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Seventeen legendary guardians

possessing powers far beyond comprehension

will soon arise and protect the world from a deadly force...


A seemingly quiet night in Cinnabar Island was ruined by a slight rumbling in the ground. The volcano, which hadn't erupted in over a year, seemed to be sizzling. Everyone except Tracey had fallen asleep in the Pokemon Center. Tracey stood outside, watching the volcano. He thought, "The magma is restless..." He took out a sketchbook and began to draw the volcano. A young voice interrupted his drawing, "Tracey..." Tracey turned around and saw Chibi awake. She sighed, "I can't sleep..." Tracey replied, "What a coincidence, I can't either... but couldn't you have talked to Ash or Dash about this?" Chibi cried, "They're dead!" Tracey gasped as Chibi continued, "Or asleep, I can't really tell..." Tracey whispered, "Hey! Don't joke about that sort of thing..." Meanwhile, the volcano began rumbling and making noises as Tracey said, "Perhaps we should warn the others..."


Tracey shouted to the other Guardians, "Guys! I know it's late, but I don't think it's safe to be around the volcano!" Green yawned and sighed, "Shut up, whoever's talking..." Everybody continued sleeping. Tracey sighed, "Fine! If you don't want to do anything, then I'll find the root of the problem myself! Then once I stop the volcano from killing you, you can thank me!" He then thought to himself, "Eh, who am I talking to...?" Tracey ran from the Pokemon Center as Sakura opened her eyes and looked at him.

Running towards Cinnabar Volcano, Tracey heard footsteps running behind her. He turned around and asked, "Chibi?" Chibi answered, "Hey! If you're going to the volcano alone, you'd better let me come with you!" "It's too dangerous, " said Tracey, "I don't want you getting hurt. You'd best go back to sleep." Chibi begged, "But Tracey! I want to come and help! There's no way I'll get to sleep knowing you're out there risking your life!" Tracey sweatdropped, "Are you sure you're only seven...?" He then shrugged, "Alright, Chibi. You can come, but stay close..." Chibi ran ahead of him inside the volcano as Tracey sweatdropped, "I saw this coming..."

Entering the volcano, a red glow from the lava illuminated. Chibi looked up and asked, "What's that in the ceiling?" Tracey asked, "In the ceiling?" Suddenly, a colony of Zubat swooped down from the ceiling. Chibi covered her head and cried, "They're in my hair! They're in my hair!" Tracey sweatdropped and took her hand. He then carried her to a darker tunnel. He sighed, "I think we've lost them..." The Zubat then began using Supersonic. They quickly found Tracey and Chibi in the dark tunnel and flew above them.

Tracey whispered, "Lie low Chibi. Flying Power! Wind Blow!" The Zubat were blown away by Tracey's wind. "Phew, " sighed the two Guardians. Chibi said, "Well, let's continue..." Tracey sweatdropped, "Really, you're not tired at all?"

Tracey and Chibi walked towards the center of the volcano. Chibi whined, "It's getting hot in here." Tracey shouted, "What did you expect?! We're in the middle of a volcano! Theoretically, we should be dying slowly!" Chibi then said, "Then I have the perfect plan!" She took off her clothes, revealing only her undergarments. She then did a pose and said, "Aren't I lovely?" Tracey facefaulted and yelled, "Chibi! What the heck are you doing?! You're only seven!!"

Suddenly, a voice started laughing. Tracey looked around and asked, "Who's there?" He then saw Sakura walking towards them. Sakura laughed, "Tracey, did you come all this way to be near Chibi?" Tracey blushed, "Sakura! First of all, you have it all wrong! Second, what are you doing here?!" Sakura replied, "I'm in here for the same reason as you. To see what's going on inside the volcano. You have that same feeling too that the volcano will erupt anytime soon, right? I'm the Fire Guardian, so I sense these kinds of things." "So that means you'll help us?" asked Tracey. Sakura answered, "Of course, but it is getting a little hot in here. Perhaps I should follow Chibi's lead." She took off her clothes, revealing only her underwear. When Tracey saw Chibi and Sakura with no clothes in front of him, his nose began to bleed. Sakura gasped, "It looks like your nose is bleeding. Let me wipe it off for you..." She grabbed a tissue and brought it to Tracey as he yelled, "What the?! Somebody wake me up!"

