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Seventeen legendary guardians

possessing powers far beyond comprehension

will soon arise and protect the world from a deadly force...


After a half day's hike to the top of Mt. Mortar, Sakura, Pikachu, and Misty were dead tired. Pikachu huffed, "Are we done?" Misty shook her head and quickly rose back up saying, "We haven't even started our training! That hike was just the warm-up! We have to…" Sakura interrupted her, "Misty, you're sweating like crazy." Misty sighed, "Fine, we take a short rest, but then we need to train…" Misty thought to herself, "Besides, I'm the one who needs the most training… I haven't even upgraded my power yet and these two already have. I have to work hard for the sake of Ash and the others!"


Misty said, "Well, I suppose the first thing we should do is set up camp. So, Pikachu, you have the camping supplies, correct?"

Pikachu replied, "I thought Sakura had it."

Pikachu then looked at Sakura who answered, "Misty was supposed to bring it."

Misty sighed, "So we don't have a tent…"

Sakura said, "Well, that's part of training then, making our own shelter."

Pikachu then raised her hand and said, "Question! How exactly are we training anyway?" Misty looked at her with a blank stare as Pikachu continued, "How exactly do we train?"

Sakura said, "Pikachu has a point. We've never really trained before… I just assumed we got stronger by fighting and catching Pokemon every week."

Misty sweatdropped and said, "Well… ummm..." She then thought about it for a second and said, "I know! I'm not sure either of you two noticed, but I've been seeing this weird glow coming from the three of us."

"Weird glow?" asked Pikachu and Sakura in unison.

Misty said, "I thought I told you about this already."

"Clearly we don't listen," said Pikachu and Sakura in response.

"Well," said Misty. "I noticed a glow from the three of us several times before. The first time I recall was when we fought Castform on that ship together. Another time was in the Cianwood Lighthouse when we ran into Entei."

Pikachu said, "Well, I didn't feel any glow."

Misty said, "I don't think we're supposed to feel it, Pikachu. But I definitely saw a glow emitting from our bodies."

Sakura said, "You don't think it has something to do with the legendary dogs?"

Misty stroked her chin and said, "That's a possibility. But then you have to wonder why it appeared during the Castform incident."

"Yeah, you've got a point…" sighed Sakura.

Misty put one fist into the palm of her other hand and said, "But that's why we're training! We'll figure it out while we train." She sighed and thought to herself, "Plus I need to train and become a stronger Guardian. But how are we going to do this?"

Elsewhere on Mt. Mortar, another group of three individuals wandered about. One of them, a teenage girl, cried, "Are we there yet, Electra?"

An older woman turned to her and said, "Hikaru! Are you asking if we're at the top of the mountain even though we're clearly not?!"

A man traveling with them said, "Now now, Electra. We don't have to go all the way to the top anyway. We just need to be in a high enough place where there is room to fight whichever Legendary Dog appears after we ring this bell."

Hikaru stuck her tongue out at Electra and said, "See? Oki's on my side!"

Oki shook his head and said, "Just because I said that doesn't mean I'm on your side. It is merely stating the truth."

Hikaru punched Oki lightly and said, "Aw, Oki. Why do you have to be so mean?"

Electra brushed her hair away from her face and said, "Listen. Can we just continue? We need to find a good spot where we can trap the Legendary Dog."

The three of them suddenly heard multiple female voices screaming at once. Hikaru asked, "Hey, what was that just now?"

Electra said, "It was probably just our voices. There's an echo up here, remember?"

Hikaru nodded as if she understood, "Oh yeah."

Meanwhile, Misty said to the others, "Ok, so are we ready to start our training? Sakura, to hone your sharpshooting skills, you will be shooting targets on the cliffs as practice. Pikachu, your job is to work on your agility. So I want you to race around these boulders that I set up in a row. All you have to do is continuously zigzag around them for multiple laps until you get tired."

Pikachu sighed, "Aw, I don't like the sound of that…"

Misty said, "And I'm going to be practicing my Water Rod attacks by using it on boulders until they wear down. Sound good, everyone?"

Sakura said, "I suppose, though I don't really need that much practice in shooting, do I? I assumed this training was for something new."

Misty said, "No, I'm pretty sure this is what we have to do if we hope to capture the Legendary Dogs before the Evil Guardians!"

