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Seventeen legendary guardians

possessing powers far beyond comprehension

will soon arise and protect the world from a deadly force...


"I have a foolproof diversion for those other Guardians," said Electra. Bigu asked, "Well, what is it?" Electra replied, "Just be patient. I'm doing this for you, ya know." "Oh yeah..." Electra held up a Natu and said, "And here it is..." Bigu asked, "A Natu?" Electra said, "Not just an ordinary Natu once I zap it. While those idiots are chasing this small bird, you'll have your opportunity to get closer to that woman." Bigu said, "Okay, but don't think I'm doing this because I'm enthusiastic to see her or something. It's strictly for umm... Guardian business..." Electra brushed up against her hair and said, "Sure, whatever. Just don't screw around for too long."


The Guardians ran towards Professor Oak's laboratory. Ash thought about what Oak had said on the phone earlier. "Hurry, Ash! Bring everyone to the lab immediately. This is very important!" Ash thought, "What's so important that Oak has to show us...? I wonder..."

Inside the lab, the Guardians found Professor Oak running back and forth in his lab. Misty asked, "Are you getting exercise?" Oak replied, "Very funny... I'm just trying to catch this..."

Suddenly, a small Natu passed in front of everyone in a hurry. It ran under Sakura's skirt causing it to fly upwards. She held it down and blushed, "Hey!" She then smacked Brock as he yelled, "I didn't say anything yet!" Sakura said, "I know, but you were going to..." Brock didn't say anything for the next couple of seconds. Finally, he said, "Damn, I wish I was that Natu..." Sakura sweatdropped, "You're impossible."

Oak yelled, "Just listen! You have to catch that Natu before it..." Natu dropped several shelves of Oak's tools. Oak screamed, "Just catch that blasted bird!" Ash said, "Okay, that sounds easy enough." Tracey said, "Wait, Ash... Doesn't that Natu seem to be running more quickly than usual?" Ash said, "Oh well. Psychic Scepter..."

In a quick reaction, Natu stared at the scepter in Ash's hands and recalled what Electra had told him, "Just steal anything that looks important." In a hurry, Natu grabbed Ash's scepter in its beak and ran off. Ash's jaw dropped while everyone else just stared at the Natu with wide eyes.

Oak said, "Ash. I believe that Natu just grabbed your scepter..." Ash sweatdropped and chased the Natu. "Why you little..." Everyone else followed Ash and Natu. Professor Oak remained in his lab and thought to himself, "So another journey begins..." He noticed two girls behind his lab and thought, "What the hell?"

Natu ran towards Ash's house with its tiny feet. Ash yelled, "This is getting ridiculous! Tracey! Just capture it yourself!" Tracey said, "I"m on it. Flying Wing Power! Great Flying Ball!" Natu saw the ball moving towards it in slow motion and quickly dodged it. Tracey's jaw dropped as well. "But... that's impossible. Even the fastest Natu can't move that fast. The ball was traveling several kilometers an hour. Argh! Todd, snap a picture of it!"

Todd took his camera and aimed for a good shot of Natu. He then realized that he couldn't get a good shot because Natu always managed to avoid the shot at the last second. Todd stared at his developed pictures and sighed. All of the pictures only featured a small fraction of Natu's tiny wings. "Even a good photographer such as myself was beaten by this Natu?!"

Natu dropped the scepter for a second and mocked the Guardians by singing, "Natu Natu Natu!" Ash boiled up and dove in to grab the scepter. Natu grabbed it again in its beak and ran inside the house. Ash pointed towards it and yelled, "To the house!" Bigu gasped, "Electra! I thought you said that this would lead them out of the house!" Electra said, "Well, I only helped the Natu out. Technically, it still has a mind of its own. But hey, isn't it bonus enough that Natu grabbed that stupid kid's scepter?" Bigu's face started to puff up, "Electra!" Electra sweatdropped, "Don't worry. As far as I'm concerned, those Guardians are on a wild goose chase."

Natu ran past Delia as she held empty dishes. The dishes started to fall off her hand as she reached out farther to grab it. Ash then ran past and spun Delia around several times. The others also passed her one by one until Delia started to get dizzy and lose control over her dishes. Dash actually stopped and started to spin the dishes with his finger. Sakura grabbed him by the ear and whispered, "Stop showing off and help us." Delia, spinning round and round, finally let go of her dishes. "No!" she gasped as the dishes were caught by someone's hand. Delia saw Mitsumi holding the dishes and said, "Thank you so much Mitsumi... Ugh..." She had still felt a little dizzy from all that spinning. Mitsumi smiled and said, "You have to be a lot more careful, Ms. Ketchum." Delia blushed and laughed, "Ha ha, you know the kids. Sometimes they can get too hyperactive about things." Mitsumi then whispered, "I'm serious." She then walked at her own pace towards the others and Natu. Meanwhile, Delia thoguht about what Mitsumi had said.

