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Seventeen legendary guardians possessing powers far beyond comprehension will soon arise and protect the world from a deadly force...


As the Guardians continued their search to find and capture Pokemon especially the three Legendary Dogs, the gym leader Falkner had given them advice to visit Sprout Tower and meet the sages who dwelled there, for they would surely be helpful in their search. Tracey took a good look at the tall tower in the center of Violet City and said, "I've always wanted to visit Sprout Tower." Chibi asked, "What's so good about this place, Tracey? It just seems as important as every other boring place we've been to." Tracey replied, "You'll see once you get there, Chibi." Entering Sprout Tower, everyone was greeted by a large pillar in the center that wiggled back and forth.


Both Chibi and Pikachu stared obediently at the pillar swung back and forth as if they were hypnotized. Dash watched them and sweatdropped, "Come on, you guys. This isn't all that interesting..." He started to watch the pillar and followed it as well. Todd took a picture of the pillar, but no information came up. "Huh?" he thought.

Chibi said, "You were right! This is amazing! But why does the pillar move like that." Tracey sweatdropped, "Uhn... You see... The pillar moves because of..."

Tracey was interrupted by the voice of an old man in another room. "A Bellsprout!" His voice was followed by steady laughter. Misty asked, "What do you think is going on?" They peered into the other room and saw an old man standing in front of a group of elders standing behind podiums. A young woman was also watching from the opposite side of the room.

An old man in the council laughed, "Ha ha, you must be joking, Li. I know you can't be serious." The single old man retorted, "I am being completely serious. Why would I lie about something like this?" "I'm sorry, but your whole idea that there's a giant Bellsprout in the tower is preposterous."

Li, the old man, yelled, "But that is a logical explanation to why that pillar in the center shakes like that. The pillar is actually concealing a hidden Bellsprout." An old man in the council interrupted, "I'm sure I don't have to explain this to you, but Bellsprout are never that big in size. The pillar of Sprout Tower is much too huge for the largest Bellsprout to be hidden inside of it." Another old man added, "Besides, I don't suppose you have any proof."

Li answered, "Voices..." "Pardon?" Li explained, "I heard voices from the pillar. It was the voice of a sad Bellsprout. Bellsprout. Bellsprout. That's how it went." The council of elders broke into laughter as Li stammered, "B-b-but..." An elder said, "We were wrong to ever induct you as a sage here at Sprout Tower." Tracey, still watching, said, "So they're the sages..."

The young woman who was also watching ran into the room ran into the room and defended Li, "Shut up! Shut up! All of you!" The elders got angry at the woman as Li said, "Calm down, Vina. I don't want you to get in trouble." The woman screamed, "But Grandpa! These people are doing nothing but mock you!" An elder in the council asked, "And do you actually believe this senile man, young woman?" The young woman answered, "I have no reason not to, especially since you have no proof yourself that this Bellsprout doesn't exist." "Why you! Leave immediately, and bring your old grandfather with you!" Vina said, "Fine, like we need to stay with you dumbasses any longer! Let's go, grandpa!"

Li and Vina left the room of laughing elders and bumped into the Guardians. Vina asked, "Who are you?" Brock held her hand and asked, "Don't you remember me? Your long-lost lover?" Vina asked, "What?!" Sakura pulled him away and said, "Just ignore him, okay?" Brock yelled, "But Miss Woman!" Vina snickered, "The name's Vina, by the way."

Tracey said, "My name's Tracey. Excuse my intruding, but I couldn't help but notice that you were talking about that pillar in the middle of the tower." Li said, "Why yes, the pillar of Sprout Tower." Vina said, "My grandfather claims that a giant Bellsprout lives inside of that pillar. Pretty stupid, huh?" Misty said, "Wait, I thought you just said that it was possible for that to happen." Vina laughed, "Ha. I don't really believe that mumbo jumbo. I just said that to defend my grandfather."

Ash rose his voice at her, "Hey! That's not right." Li said, "That's alright. You don't have to scream at her. I wouldn't have expected anyone to believe my theory that a Bellsprout lies dormant in the pillar. In fact, I don't really care too much about it. As long as I know in my heart that there is a Bellsprout there." Tracey asked, "But if you don't care, then why are you causing so much trouble to the council of sages?"

"They're threatening to destroy the pillar!" yelled Li angrily. "What?!" yelled Chibi. "It's true. Apparently, the swinging pillar is scaring off tons of tourists, and the other sages don't want that happening. They plan to replace the swinging pillar with a completely stable pillar, one that isn't so annoying. However, once the pillar is destroyed, I'm sure the Bellsprout will be as well. As a sage of Sprout Tower, I truly love the Bellsprout and would never to see one of them suffer such a fate. However, since the other sages don't believe me, there's nothing I can do about it."

