"I once had it all." the man said.

"And I never did." the woman told him.

"I miss it." he said and looked at her.

"Me too."

"Family, love. Never thought I would lose them." he said in a sad tone.

"Family, love. I always thought I would had it." she said in a sadder tone.

"I'm sorry for you, then. They are wonderful things that everyone should experience."

"I fear the time to go home and find an empty bed, a silent house." she said not allowing the tears to fall.

"I fear going home, for the very same reason."

"Could it be something else, what I feel for you? Could it be more than compassion and friendship?"

"I think is the same thing I feel for you. I like your company."

"Shall we try?"

"It's a risk worthy? I might lose again."

"I think it's worth for a chance of happiness."

"You're right. After all, sex with you is really good." he joked.

"You're just as hot, as I had imagined." she said.

"Marry me, Susan."

"I will, Luka. And we'll be happy, if we try."

A/N: I had this idea and I just had to write, is a one-shot. But I actually liked. This is about Susan and Luka after a night of meanless sex with each other. R/R!