Pikachu said, "I trust you, Misty! This will surely help me get stronger!"

"That's the spirit, Pikachu!" said an excited Misty.

Misty said, "Ok! Let's get to training!"

Hikaru said, "I heard it again! A bunch of girls screamed just now!"

Electra sighed, "Actually, I did hear it that time. I wonder if other people are actually up here on this mountain. Maybe we should find a less populated part to summon the dog."

Oki sighed, "Who cares? Let's just summon the dog here. Forget about the people?"

Hikaru yelled, "Oki! You can't just do that! We're Guardians! We're supposed to guard!"

Oki said, "Guardians of Pokemon. That means we guard the Pokemon. There's nothing about people in it."

Hikaru cried, "You're being mean, Oki!"

Electra intervened, "Enough you two! Let's just find a good spot to summon this stupid dog already!"

Hikaru and Oki said, "Fine with me!" Hikaru then sighed, "Oki…"

Sakura shot some practice bullets at stationary blue targets on papers nailed to a cliff. "Super Fire Guns Lasers Shoot!" As she fired the bullets, she thought, "Is there really any point to this?" She fired more bullets hitting all of the blue bulls-eyes with excellent accuracy.

"Aaah!" cried Hikaru. "Now there are gunshots!"

Electra sighed, "What could those people be doing shooting stuff on a mountain?"

Oki said with a tone of sarcasm, "I don't know. Hunting?!"

Electra said, "I suppose that's possible."

Oki sighed, "I should join them. They clearly have something going on in their minds unlike you two."

Hikaru yelled, "Oki! Hmph!"

Pikachu tried to run around the boulders at lightning speed. "Speed Increase!" Each time she tried, she crashed into one of the boulders destroying it in the process. "Not another one," she thought as she broke the boulders.

Hikaru said, "Now there are boulders breaking."

Electra said, "Maybe some fighting Pokemon are practicing their moves on the boulders."

Oki yelled at the two, "Will you just focus already?"

Misty yelled, "Super Water Rod Elimination!" and focused it on a rock. "I know… this is the only way I can get better. Improving the power of my rod will allow it to upgrade like it did on Sakura and Pikachu. I just know it!" She continued to use the attack on a rock and sighed, "But why does it feel so empty doing this?"

At the sunset of their first day of training, the three Guardian girls convened where they first split up on the cliff. Misty and Pikachu were sweating terribly while Sakura wasn't sweating too much at all.

Pikachu said, "Misty! You're soaked!"

Misty sighed, "Look who's talking."

"But why so much? I thought you were just attacking a rock."

"It's harder than you think to use the same stupid move over and over again… Why are you sweating so much?"

Pikachu cried, "The training you made me go through was impossible!"

"Oh, boo-hoo…"

Pikachu yelled, "Misty!"

Sakura said to Pikachu, "She's just tired, Pikachu. Don't mind Misty too much."

Misty glanced at Sakura and angrily asked, "And why aren't you sweaty?"

Sakura said, "You told me to shoot some targets… so I shot the targets. Quite easily, I might add. I really don't see why I need that much practice in something so easy."

Misty sighed with sarcasm, "Well, good job, Sakura."

Sakura asked, "Hey, where are we going to sleep tonight?"

"Good point…" said Pikachu. "Where ARE we going to sleep?"

Misty said, "Well, Sakura. I wouldn't be complaining so much if I were you. We were the ones who actually suffered through rigorous training."

Sakura yelled, "Hey! You're the one who set up the training! Even mine!"

Misty yelled, "Hey! Don't pin the blame on me that you didn't actually get any training done!"

"You just wish you were as good as me since I actually could do the training."

"Hey! You're the Fire Guardian and I'm the Water Guardian! I could easily kick your ass in a battle!"

Pikachu cried, "Hey! Stop fighting!"

The two girls retaliated, "Back off!"

Pikachu cried, "Hey!"

Misty yelled, "Whatever! I'll just sleep on the ground."

"As will I!" said Sakura, "But I'll go sleep over there." She pointed far away to the ground farther from where they were standing. Misty ignored Sakura as she walked away grumbling.

Misty finally spoke up, "Go ahead! See if I care!"