Natu ran in circles around Ash's living room. Gary yelled, "Look at yourselves! It's only a stupid Natu. There are seventeen of us. All we have to do is form a circle around it and eventually trap it." Ash said, "I'd hate to admit it, but Gary just came up with the most logical plan. So... trap it!" The Guardians surrounded the Natu so it had nowhere to run to. Ash laughed, "Ha ha ha, we have you now!" Everyone dove in towards Natu. They all bumped their heads into each other and sweatdropped. Gary sighed, "Idiots." Misty yelled, "It was your plan! Hey, where did Natu go?"

Everyone saw Natu and the scepter at the base of the stairs. Ash asked, "How did it get over there?" Tracey answered, "Easy. Due to Natu's small stature, it can easily move to and fro through narrow spaces without getting caught." Looking around, Tracey realized that everyone was already chasing Natu. Tracey sweatdropped, "Don't leave me... I'm the one who has to catch that stupid thing."

Natu hopped up the stairs very quickly. Everyone else climbed the stairs at the same time and became stuck. Gary sighed, "Dammit. Is this the first time you all climbed stairs?" He wedged out from the others and chased the Natu.

At the top of the stairs was a long hallway with six doors. There were three doors each on both the left and right sides of the hallway. Natu ran into the door on the far right, which had happened to be Delia's room. Gary, slightly behind it, looked at the hallway and sighed, "I don't like where this is going." He went into the door on the front left, which was Ash's room. The other Guardians that were previously caught in the stairs all walked into different doors.

Natu then walked out of Delia's room and walked into the far left door. Tracey walked out of the same door and ran to another door leading to Dash's room. Realizing his mistake, he ran back to the door that he had just come from and peeked inside. Meanwhile, Natu ran in-between two completely different doors. Sakura followed it into Chibi's room. Brock and Dash came out of different rooms and went inside Chibi's room as well. Meanwhile, Ritchie walked into a random room, and a loud flushing noise was heard.

Natu escaped Chibi's room and walked into another random room. Sakura tried to follow it, but was held back by something. She then slapped Brock and followed Natu into the room. Natu walked from a completely different room and walked back to Ash's room. Mitsumi appeared in the door and chased to Natu towards Delia's room. Gary walked out of Ash's room and sweatdropped running into the bathroom. Another loud flushing sound was heard.

James ran out from Dash's room and crashed into a door. He then opened it and went inside. Natu passed behind him and went to another room. Ash yelled, "Aha!" and chased it out where he then bumped into Mitsumi. Mitsumi said, "I'm sorry," while Natu got away again. Delia then ran in-between two random doors. Jupei and Ki bumped into each other, then flew into separate rooms. Ash and Mitsumi confusedly ran into Dash's room and came out of Chibi's room. Ash gasped, "What the hell's going on? This isn't even possible." Tracey walked out of another door and explained, "Well, Ash. This is a rather common animation gag where all logic and consistency is thrown out." Green yelled from one of the rooms, "Well, this is getting us nowhere!" Natu hopped out of wherever he was and headed to the bathroom where another flushing sound was heard. Everyone gasped, "The bathroom!"

Everyone ran into the bathroom and saw Natu ready to drop the scepter into the toilet. Ash gasped, "Noooo!" He ran towards Natu as fast as he could. Finally, Natu jumped out of the window with the scepter. Ash breathed a sigh of relief. He then sighed, "Damn, he still has the scepter. After it!"

The Guardians rushed out of the house and followed Natu. Bigu sighed, "Finally. I didn't think that they were ever going to get out of there." Electra looked at the Guardians and said, "They look like they're getting pretty far. Here's your chance." Bigu looked at Electra and said, "Umm... thank you, I guess..." Electra brushed against her hair and said, "Just forget it." Oak watched the Guardians leave Pallet Town and thought, "Hmmm..."

Natu ran through a small path in a quick pace, but going slowly enough to allow the Guardians to catch up. After an hour of following Natu, Ash asked, "Does anyone else feel something weird about that Natu?" Misty asked, "What do you mean, Ash?" Ash said, "I could almost swear that it was trying to lead us here on purpose..." They saw Natu in the distance shouting, "Natu!"

Green felt the sun's rays and said, "Either way, it's getting really hot out here. Where are we?" She looked at the ground and saw an endless array of sand. Ash said, "We must be in the desert far west of my house." Green sighed, "How long have we been chasing that stupid Natu...? It's so hot!" Misty yelled, "Water Rod Power! Super Stream Gun!" She squirted everyone except Green with some water. Green tugged on Misty and yelled, "Hey, tomboy! Why don't you give me some of that water?" Misty snickered and splashed Green's face directly. Green passed out on the ground.

