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Seventeen legendary guardians

possessing powers far beyond comprehension

will soon arise and protect the world from a deadly force...

Katana hummed to herself in the dean's office. She had wondered what was wrong. The dean said, "Let's see. Your name is Katana, correct?" Katana nodded and asked, "What did I do?!" The dean answered, "You don't have to worry. You're not in trouble. It's jsut that, now that this school is paying for your scholarship, we just wanted to know what it was you're doing in return." Katana sighed, "No! Are you asking me to become a janitor, meow?" The dean sweatdropped, "No, of course not. I'm talking about like a club or a sport. On your application, it says that you haven't done an extracurricular activity during your whole life in school. In fact, according to this, you haven't even attended in school for a few years before this one." Katana sweatdropped, "Oh... Well then..." She then whispered to the dean, "I'll level with you. You see these cat ears? I'm a catgirl, so I think I deserve special treatment because I'm of a different race." The dean asked, "Well, that does explain the fur. Either way, we already have a catgirl attending to this school. And she's actually paying for her tuition." Katana gasped, "Really? What's her name?" The dean checked the school's files on computer and replied, "Katori."


Ritchie asked Katana, "The dean is asking you to join an activity in school?" Katana said, "Yeah, it's pretty stupid if you ask me. There isn't much that interests me here." "You should at least give something a try. Who knows? You may like it." Katana nodded and said confidently, "You're right! I will join something!" Ritchie cheered, "That's the spirit! Here's to finding something that interests you... and that you're good at!"

The next day, Katana toured around the school, looking for clubs. She saw a door that said, "Photography" and knocked on it. Todd answered and asked, "Katana? What brings you here? Is there a Pokemon I have to catch?" Katana said, "No. That's not it at all... I just wanted to..." Todd said, "Join the photography club? Of course you can, Katana!" Katana looked around the room and found beautiful photographs littered on the wall. Katana gasped, "These pictures are so beautiful." "Yes," said Todd, "But what could you do? I assume that you haven't had any photography experience at all..." Katana said, "Well, I used to take pictures of my friend Katori and myself." Todd thought and said, "Pictures of people, you say? How about this? The club also controls yearbook photos and such, so I will allow you to take pictures for the yearbook." He handed Katana a camera. Katana said, "I won't let you down, Todd, meow!"

Upon returning to the photography club, Todd greeted Katana, "Oh, do you have some nice pictures to show us?" Katnaa nodded and handed Todd the camera. Todd developed the pictures and sweatdropped, "Katana?" Katana was excited and said, "Meow?" Todd asked, "Katana... Do you even know how to use a camera? Most of these pictures are of people's feet. The other pictures are of your eye. Obviously, you were holding the camera backwards when you took these pictures." Katana said, "Well, that explains why my eye hurts." Todd said, "I'm sorry, but maybe photography wasn't for you." Katana left the photography room sighing. A man said to her, "Is Todd making you feel bad? If it makes you feel any better, I loved those pictures." Todd then peeked from inside the room and said, "Oh yeah, Katana... Ignore anything that man says because he has a foot fetish." The man facefaulted.

Katana said to herself, "Don't feel bad, Katana. That was only one club out of many in this school. At least one of them has to accept me!" She walked into a room labeled, "Art". Tracey asked, "Katana? What is it? Do I have to catch something?" Katana sweatdropped, "Why is it that you all only think of me as a bringer of bad news? As a matter of fact, I came to join the art club. That's right, you heard me! The only time I've ever drawn was of Katori posing, but I'm going to join anyway!" Tracey said, "Okay, that's cool. Why don't you draw us something right now?" Katana blushed and said, "Well... okay..." The whole art club gathered around her. Katana sweatdropped as Tracey handed her paint. Katana timidly picked up a paintbrush with paint and made a single stroke on a piece of paper. The club started shaking their head and said, "Oh." Katana ran from the club yelling, "I can't take it anymore! You're all giving me too much pressure!" Once Katana left, one of the members said, "It's a shame she didn't continue. I was going to comment on what a great job she was doing."