Sakura yelled back, "Too late! I'm already gone!"

Pikachu then spoke up, "Why are we fighting?" When nobody answered, she sighed and laid down on the mountain ground. Her stomach started to grumble. "Hey, Misty. I'm hungry."

Misty said, "You can get some yourself. That's part of training."

"What?!" gasped Pikachu. "You never mentioned that."

Misty said, "Oh, I'm sorry Pikachu… I'm just really angry right now…"

Pikachu asked, "You mean… angry at Sakura?"

"Actually, not really… I think I'm jealous of you two… You both already have upgraded powers… I don't… so I'm least likely to catch my legendary dog."

"What are you talking about, Misty?! You're strong! Really strong!"

"Huh?" asked a confused Misty.

"You're one of the strongest girls I know! Really! I bet you don't even need an upgrade to catch Suicune! You'll be fine."

"Are you really sure, Pikachu? You had trouble and you were already an upgraded Guardian."

"Misty," said Pikachu, "I think sometimes you forget that I'm really Pikachu. I've been with you since the beginning, don't you remember?"

Misty gasped, "Ahh, you're right! It's just hard to think of you like a Pokemon anymore."

Pikachu sighed and said, "It's ok… But like I said, you're very strong, Misty! I'm only strong because of Ash. Ash always gives me the power to be stronger!"

Misty said, "Ash does have that power…"

"Without Ash," continued Pikachu, "I don't think I'd be able to be the kind of Guardian I am now!"

Misty looked at Pikachu and thought, "Hmmm…" Finally, she took out a piece of chocolate that she was hiding in her pocket and gave it to Pikachu. "I was saving this for an emergency, but this is as good a time as any. Oh, we should call Sakura over. I have big news about our training!"

Meanwhile, Sakura walked around Mt. Mortar's cliffs sighting. Stupid Misty. What's her problem today? That little idiot needs to grow up. She thinks I'm not training hard enough. Grr! I'll show her training then!" She saw several blue target circles next to each other and yelled, "Argh! Super Fire Guns Lasers Shoot!"

As soon as she hit the blue circles, the circles started to move. Sakura gasped, "What the hell?!" Watching the circles move, Sakura realized they were attached to something living. The living creature stared at Sakura with its camel-like face and its volcanoes for humps. It then shouted, "Camerupt!" The fire bullets that Sakura shot into the blue circles on Camerupt's side caused Camerupt's volcano humps to glow. Suddenly, several flaming boulders erupted from Camerupt's humps.

Sakura watched the boulders falling down and gasped, "Oh crap! I just angered Camerupt!" She dodged the boulders and thought, "I have no choice but to catch it… but how am I supposed to weaken it?" Evading the onslaught of boulders, Sakura finally yelled, "Fiery Blast!" Camerupt absorbed the fire attack and shot out flaming boulders from its humps at a more rapid pace. "Shoot, that didn't work," thought Sakura.

As Misty and Pikachu looked for Sakura, they saw several falling objects in the sky. Pikachu pointed upwards and asked, "What is… Ahhh! Watch out!" She pushed Misty away from the falling boulders.

Misty gasped, "What just happened?"

Pikachu cried, "A bunch of boulders are falling!"

"That's probably Sakura!" said Misty already running away. "Let's catch up with her!"

In a completely isolated part of the mountain, Hikaru said, "Ok! This is a good spot!"

Electra nodded and said, "Right! Oki! Let's ring that bell and claim our dog!"

Just as Oki was about to ring the bell, a barrage of flaming rocks fell from the sky and crashed into their site. Competely burnt up, the three Evil Guardians sighed, "On to a new spot."

Meanwhile, Sakura continued to fend off Camerupt and its constant eruptions. Sakura thought, "What am I supposed to do? I can't use my fire attacks against it or else it will just erupt. Argh! If only that stupid idiot Misty were here."

Pikachu and Misty watched Sakura fighting Camerupt. Pikachu said, "That's our cue, Misty. Let's save the day!"

Misty suddenly grumbled and turned away. "Forget it. Let her fight her own fight. She doesn't need us. You just heard her, didn't you? Besides, she should have enough training already. She completed her training with flying colors anyway. Come on, Pikachu. Let's go."

"But Misty!"