"No!" screamed Chibi, "They can't destroy the pillar! Mister Sage, we have to stop them!" Mitsumi giggled, "Hee hee, Chibi, you really do enjoy the pillar, don't you?" Chibi smiled back at Mitsumi. Tracey then said, "I agree with Chibi." Chibi became starry eyed, "Really?" "Yes. Let's make sure they don't destroy that pillar."

Vina sighed, "And how would you do that? They already laughed at him before. What makes you think that the sages will believe him now?" Tracey replied, "Simple. We just have to prove that the giant Bellsprout exists." Sakura gasped, "Tracey! How could you prove something like that?! If you ask me, that sounds like something an overly optimistic person like Ash would say." Ash sweatdropped, "What was that you just said?"

Tracey stared at the pillar and thought, "Hmmm... What should I do? I'm out of ideas." Everyone facefaulted. Sakura yelled, "Tracey!" James then said, "Let's solve things the old-fashioned way. By destroying it! Steel Power!" Jessie held him back and shouted, "James! I think that's what we're trying to prevent!" "Oh..."

Tracey clapped his hands together and said, "I got it! Sage Li, you mentioned something about hearing the Bellsprout's voice in the pillar, am I correct?" Li answered, "Why yes." Tracey snickered, "So then, why don't you just make the Bellsprout speak in front of the council? I can't believe you never thought of this before."

Li said, "Oh, that could work. However, the giant Bellsprout only talks to me." Everyone facefaulted. Misty sweatdropped, "You know, I'm beginning to doubt your theory too."

Li sighed, "I'm sorry, everyone. Maybe I am getting senile. I mean, a giant Bellsprout living within the pillar of Sprout Tower. What was I thinking?"

Chibi suddenly spoke up, "I believe you!" Li looked at Chibi with confusion. Chibi continued, "And it's not just because the pillar is so pretty either. It's because everyone should believe in something important to them. I know, beacuse I have a belief in my heart that something special will happen eventually..." As she said this, she stared at Tracey who then gulped. Chibi continued, "Besides, stranger things have happened. What's the difference between that and the giant Bellsprout?"

Dash said, "How corny, Chibi. How does that help us at all?" Chibi yelled, "Hey, shut up, big brother!" Li shook his head and said, "No, the little girl is right. I shouldn't give up my theory that the giant Bellsprout is in the pillar. I know that the giant Bellsprout truly exists." He looked at Chibi and said, "Little one, please tell me your name." Chibi said, "It's Chibi." Li smiled at her and said, "Chibi, you remind of me of a girl I used to know. One who had a vivid imagination and would believe anything she was told. The thing about her though was that because of this, she had such high optimism in knowing that so and so was truly real." He glanced at Vina for a second, who then gulped and looked away. Chibi had a confused look on her face and asked, "Are you saying I'm stupid?"

Li shook his head, "No, of course not. In the meantime, we should get to proving that the Bellsprout exists." Green muttered, "Umm... you mean before those guys get here...?" She pointed to the council of sages who were followed by several men with chainsaws. One of them asked, "What is it that you wanted us to cut down?" One of the sages pointed to the moving pillar as the man thought, "Oh right. Eeew... What kind of pillar moves like that?"

Vina gasped, "Lumberjacks?" Mitsumi smiled and said, "They do not wish to completely destroy Sprout Tower. Merely the pillar will do." Li yelled at the council, "You can't do this!" A sage laughed, "Why? Because we'll harm your 'giant' Bellsprout? Ha ha ha." The other sages laughed along with him. Li, Vina, and the Guardians looked at them with disgust.

The lumberjacks walked slowly towards the moving pillar with their chainsaws in hand. Li gasped, "You can't." Suddenly, James ran up to them and yelled, "Mega Metallize! Steel Sword Slash!" Jessie gasped, "James!"

James, who had become metallic, had a sword emerge from his metal hands. The lumberjacks were confused and continued towards the pililar. James yelled again, "Steel Sword Slash!" A lumberjack used his chainsaw to chop off James's sword. As the chainsaw hit James's sword, it melted off his hand and fell to the floor. James sweatdropped and asked, "Can I have some help?" Katana shook her head and purred, "Didn't you see what that guy just did to your sword. I couldn't let anything happen to my katana." James sweatdropped as the lumberjacks pushed him out of the way.

