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A Moonlight Dance with A Demon

Chapter Twenty-Six: Cloy's and Kyoji's Happy Ending

Kyoji was working on some chemical formulas on the computer as his wife took care of the kids. They were just about ready for bed. Yesterday's events still rocked there little minds after they had found out they were just as much demon as their mother.

The detectives had called them and told them they had captured the men who kidnapped their children. They were disciples of Ulube Ishikawa still believing that the dark gundam could be resurrected. They were currently setting in a jail cell awaiting trial in Japan.

Presently he was caught up in stabilizing a formula but found it so hard to find that final component. He tired many different combinations but none worked. He groaned and put down his pen and tablet of paper. Cloy noticed his frustration and left the kids to finish their little project. She came over, put her arms around him, and said "Honey, why don't you take a break from this." She kissed his cheek.

"But I really need to finish this, tonight." He sighed as he rubbed his face with his hands. "I need to test this tomorrow."

"I know honey, but if you take a break for a little while, usually you can see the problem very quickly when you come back. Or if you're not thinking about it it'll just come to you while you're doing something else." She said as she tried urging him out of his chair at the computer desk.

He gave a sigh of defeat and got up taking his wife's hand. She led him to the table where their children sat working on their arts and crafts projects for Pre-School. Kyoji smiled his contentment at such a perfect family. A loving wife, two beautiful children and a third on the way. No man's contentment could compare with his.

She had finger sandwiches for the kids and gave him a few to snack on. "Why don't you help Kiy with his project dear?" Cloy suggested.

"Sure," Kyoji said as he sat with Kiy.

"I'm doing mine on Gundams." He smiled.

Kyoji smiled at his son and helped him as Cloy helped Clarissa. "When's our new baby sister coming mommy?" Clarissa asked.

"You mean our new baby brother." Kiy corrected.

They both started to stick their tongues out at each other and both parents laughed. Their kids joined their laughter and Cloy said "which ever we have, it will be coming in another 3-4 months." Both children groaned and when they were finished with the projects it was passed their bedtime. Kyoji and Cloy put them to bed and sang soft lullabies to them.

Once they were fully asleep both Cloy and Kyoji retreated to their dimly lit, romantic, rose covered room. Kyoji had set up roses on the dressers and end tables for her and she loved them. Before she could move another inch from the door, Kyoji picked her up and took her over to their large King Sized bed with the canopy, poles and curtains around it.

She smiled at him and let him do what he wanted with her. He soothed her gently until she purred. He smiled and kissed her until her lips were kiss swollen and her eyes were glazed with a haze of lust. He kissed her neck and she moved her head so he could access her better. He kissed down until she purred even louder. Even though she could only growl because she was demon she still purred gently. It was actually a soft growl but it was a purr to him.

He didn't dare approach her sexually. She was too far along in her pregnancy now for that. He felt her already large stomach and kissed it gently. She smiled and he unbuttoned her large shirt that actually was his and let it slip over her belly, exposing her child heavy stomach. He kissed it and her eyes danced with the glow of love. She put her hand at her stomach and Kyoji covered hers with his larger hand, a wedding band around their ring fingers.

They shimmered in the dim light and Cloy knew this was love, genuine love. Nothing that you could buy, or order from some kind of catalog. It could be nothing found in a box or have reason to it. It simply was there and there was no explaining it between the two of them. The love of marrying a man who you simply adore, having two children and another child in your stomach. But then another memory danced in her mind. Something she had never told Kyoji. Something that was just too painful at the time to tell him. She laid her head to the side and watched the flame on the candle flicker and the shadows of ghosts in the night dance on the walls.

"What's Wong darling?" Kyoji asked as he held her hand in his.

"Kyoji, I have something I need to tell you." She considered her sentence and nodded saying "Yes something I need to tell you. Something that was just too painful to tell you when it happened."

"What is it? Did someone hurt you?" He asked with concern in his eyes.

"No, no nothing like that. Something else, we could have had another child before Clarissa." She sighed as she looked at the fire on the candles. Its hypnotic glow capturing a beautiful shimmer in her eyes as she talked. Kyoji nodded and she continued "I had a miscarriage before Clarissa. We were trying to get pregnant and I hadn't told you I was yet. But I went to the doctor and the next day I had a miscarriage." She told him.

He knew the amount of devastation a miscarriage could have on a woman, especially a woman who was attached to the unborn child. He quickly gathered her in his arms and knew that it must have been very painful for her not to tell him. "It's alright darling. That is long since past. Clarissa is 4 and we have another on the way. I'm sure you have mourned the loss of the one you miscarried, but you mustn't dwell on it." He soothed her gently as he hummed.

"I'm sorry I didn't tell you before now but, it was very painful." He just nodded and stroked her head. He hoped she could forget this soon because even though she had lost a child, she never really had a child to begin with. It could have only been a few days or a week at most old. It hadn't really begun to live. He soothed her and soon her eyes weren't as dim and they held life just like before. He smiled at her and they kissed. Yes this was genuine love. Because she knew of some men that would leave their wife's if they had miscarriages. She knew it didn't happen much but it did happen. She smiled at her husband and said "I want to make sure that our children have everything they need ever. I don't want them growing up without things, like I some times did."

"Done." He said as he nuzzled her neck. "Our children will have everything they will ever need. But they won't be spoiled." They smiled at each other and in their eyes they were renewing their vows to each other they said at their beautiful wedding. They hadn't stuck to the traditional vows. They made their own to each other, each beautiful in their own way. Cloy silently remembered Kyoji's to her. She hadn't heard anything so beautiful in her life. It was like a poem to her that he would write to her only much more important to her then anything he could have ever given her. He was giving her his very life and soul for the rest of his life. Something she would give back to him just as much from her own life and soul.

Looking back at all that had happened to bring them together. From the time she had spent in Japan training with her grandfather up to the gundam fights, she couldn't have guessed she would be spending the rest of her life, contently, with this man. But she was and she was grateful to god above that he had given her a chance at such a thing. She kissed his lips tenderly saying "I love you so Kyoji."

He smiled and kissed her back saying "I love you Cloy. And I always will no mater what." He saw the tears of joy in her eyes and smiled. To make sure she knew he meant what he said; he started to recite the vows he said to her but 5 years ago.

She started to cry tears of joy that he knew meant she was so happy. He kissed her and smiled at her. "Forever means Forever and Always means Always. No exceptions. We may have our ups and down's like most couples, but that just makes our relationship stronger. Our children will have the life they deserve and nothing less. I will never falter when you are in need. I will always work to make you happy until the end of our time. I will work hard for you and myself as well as our children. And I will never be unfaithful."

"Oh Kyoji." She said as she put her arms around him. He held her gently and she smiled. "I will always be here with you. Loving you as you love me. Giving you my heart and soul unconditionally. My womb will always be warm and fertile for children and I shall always be faithful. I will never look at another man the way I do you. No man can replace you in my heart ever." Kyoji hugged her, this is where he belonged. A sudden thought entered his mind.

"I'VE GOT IT!" He jumped up out of the bed and ran to the computer, skidding to a halt in front of it.

Cloy hurried out and asked "What is it?"

"The final combination." He said and typed in what he wanted. The compound became stable and formed a vaccine needed for a disease. "I'VE DONE IT!" He picked her up and swung her around. Then sat her down again "I've found the antidote I've been searching for!"

"This is wonderful darling just wonderful." She smiled at him and they kissed. Just like they kissed on their wedding night and he took the time to make sure they both felt it. She smiled as he whispered "Now and Forever."

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