Suddenly, Tracey woke up and screamed. He was back in the Pokemon Center. Everyone around him was sleeping as he asked, "Was I dreaming this all?" Suddenly, Chibi and Sakura crawled to him without clothes. Sakura said, "Come on, Tracey..." Tracey gasped, "Are you insane?!" Suddenly, he woke up again and screamed. He was back in the volcano. He saw Chibi and Sakura calling out, "Come on, Tracey. Wake up!" Tracey asked, "What happened? Are we in the Pokemon Center still?" Sakura asked, "What are you talking about? We never went back. We're still in the volcano. In fact, you passed out for a while because you were overheating and feverish. You should have taken off your clothes like us..." Tracey asked, "I was just dreaming? Well, let's continue towards the center of the volcano then. And I'm not taking off my clothes!!"

"Why didn't the others come?" asked Tracey. Sakura replied, "You know them. They'd all rather sleep than do anything. Don't worry. That's why we're here, right?" They then reached the magma chamber. Standing in the middle was a shadowy figure.

Chibi asked, "What's that in the lava?" Tracey replied, "I don't know, but it wouldn't be safe to check..." Chibi said, "Are you sure?" She walked near the lava and slipped. Tracey yelled, "Chibi!" Chibi held on to a cliff stranded above the lava. She tried to climb up, but only ended up dropping several rocks into the lava. The shadowy figure in the magma chamber then woke up. Tracey finally grabbed Chibi and pulled her up. He scolded her, "Don't ever do something so reckless like that again!" Chibi apologized, "Sorry, Tracey..." "Uh-oh!" cried Sakura. "Whatever's in there just woke up." The figure then began to rise with the lava. Tracey gasped, "The volcano's going to erupt!"

Tracey turned on his Seeker and yelled, "Wake up, everyone!" The Seeker continued to ring as Green yelled, "Quiet, you!" and threw her Seeker at Dash's head. Dash then yelled, "What was that for?!" He then heard the Seeker ringing and said, "What's up?" Tracey yelled, "What do you mean, what's up?! The freaking volcano is going to erupt! Sakura, Chibi, and I are in the volcano right now! Something, probably a Pokemon, is making the volcano erupt!" Dash gasped, "What?!" He then yelled, "Everyone! Wake up!" Everyone continued to sleep as Dash rang a giant gong. The Guardians began to snore as Dash sighed, "Fine! Screw you!" He ran outside and asked, "What do you want me to do?" Tracey yelled, "What do you think?! Find a way to stop the lava!" Dash hang up and sighed, "Okay, you don't have to yell. Ground Power! Super Sand Surround!" Some sand particles began to wipe out the fire.

Tracey said, "Well, Dash is working outside, so we have to work inside." Sakura asked, "But what do we do?" Tracey said, "Catch the Pokemon!" Chibi yelled, "We don't even know which Pokemon it is!" Tracey said, "Well, we're in a volcano. What type of Pokemon would you expect here?" Sakura said, "You have a point. Fire Guns Power! Great Fire Ball!" She released her ball into the lava as a breath of fire shot out and destroyed it.

Sakura yelled, "Hey! You think you could help me?!" Tracey asked, "By spreading the flame with my wind?" "Or getting petals burnt by my grass?" continued Chibi. Suddenly, the Zubat returned and used Supersonic to find them. Chibi said, "Well, it's our turn, Tracey! Grass Power! Petal Pelt!" The Zubat flapped the petals away. Tracey followed up and shouted, "Wind Blow!" Some Zubat were blown away.

Meanwhile, Sakura continued to try and catch the Pokemon in the lava. The Pokemon got madder as Sakura continued throwing the balls. It then revealed itself in anger. "Magmar!" it yelled fire punching Sakura. Lava burst out as Magmar punched her. "Super Gun Lasers Shoot!" The bullets went through Magmar.

A Zubat then tackled Sakura as she yelled, "I thought you were getting rid of the Zubat!" Tracey sighed, "We're trying. Wind Blow!" More Zubat flew in towards Chibi and Tracey. They flew towards Tracey and tackled him. He sighed, "There's too many of them! We need to keep them all in one place!" Suddenly, one of the Zubat bit Tracey as Chibi gasped, "Vine Grapple!" Chibi grew vines from her hands as they extended and grabbed the Zubat. Tracey cheered, "Excellent! And now... Flying Ball!" A Zubat was caught. The others remained in Chibi's vines.

