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Title: Secret Admirer

Author: Deena

Rated: PG13

Genre: Romance

Pairing: Ryou/Anzu


From the desk of Mai Kujaku

Bachelor #1: Bakura Ryou
This Month's Scheme:
Match Ryou with Anzu

Ryou's too shy for his own good. He can't even say a proper sentence in Anzu's presence! Well, I guess it's up to me, as usual. I think Anzu needs a secret admirer to shower her with gifts and flowers. That should be enough to drive even the sweetest man wild with jealousy and prompt him into action. I'll leave the falling in love part to Anzu… (A/U)

~ Chapter 2~


Anzu immediately snapped out of her reverie and grinned sheepishly at the glowering teacher. Mr. Yamazaki hated people not paying attention during his classes, and it was not a good thing to be in his bad book. " Sorry, sir. It won't happen again," Anzu assured him, cheeks reddening when everyone turned to look at her.

Mr. Yamazaki scowled but decided not to waste any more valuable time on lecturing. He continued to drone on about the history of Greek, or was it Rome? Whatever. Anzu couldn't pay attention. All she could think about was that darn love letter.

Who sent it to me? That question haunted Anzu ever since yesterday night.

Ryou glanced at her worriedly. Usually Anzu was the student who paid full attention to the teacher. What was wrong today?

Mai smirked. If he only knew…

*          *          *


" RECESS!!! OH, YEAH!!!!!!!" Jounouchi Katsuya was the first to run out of his classroom, his fist pumped into the air. Honda, his best friend, rolled his eyes. " That's so childish, Jou."

Jounouchi gave him the evil glare. " Hey!"

" You guys, please don't fight in the hallways," Yugi pleaded as he walked to his locker.

They ignored him. Jonouchi was already throwing punches with Honda who was blocking them.

" Hello, Yugi," Yami greeted as he walked out of his classroom. Yami was the said older brother of Yugi. He resembled Yugi in many ways, but Yami was taller, darker and smarter. To top it off, he was the definition of handsome, which gained him the spot of one of the most popular boys in Domino High.

" Hey, look! There's Anzu!" Jounouchi let go of his headlock on Honda to wave to Anzu. " Hey, Anzu! Over here!"

Anzu smiled and waved back. She was pleased to see her friends, and anxious to tell them of her secret admirer. She flushed as her gaze settled on Yami, who was having a conversation with Yugi about card games. A dreamy expression overtook Anzu's features as she stared at him longingly. She wished…she really wished that Yami would look her way. But Yami had never shown her any special interest, no matter how many times she tried…

" Hello? Earth to Anzu? Come in, Anzu?" Honda waved his hands in front of the dazed Anzu.

" Eh?" Anzu blinked. " Oh, sorry, Honda. I kinda zoned out. Guess what? Somebody sent me a love letter!" she said excitedly.

" A love letter?" Yugi echoed in surprise, turning his attention to Anzu.

" Uh-huh. A secret admirer. I wonder who he is…" Anzu tried to read the expression on Yami's face, but the guy remained expressionless. Damn it. He has an even better poker-face than Kaiba! she thought, frustratedly. Was it him who sent the letter? She had to know!

" Maybe it's Haga. You guys would look sooooooooooo cute together!" Jounouchi laughed loudly, slapping the back of Honda who laughed along with him. Inspector Haga was a geek who actually collected insects and worms as a hobby. Anzu looked freaked out at the thought. She slapped their heads angrily. " Stop joking around! This is serious!" she grated angrily.

" Anzu, don't take it too seriously. The secret admirer might be trying to play a trick on you. You never know," Yami said calmly.

Anzu bit her lip. Yami didn't give any indication that it was he who sent it. But she had to be sure. Just as she was about take the plunge and ask him if he sent the letter, who should come over…but Ryou Bakura?

" Err…" Ryou managed to sputter before he blushed. See, he was thinking of asking Anzu to have lunch with him. But whenever he was in Anzu's presence, it seemed like he had lost the power of speech.

Anzu smiled. " Hey, Ryou!"

" Did you know? She's got a secret admirer!" Jounouchi announced loudly.

" Jou, not so loud!" Anzu hissed.

Ryou wasn't listening to them. He looked like someone had just slapped his face and told him to get lost. " Someone…gave you…a love letter?" he said slowly, the warmth in his eyes losing its' shine.

" Uh-huh," Anzu nodded, taking out the love letter. " Here it is. Go ahead and read it."

Ryou accepted it and scanned over the letter, biting his lip. Actually, his eyes were now seeing too much red to read anything. He took a deep breath and returned the letter. " Sorry…I don't have time…I've got something very important to do now. Bye." The boy quickly turned and left the group.

Anzu tilted her head curiously. Ryou looked kind of upset…and for a moment, she actually thought his eyes were crimson red instead of brown.

*          *          *

Bakura choked back a sob as he stumbled into the boy's washroom. He felt like Anzu had ripped out his heart and stomped it into pieces.

[Don't be an idiot.]

Surprised, Ryou nearly fell down. " Who said that?" he demanded.

[I did, you fool.]

Ryou glanced around but saw no one besides him. " But there's no one here."

The voice seemed to be very irritated. [I'm inside your head, moron.]

Ryou stared at his reflection in the mirror and gasped in shock. His reflection showed him…but a slightly different him. The person staring back had the coldest crimson eyes and his silver hair was wilder. He was sneering, arms crossed smugly. [Ah, so you can see me now.]

" Who are you?"

[I am you. And you are me. We are one and the same. But very different.]

" Don't talk in riddles please," Ryou said puzzledly.

The other him rolled his eyes. [Whatever. The point is, you're upset over a girl who doesn't even know you like her! Don't be a fool! If you want her then just make her yours!]

" B-But what if…"

[Don't give excuses. Do you actually want to see that girl in the arms of another man…like this secret admirer person?!]

Ryou bit his lip to keep his anger in check as he thought of Anzu hugging the secret admirer, being with him, talking to him, giving him her sweetest smiles…

His reflection smirked as if he could read his thoughts. [So do you want her or don't you?]

Without any hesitation, Ryou replied, " Yes."

[Then you'll have to follow what I say…]

To be continued…

Author's note: And that's it! Hope you like it! (Shudders) I never want to go through that horrible experience ever again! And I'm definitely not being nice to those bitches ever again! (Glowers) Friends should stick together! Eventually, I'm sure those people who have believed the rumors will stop…maybe after a few years or so. -___-  My school has this reputation for having rumors that stay for a long time with or without proof. So…I'm stuck with it. Don't worry though. I'm just happy justice has been made. Now if only I can get my revenge on those witches… Nay. I shouldn't. That'd make me as low as them! ^_^  Anyhow, review and make me happy enough to continue!