Ash sighed, "We'll never catch that Natu at this rate. Why are we even trying anymore? That Natu was obviously tempered with." Tracey asked, "You mean like with an Action Replay?" Ash asked, "What? No, I mean the Evil Guardians must have done this to us on purpose. How will we catch that Natu now if it goes too fast for us to catch it?" Pikachu couldn't stand seeing Ash like this and wanted to speak up.

Finally, Jessie and James started laughing. Ash asked, "Laughing at me again?" Jessie said, "No, twerp. We have something that may come in handy...!" She pressed a button as a rocket emerged from her backpack. James did the same. Ritchie gasped, "No way! You built in rockets inside your backpacks?!" James said, "Actually, we bought it from Acme..." Jessie smashed James's head and said, "Sure, whatever." Ash cheered, "Alright, Jessie and James! With those rockets, you can surely catch up to Natu!"

Jessie yelled, "Start it up!" Both Jessie and James turned on their rockets and sped towards Natu at a blinding speed. Natu saw Jessie and James at its tail and gasped. As James was close enough to grab the scepter, Natu stopped and quickly turned left. Wondering why it did that, both Jessie and James finally looked down and realized that they had traveled off a cliff. They both fell towards a river at the bottom of the chasm yelling, "We're splashing down again!" Natu mumbled its words, "Meep meep." Ash slapped his forehead.

Misty sweatdropped, "Clearly, we were blinded by the illusion that those two could do something competent." Mitsumi asked, "Shouldn't we help Jessie and James?" Misty said, "Bah. They'll be fine. What we should be worried about is how we'll ever get that scepter back."

Pikachu finally said, "We can do it!" Ash asked, "Pikachu?" Pikachu had an excited look on her face and said, "After Jessie and James's fall, I've realized that even we can do anything as long as we don't give up." Ash sweatdropped, "Well, that's fine and all, but what did you have in mind?" Pikachu cheered, "Just attack it!" Ash said, "But we can't even close to it." Pikachu happily said, "Who cares? As long as we're randomly attacking it, we should eventually get it."

Ash started to laugh as Pikachu said, "You can just say that you don't like my idea..." Ash shook his head and said, "No. You're right, Pikachu. I don't know what's come over me, but we'll just have to chase Natu to the ends of the earth if we need to." Misty cheered, "That's the spirit, Ash! Super Stream Gun!" Natu dodged the water shots and continued running.

Sakura, hot on its trail, yelled, "Fire Guns Power! Fiery Blast!" Brock yelled, "Rock Power! Rock Twister!" Natu ran from the twister and was greeted by Sakura's blast. Sakura cheered, "All right!" About to high-five Brock, she quickly withdrew. Gary yelled, "Dark Power! Dark Shadow!" Todd yelled, "Bug Wand Power! Super Bug Wand Illumination!" Natu couldn't see for a moment and was hit by Gary's blast.

Ash cheered, "We're finally getting to it! Psychic Scepter Power!" Nothing happened as he sweatdropped, "Oh yeah." Green said, "Don't worry, Ash. We'll pick up the slack! Dragon Power! Mega Twister Spin!" Jessie and James climbed up the cliff and transformed as well. Jessie yelled, "Icicle Cut!" Natu hopped over the icicles and sweatdropped. It then noticed Jupei and Ki in front of it. Both yelled, "Celestial Cease!" and trapped Natu in a bright ribbon.

Finally, Pikachu ran up to it and yelled, "Electric Battery Power! Big Bolt!" Natu, fried to a crisp, started to run faster than before. Pikachu gasped, "It's impossible! I just electrocuted it..." Todd said, "Perhaps, but I'd say that under harsh conditions, a Pokemon would eventually surpass its limit." Pikachu cried, "But we were so close... Now, it's just going to get faster if we attack it..."

Ash felt Pikachu's shoulders and said, "Don't give up, Pikachu. You've always pulled through for me, and I know you'll do the same now." Pikachu recalled her trials battling as a Pokemon. She thought about how Ash would lead her along with his trusting words. "Pikachu, use Agility!" popped into her mind. She then gasped, "That's it!" Ash asked, "What's it?" Pikachu said, "As a Pikachu, I should be naturally fast, right? So all I really need is a good zap to my system..." Ash smiled and said to Pikachu, "Okay, buddy. I trust you."

Pikachu then yelled, "Speed Increase!" Feeling a shock to her system, she started running at lightning speeds. The sand beneath her created a large dust storm that caused everyone to cough. Green gasped, "That woman is really going fast."