She continued walking around the school. Suddenly, she heard a beautiful voice singing near a window. Katana looked up and heard the voice coming from upstairs. She ran up to the stairs following the voice and barged in the room. She found Sakura singing and gasped, "Sakura? I didn't know you could sing this beautifully!" Sakura blushed, "Oh, my singing's nothing really." Katana shook her head and said, "No! Your singing is beautiful! I wish I was a good singer like you!" Sakura said, "Maybe you can! Why don't you show me if you can sing?" Katana said, "Okay, here's a tune I learned with my friend Katori on Meowa." She started singing the Meow Mix song out of tune, "Meow meow meow meow, meow meow meow meow, meow meow meow..." Sakura yelled, "Enough!"

Katana walked back to the dorm disappointed. "I'm not good at anything," sighed Katana. She then noticed Brock and Dash sitting near the walls of the dorm. Katana asked them, "What are you two doing?" Dash said, "Nothing. Care to join us?" Brock said, "We have beer." Katana sighed, "Are you two even supposed to be drinking?" Brock said, "No. So, do you want some?" Katana sweatdropped, "I don't know what I want to do, but whatever it is would probably be more fun than what you're doing!" Dash's alarm then rang as he said, "It's been two hours." Brock said, "Excellent. Let's go back and watch more tapes." Dash said, "I hear that." Katana said, "Blech! You guys are gross! I'm leaving!"

Katana walked over to the courtyard and thought, "There has to be something here left for me." Suddenly, she heard classical music playing. She thought, "That music's so relaxing." Uncontrollably, she began to prance around to the music. She then spotted a group of Bellossom dancing led by a woman. She watched them from the bushes. Katana thought, "Wow, those Bellossom are so graceful. I wish I was like them."

Meanwhile, the woman said, "One two, one two... Is someone in the bushes? Hey you!" Katana came out and stared at the woman gasping, "Chibi?" Chibi blushed, "Katana?" Katana said, "I didn't know you liked dancing. I mean, your brothers didn't tell me anything of the sort." Chibi said, "Of course... they know nothing about me. So, how did you like the Bellossoms' performance?" Katana smiled and said, "Oh, I loved it!" She began to clap for the Bellossom as Chibi said, "We're going to be in the school ballet." Katana timidly said, "It sounds exciting. You wouldn't happen to... uhh... have a part for me?" Chibi asked, "Really? Would you? Because we were looking for a princess for the ballet. You see, when no one could play the part of the princess, we had decided that a Bellossom might as well do it." Katana said, "But how do you know if I'd be experienced enough? Didn't you just say that no one could play the part?" Chibi said, "Oh, that was just an excuse so Bellossom could play the part. I do think that you could pull this ballet off, though. So, just see me tomorrow at around five in the afternoon, and we can practice."

Katana excitedly went back to the dorm and said to Ritchie, "Guess who the lead is in the school ballet?" Ritchie gulped, "How did you..." Katana interrupted, "Me! Excuse me, what were you going to say?" Ritchie said, "Nothing." He thought to himself, "Uh-oh, working with Katana will be awkward..." Katana asked, "What are you thinking?" Ritchie said, "Oh, that I really want to see your show..." Katana said, "Thanks!"

The next afternoon, Katana headed towards the dance hall Inside, Chibi and Ritchie were practicing for the ballet. Chibi said, "So anyway, Ritchie, we found a princess to dance with you. I'm sure you'll recognize her." Ritchie saw Katana outside the window walking towards the dance hall and gasped. He then jumped off the window as Chibi yelled, "What are you doing? This is the second floor!" She shrugged, "Who am I kidding? He's probably safe."