They then saw Sakura getting punched by Magmar. Tracey gasped, "Chibi! I have an idea! Release those Zubat near the center of the magma chamber!" Chibi threw the Zubat into the lava as Magmar gasped. The Zubat flew around and tackled him. Magmar tried to use a Fire Punch, but was overwhelmed by the Zubat. Sakura yelled, "Great Fire Ball!" and caught the Magmar. The Zubat then rushed back to another tunnel, bumping into the ceiling as they flew. Rocks then fell down trapping the Guardians. Tracey sweatdropped and sweated. Chibi yelled, "How will we get out?" Tracey then looked upwards at the volcano's opening and said, "The only way I know how!"

Tracey grabbed Chibi and Sakura and yelled, "Fly Wings!" Tracey grew wings and flew towards the top of the volcano while holding on to Sakura and Chibi. Meanwhile, the magma rose as well. Tracey said, "Hold on tightly!" and flew upwards with the magma. Tracey, Sakura, and Chibi escaped and flew to the Pokemon Center.

They saw Dash, Brock, and Misty stopping the lava. Brock screamed at the top of his lungs, "Rock Twister!" Rocks impeded the lava's progress. Dash and Misty jumped onto the rocks and yelled, "Mystical Wave!" "Super Sand Surround!" The lava began to solidify before it could hit the Pokemon Center and Space Center.

Brock said, "Thank God that Cinnabar is safe!" Tracey asked, "How did you get Brock to help?" Dash said, "Well, he wouldn't come to help the Space Center, so we told him that the Pokemon Center would be destroyed." Brock yelled, "I'd never let Nurse Joy suffer such a fate!" Green then threw a pillow at the other Guardians and yelled, "Shut up out there! The rest of us are trying to sleep!" Misty sweatdropped, "Well, now that that's over, let's go back to sleep." Everyone cheered, "Agreed!"

Tracey headed inside the Pokemon Center as Chibi innocently smiled. Tracey asked, "Aren't you going to sleep?" Chibi said, "It's almost dawn. Let's just watch that, since it's such a beautiful night. You can fly me us up to that cliff over there!" Chibi pointed to a cliff overlooking the volcano as Tracey agreed, "Fly Wings!" He flew Chibi to the cliff.

On the cliff, Sakura greeted them and said, "I see you had the same idea..." Tracey asked, "Sakura? You're here too?" She said, "I'm just too overwhelmed right now. Since this will be the first time in a long time that I'd be leaving Cinnabar, I just want to relax and see what I'll miss." "But you always leave all the time, to go to space..." Sakura sighed, "But I want to travel around the world. You know, not to other worlds..." Tracey nodded, "That would be nice." He then saw Chibi sleeping on his lap as Sakura said, "Just let her sleep."

Sakura looked at the volcano as the sun rose and said, "The volcano sure is magnificent." "And to think," said Tracey, "It could have burnt us all just now..." Sakura nodded, "I'm just glad nobody got hurt..." Suddenly, a small piece of lava flew out of the volcano and fell onto a train near Pallet Town. The conductor saw his train burn and yelled, "Damn it! This isn't even funny anymore!"



Preview of Next Episode:

Misty: We're finally doing what the Professor asked us to do in the first place!

Sakura: And we're starting at the giant Seafoam Islands!

Brock: Woohoo! So many beautiful women in swimsuits!

Todd: We better shrink it.

Brock: Never!

Sakura: Guardians of Pokemon #35: Big Bad Beach.


Author's Notes: Since you're here, I'll assume you read the movie. Thanks for reading it! I'm encouraged by your support.

On to everything else... First of all, from this episode, if you didn't know already. A nose bleed is an anime cliche where if a guy is surrounded by some attractive woman and feels aroused, he gets a nosebleed. It's just a little thing that you'll probably find if you watch a lot of fanservice anime.

About Mew being Mewtwo's mother, it's just a dramatic way of saying that Mew was cloned to create Mewtwo. Hence, originator = mother. It's sort of overdramatizing it, but I wanted to get some kind of point across. (maybe)

Also, sometimes, I can't think of a really creative synonym for super, so I just stick super to a bunch of attacks to make it seem powerful. Dash's Super Sand Surround is not a real upgraded attack as he does not have an item (like a scepter or rod). But basically, the other attacks that do have an item and "super" are upgraded item attacks. And if you haven't figured it out by now, the Guardians do not require the item to transform, as it is just an upgrade. That is why everyone else without an item can still transform.

And no, the Mystical Amulet is not the Stone of Magic, but good guess.

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