Sakura yelled, "Ultra Fire Ball!" Camerupt leaned over to fire the erupting boulders towards Sakura and her ultra ball. Sakura backed away to dodge the boulders and cried, "Dammit!" She shot more rounds from her gun and sighed, "It's all your fault… Sakura. I shouldn't have gone off on my own. Everyone trusted me to actually train with the others so I could catch the dog. Misty expected me to train to help out with the others too… and I expected myself to train and become stronger. Why did I get so cocky? I shouldn't have doubted Misty's training… Besides, she's already stronger than me and I'm already upgraded. Why am I trying to defy her?"

Camerupt created another eruption from its volcanic humps. As the boulders fell towards Sakura, she looked up at them and yelled, "This is probably my last ounce of strength. Super Fire Guns…"

"Super Water Rod Elimination!" yelled Misty destroying the boulder with one hit.

Sakura gasped, "Misty…? What power? Did she actually train that hard?"

Camerupt leaned over on its side again to shoot the flaming boulders directly towards Sakura and Misty. Pikachu grabbed the two girls and zigzagged around the erupting boulders. She then let them go on the ground and ran towards Camerupt yelling, "Super Electric Battery Katars!" She stuck her katars inside Camerupt's body to paralyze it then called out, "Misty!"

Misty yelled, "Super Water Rod Elimination!" She fired bursts of water into Camerupt's volcano humps and said, "Finish it off, Sakura!"

Sakura watched the two girls holding off Camerupt and cried, "You guys… I can't believe…"

Misty yelled, "Hurry up! We can't keep Camerupt like this forever!"

"Right! Ok!" Sakura ran towards Camerupt to get a closer shot. Suddenly, the three of them started to glow as Sakura neared Camerupt. Misty and Pikachu gasped, "The glow…"

Sakura then yelled, "Super Fire Guns Lasers Shoot!" and shot fire bullets at the blue circles on Camerupt's body. Camerupt's volcanic humps started to glow as it became ready to erupt again. However, Misty's constant stream of water from her rod forced the erupting boulders back into Camerupt's body. Eventually, the flaming boulders exploded within its body. Camerupt fainted with a sigh as Pikachu and Misty let go of Camerupt. Misty smiled at Sakura and said, "Like I said, finish it off!"

"Ultra Fire Ball!" yelled Sakura catching the downed Camerupt. The three cheered and stopped glowing.

"So did you see the glowing?" asked Misty.

Sakura nodded and said, "What do you suppose that was? Do you think we'll figure it out if we train some more? I suppose we'll continue your training regimen then?"

Misty shook her head and said, "Actually… it's getting dark so we should rest here." The three of them sat down as Misty handed the other two chocolate. "Would you like some?" she smiled and said to them. Finally, Misty continued, "And we can't use our old training plan because I have a new plan. Instead of doing our own individual training, I think training together might help us more!"

"Training together?" asked Pikachu, "But how exactly would that work?"

"It's really simple actually. We all do the same training together instead of trying to perfect our own styles."

Sakura said, "That's kind of weird, but then again, I was never a fan for your plans."

"Hey! Just trust me! We'll just work hard together. And I'm sure we'll find out what that glow means too!"

Misty put her hand in the center and asked, "Are you two with me?" Sakura and Pikachu put their hands on Misty's and said, "Let's do it! But since it's dark, let's rest first!"

"Did you hear that?" asked a burnt out Hikaru.

"I don't even care anymore," answered a burnt Electra.

Hikaru said, "So do we have to ring the bell now? I'm worn out."

Electra said, "Well, I don't really mind if we call it a day but Oki here is going to complain about us not getting anything done."

Oki looked at Hikaru burning up and sighed, "Let's rest."

Electra gasped, "What? Really?!"

Hikaru cheered, "Alright! We've been hiking this stupid mountain all day! We deserve to rest!"

Oki said, "Fine, but one of us has to keep guard of the bell at all times. I have a feeling someone may be following us."

Hikaru asked, "Who could be doing that?"

Behind the three Evil Guardians stood a few shadowy people watching them.



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Misty: ARGH!

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Sakura: And when is she gonna grow up? Sheesh.

Pikachu: Guardians of Pokemon #163: Charges of the Heart.


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