Katana walked into the room and said, "Here's your princess, ready to dance!" Chibi said, "I'm glad you're here, but the prince of the ballet just bailed right now. I have no idea why either." Katana said, "That's alright. I guess I'll just practice on my own." As Ritchie walked away from the dance hall, he sighed, "I can't let Katana know that we're dancing forever." He imagined what would happen if Katana had found out. Katana laughed, "Ha ha ha! Oh my god! Are you really going to dance in a ballet? What are you, gay?" Ritchie thought, "How embarassing..."

Over the next few days, Katana continued to practice with Chibi and the Bellossom. Ritchie, however, stopped attending the practices. Chibi sighed, "I don't think the prince will even come to the ballet. He hasn't come to dance in a while now." Katana said, "That's alright. Maybe one of the Bellossom can be the prince." The Bellossom said, "Bella!" Chibi said, "Actually, since I couldn't find anyone else to do it, I've called someone in to dance with you as the prince. She also said she knew you... Katana, meet Katori. She's also a catgirl, oddly enough." Katori walked into the room and said, "Well, well, Katana." Katana said, "Hi, Katori! If you don't mind me asking, why are you here on Earth when you originally said that you hated humans?" Chibi stared blankly at Katori. Katori said, "Oh, I have my reasons. So, are you ready for the ballet tomorrow?" Katana said, "Of course. It will be just like old times!"

Meanwhile, Ritchie sat in his dorm thinking about the ballet. He reminisced about the fun he had dancing and sighed, "I'm nothing but a coward..."

At the ballet, Katana warmed up her dancing. She sighed, "I don't know if I can do this." Chibi said, "The most impotant thing to do is relax." Katana said, "You're right! This will be exciting!" Katori looked at Katana who winked back. Katori thought, "So this is where she's been hiding this whole time... Indeed Katana, this will be exciting."

Brock and Dash looked for a seat in the audience. Dash asked, "Why are we here again? Watching a ballet?" Brock said, "Are you stupid? This is the perfect spot to check out girls in tights. Not any girl, mind you... a college girl!" Dash saw Ritchie standing in the aisle and said, "Hey, it's Ritchie!" Brock asked him, "Did you have the same idea as us, Ritchie?" Ritchie looked over at them and said, "Sure..." He sat down next to them thinking, "I hope Katana can do this without me."

The play started as Katana skipped over to the center of the stage and did a pirouette. A bunch of Bellossom gathered in front of her and started dancing and singing, "Bella! Bella! Bellosom!" Dash sweatdropped, "This plot is complex." Ritchie whispered, "Shhh..."

Chibi then danced along with the Bellossom and said, "I am a magical fairy. What is it that you would like?" Katana said, "I wish that I were a princess who had her own prince!" Chibi danced around the stage and said, "Then it shall be done!"

Brock then said, "Hold on a minute. Isn't that Katana?" Dash rolled his eyes and answered, "Nothing gets past you." Brock continued, "And who's that other chick dancing with her? She's pretty hot..." Dash sweatdropped, "That's Chibi. You know, my younger sister." Brock spit out his drink and gasped, "Chibi?! Argh! I have to get rid of all my naughty thoughts!" Suddenly, a spotlight shone on Brock as someone said, "Please, would the guy that just spit out his soda shut up?" Dash became embarassed and sweatdropped, "I want to go home."

Katori then appeared on the stage as a prince. Katana gasped, "My knight in shining armor!" They then danced with each other. Katori threw Katana into the air and caught her again. Ritchie thought, "That's good. Katana found herself a dance partner. Good for her." He watched the Bellossom dance and thought, "Boy, do I envy them..."

Suddenly, out of nowhere, fog filled the stage. A woman creature appeared out of nowhere screaming, "I am Dancer!" Katana coughed and said, "This isn't part of the show." Chibi sighed, "Darn right it isn't. Grass Rose Power!" Dancer danced around the stage kicking the Bellossom off the stage. Katana yelled, "You're ruining their dance!" Dancer said, "It doesn't matter, as long as I'm on the stage for I am the greatest dancer ever!"

