant with their next child, which he hoped would be a girl. 

            Just as he was about to turn and leave he felt a hand on his shoulder.  Taking first instinct he went to fight, but seeing blue and pink hair, he eased himself.  "Hello Chibodee.  What are you doing here?  Did Rebecca break your leg again?"

            "Ha ha ha. Nice sense of humor Kasshu.  No.  She didn't.  In fact, besides coming to congratulate you, I came to see the two children of my own." He replied

            "Two children? What are you talking about? Yours and Rebecca's weeding was only 6 months ago."  Kyoji said skeptically.  Being much older then Chibodee he knew better.

            "Yeah, but it seems before that I kinda got her pregnant."  Chibodee replied rubbing the back of his neck.

            "Oh, I see.  Lucky dog."  Was all Kyoji said as he helped Chibodee look for his children?

            "Hey, I see one, Jake Crocket.  And there's the other Regina Crocket."  Kyoji said, seeing both a boy and a girl, twins to be precise. "Gees, twins.  I bet Rebecca hit you for getting her pregnant with twins.

            "Yeah, I got a burse on my balls now. But it'll go away." Chibodee sighed. "So, where's your monster?"  Chibodee asked "heard you had a son."

            "Yeah, right over there.  Kiy is his name."  Kyoji replied.

            "Kiy? Gee, you Japanese people give weird names to your kids."  Chibodee commented.

            "No, Kiy is just short for Kiyoto.  He's named after a city in Japan."  Kyoji corrected.

            "I still say you people give weird names to your kids."  Chibodee sighed.

            "What ever.  I'll see you later.  Oh and tell Rebecca I said congrats."  Kyoji said as he started walking back to his wife's room.

            "I will."  Chibodee called back as Kyoji left. 

            Kyoji made his way back to the room but ran into a man who was headed the other direction.  When their shoulders hit he felt the familiar coldness of raw steel and the feeling he should have paid more attention to that man.  He just shrugged it off and went to see his wife. 

            As he walked in he saw her setting up with a sweet smile.  He smiled back and she asked "how's Kiy?"

            "Great.  He's doing just fine.  He even looked right at me as if he knew who I was and that I was there."  He replied.

            Cloy smiled and said "remember, he's my son so I figure he's going be extraordinary. So it doesn't surprise me."

            "Something funny happened when I was coming back honey." Kyoji said scratching his head.

            "What?" she asked.

            "Well, I ran into this guy and I could have sworn he had a metal arm or something."  He replied.

            "What?" Cloy asked incredibly.

            Meanwhile, Chibodee was still watching his two new children when that same man came up beside him.  The man asked "So, which one is the Kasshu baby?"

            Chibodee was a little skeptical but said "That one over there."  While pointing to Kiy.

            "Good." Was all the man said.  Then all of a sudden, wires shot from the trench coat concealing his body and broke the glass.  All the babies starting crying as the wires lifted Kiy up. 

            Stunned only for a moment from being shoved out of the way, Chibodee got up and used his Machine gun punch which knocked the guy over.  Kiy, being high up in the air, was dropped.  But Kyoji had been on his way over and was able to dive and catch Kiy before he hit the ground. 

            Seeing his father, Kiy started cooing and sucking his thumb.  Kyoji smiled and got up.  He took one look at where Chibodee's punch had landed.   It was a direct hit to his head and he saw an eye.  One that looked almost… demon. 

The man then left with the rest of his minions leaving the havoc they had created.  The nurses came and started taking care of the babies' quickly and made sure none were hurt.  Kyoji kept Kiy in his arms and refused to release his only son to any of them.

            "What was that?" Chibodee asked.

            "I don't know" Kyoji said. "But im going to find out."

            "How?"  Chibodee asked.

            "Call George and Argo.  Get them over here fast.  I think its time the whole shuffles had a talk about this."  Kyoji said as he started walking back to room 104.

            "Why?"  Chibodee asked.

            "Because, this is going to deal with them too I have a feeling." Kyoji replied over his shoulder and left.

            "This is big."  Chibodee said as he ordered his children to be taken to Rebecca's room too. "And I think Kyoji's right…."


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Chapter two: Calling the Shuffle Alliance