Natu saw Pikachu behind him and continued running. Pikachu, now running fast enough to outrun Natu, jumped towards Natu and grabbed him. Pikachu laughed, "Ha ha! Got you!" Natu continued running while carrying Pikachu. Pikachu gasped, "Oh no! It's still moving... and I can't focus my energy to deliver an attack at the moment."

Suddenly, Natu was electrocuted by an unknown force. Pikachu used this chance to pin Natu to the ground. She threw the scepter at Ash, who had just caught up with them. Ash caught it and cheered, "Great job, Pikachu! You really impressed me with your strong shock to Natu's body." Pikachu stuttered, "B-but..."

Ash yelled, "Psychic Scepter Power! Great Psychic Ball!" Tracey yelled, "Great Flying Ball!" "Combine!!" The extremely quick Natu was finally captured inside the combined ball. Ash breathed a sigh of relief and said to Pikachu, "That was great!" Pikachu sighed, "But that's the thing... I didn't do anything..." Ash said, "But the electric shock." Pikachu said, "That wasn't me..." Ash gasped, "But then..."

Standing in front of the three Guardians were three glowing figures. Ash gasped, "There's something familiar about them..." The figures roared and escaped as if they were in a hurry. Ash gasped, "No way! Those are the Legendary Dogs!" Misty asked, "The Legendary Dogs?!" Tracey said, "Of course. The Legendary Dogs... You must mean Entei, Raikou, and Suicune."

Ash nodded and said, "But what were they doing here?" Dialing Oak's button on his Seeker, he finally asked, "Professor Oak! I have a question to ask you." Professor Oak looked around and finally said, "Ask away..." Ash said, "It's about the Legendary Dogs. We think we may have seen them." Oak asked, "You don't truly mean the Legendary Dogs?!"

Meanwhile, back in Pallet Town, Delia had wondered where everyone was off to in a hurry. Her doorbell then rang as she answered it. She found a little girl in a beautiful pink dress and asked, "Hello. May I help you?" Bigu, who was wearing the dress, said, "Yes, in more ways than one..." Delia smiled and said, "Hey, you're cute." Bigu smiled and said, "Thank you!" And with that, Delia let Bigu inside the house.

"The Legendary Dogs," explained Oak, "are very rare to come by. They are usually found randomly traveling throughout Johto." Ash gasped, "Johto? Where in the hell are we right now?!" Brock looked around and said, "I dunno. This place feels familiar. Argh! Anything before we met Sakura feels like a blur to me!" Sakura facefaulted.

Tracey gasped, "Before Sakura?" He took a good look around and said, "I'm fairly certain we're in Violet City! See? There's Earl's Pokemon Academy." Sakura asked, "The Violet City in Johto?!" Gary sighed, "We must have been chasing that Natu for so long that we've lost track of where we were." Dash sighed, "Man, that means that we must be pretty far from home." Ash asked, "So anyway, if we hang around Johto, are you saying that we'll eventually find the Legendary Dogs?"

Oak nodded and said, "Yes, you will probably sense them from a good distance away. They just have to be in the general area. But be warned, they are very strong, you know." Misty asked, "So what are your plans, Ash?" Pikachu added, "Because we're behind you one hundred percent." Gary mumbled, "You know what's coming..." Ash finally cheered, "All right, guys! We're going to find those Legendary Dogs, wherever in Johto they may be! Let's go!"



Preview of Next Episode:

Sakura: So we're on the road again?

Tracey: Why? Is that a problem?

Sakura: As long as I'm with you, nothing's a problem.

Todd: You know, none of what you talk about is ever relevant to the next episode.

Sakura: That's what the title preview is for.

Tracey: Guardians of Pokemon #92: Give a Hoothoot.


Author's Notes: For those of you who do infact remember the first couple of episodes in the series, their adventure did start off in Johto and left off at Violet City before the plot twist. In a way, this next episode starts where the first adventure left off and continues it, with more Guardians, of course.

Now for questions... Dragon and Sword Master... About the ice pun from two episodes ago, I don't really know which one you're talking about so I'll tackle what I thought you meant. If you mean where Misty said "cool" and referred to Jessie's weapon, then that's just obviously a stupid pun that anyone could come up with where not only is the weapon cool, it also makes things cooler. This also kind of relates to a pun where the Ice Guardian's weapon is a fan, which obviously makes things colder, just as someone with the powers of Ice should be able to do.

As for questioning if so-and-so Pokemon was captured or not, I do have a list of captured Pokemon on my bio page which I kind of wonder if anyone has noticed. Short answer: Meowth was caught.

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