Dancer ran towards Katana ready to kick her with her high heels. Dash gasped, "Maybe we should do something?" Brock said, "Actually, when you think about it, Katana could probably beat that monster up by herself." Dash said, "You're right... Hey, where did Ritchie go?" As Dancer was about to hit Katana, Ritchie came prancing over to Katana and grabbed her.

Katana gasped, "Ritchie?" Ritchie smirked, "Your prince has arrived." Dancer yelled, "Where are you taking her?" Ritchie then spun around letting Katana extend her legs out. Katana thought, "Wow, he's good." Katana kicked Dancer as her legs passed by her.

Dancer felt the blows and yelled, "Stop competing with me! You'll never win!" She jumped up towards Ritchie. Ritchie threw Katana up in the air. Meanwhile, Dancer kicked Ritchie midair. Katana then fell on Dancer's back. Dancer became furious and spin around into a tornado. Ritchie and Katana skipped away.

"Petal Pelt!" yelled Chibi. Petals flew over the stage as the Bellossom smelled it and woke up from beneath the stage. They angrily danced back to the stage in a single file. Ritchie said, "I'll handle her. Poison Power! Sludge Squirt!" He released sludge under Dancer's feet. Suddenly, Dancer stopped spinning and gasped, "What happened?" Ritchie laughed, "It looks like you're stuck!" Dancer stared at the sludge underneath her and yelled, "What did you do to me?!"

The Bellossom saw Dancer and started doing a Petal Dance. Dancer screamed, "What are they doing?" Suddenly, Dancer was hit by a storm of petals. Dancer yelled, "Stop!" She escaped the sludge and kicked one of the Bellossom towards the audience. It cried, "Bella!" Chibi sighed, "Better now than never! Great Grass Ball!" Before the Bellossom could land on the audience, a ball captured it.

Chibi said, "And now to finish you!" Dancer tried to spin towards Chibi. Suddenly, Ritchie came carrying Katana. He spun her towards Dancer, who started to fall. Chibi yelled, "Super Grass Rose Thorns!" Dancer fell on the thorns and died disappearing into the fog. Ritchie, Katana, and Chibi breathed a sigh of relief.

The crowd suddenly erupted and cheered for them. They all clapped as Ritchie, Katana, and Chibi bowed. Chibi thought, "I knew the ballet would go well." Afterwards, they held a cast party at the stage. Katana asked, "Where did Katori go?" Chibi said, "That's a good question. She kind of disappeared after Dancer came..." Katana sighed, "Oh well, I'll probably run into her again."

Brock and Dash greeted Ritchie. Ritchie gulped as Dash said, "Hey, good job back there!" Ritchie asked, "Really?" Brock said, "Yeah, you have it all: skills and women!" Ritchie said, "Well, I'm glad you think that then!" Chibi then laughed, "Oh, I get it now. You stopped coming to practice because you were embarassed... embarassed what Katana would think!" Ritchie blushed and said, "That's not it!" Katana laughed, "But aren't you the one who told me to give something a try? Looks like sometimes you can't follow your own advice! Ha ha ha!" Everyone laughed, except Brock, who fainted. Dash said, "Yeah, whatever."


Preview of Next Episode:

Mitsumi: All I want is for Misty to like me.

Ash: There might be a way...

Misty: What's this, Ash? You suddenly like me again? What's the catch?

Ash: No catch...

Misty: Wait a minute! It's you!

Mitsumi: ...

Ash: Guardians of Pokemon #55: Misty or Mitsumi.

Author's Notes: Thanks for correcting me back there, everyone. I was kind of in a rush last episode, so it resulted in a bunch of speelinx errors. If there's a really big spelling error that I should probably fix, (but not small ones like misspelling too) then be sure to tell me. And don't necessarily think of one of my errors as a sign to come.................... (...)

By the way, a harlot is essentially a slut, which the way Misty says it really shouldn't apply to Mitsumi. But that's how the story goes!

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