Just before the lumberjacks could attack the pillar, Vina jumped in front of them. The lumberjack flinched and screamed, "Holy crap, lady! Don't ever do that again! You could have gotten hurt!" Vina yelled, "I knew I wouldn't! I believe in my grandfather! If he says that there's a giant Bellsprout inside of that moving pillar, then I believe him!" Li gasped, "Vina! What are you doing?" Vina said, "You said that I was once an optimist who had hopes in believing anything. Well, I believe that there is a Bellsprout in there! And that's why you can't destroy this pillar!"

A sage yelled, "Foolish girl! Just continue cutting down the pillar!" A lumberjack complained, "But the girl..." The sage yelled, "Forget about her!" The lumberjacks revved up their chainsaws as Vina gasped.

"Grass Rose Power! Petal Pelt!" Chibi yelled from behind the pillar and secretly attacked the lumberjacks with a barrage of petals. The lumberjacks felt the petals and screamed, "What's going on?!" Chibi, still behind the pillar, said, "I am the Bellsprout who guards Sprout Tower! Leave at once before I invoke my wrath! Ummm... Roar."

The lumberjacks cowered in fear. "Please don't hurt me, oh mighty Bellsprout!" The sages sweatdropped, "Are we to believe that a Bellsprout is speaking in human language?" He walked behind the moving pillar and found Chibi behind it. He grabbed her by her shirt and said, "It is merely a kid."

Chibi struggled to escape and cried, "Let me go! You can't destroy the pillar!" The lumberjacks yelled, "Watch us!" The lumberjacks were once again interrupted by James, who had yelled, "Steel Sword Slash!" A lumberjack yelled at him, "Won't you learn!" He cut up James's sword with his chainsaw and said, "There! Now leave, you freak show!"

James yelled, "Steel Saw Chop!" Emerging from James's metal hands was a large metal saw. He struck the chainsaw with a single chop causing it to fall from the lumberjack's hands. The other lumberjacks quickly dropped their chainsaws and gasped. James laughed, "Ha ha hoo ha ha! Now I have the only saw! Steel Saw Chop!" James began to extend his saw. Jessie gasped, "James! You don't have to do that anymore! They don't have any weapons!"

James tried to stop the saw in his hand. However, the force of the swing caused him to trip backwards near the pillar. Finally, after a single chop, he had struck the moving pillar in the tower. James gasped, "Uh-oh..."

As the saw went through the pillar, Jessie screamed at him, "You idiot! Do you realize what you just did?!" A voice was heard throughout the tower, "Bell..." Vina gasped, "Bell?" Li said, "The Bellsprout... It has awakened."

All of a sudden, the pillar began to change shape. It began to resemble a large plantlike creature with a yellow head. The council of sages gasped in unison, "The giant Bellsprout?!" It then screamed, "Bell!" The place started to rumble. Misty gasped, "What's happening now?"

Bellsprout stood still and screamed, "Sprout!" Sprout Tower's walls and floor started to wiggle back and forth bringing everyone along with it. Everyone bounced around into each other. Sakura yelled, "We have to... stop this... thing! Ouch!" She bumped into Tracey, who then said, "Well, you're the Fire Guardian, so do something about it."

Sakura said, "Right! Fire Guns Power! Super Fire Guns Lasers Shoot!" As she bounced around, she shot multiple bullets from her guns. All the shots missed Bellsprout's thin, albeit large, body. Tracey gasped, "Sakura..." Sakura sighed, "I'm working on it, Tracey! Fiery Blast!" She forced a large flame towards Bellsprout. However, the flame missed it completely.

Sakura gasped, "My aim is so off today..." Looking downwards, she remembered how much the floor and walls were carrying her along. She thought, "That's right. As long as I'm being forced to move so much, my aim will be off no matter how still the Bellsprout stands."

Chibi yelled, "I'll handle this Bellsprout! After all, I worked this hard to help it! Grass Rose Power! Super Grass Rose Thorns!" The rose in her hand extended until it hit Bellsprout's leaves. Sakura cheered, "Alright, Chibi! Direct hit!" Suddenly, Bellsprout returned the thorns by swinging its leaves towards them. Chibi stared at it with wide eyes. Tracey said, "My turn! Flying Wing Power! Super Flying Wing Feathers!" Several wings flew towards Bellsprout but it blew them all away with its giant leaves.

Tracey sighed, "We need to stop Sprout Tower from wiggling so much if we want to improve Sakura's aim." Dash said sarcastically, "Yeah, thanks a lot, Sakura." Sakura yelled, "Be quiet! Hmmm... What could be causing the tower to move like that..." She stared at the Bellsprout's roots and said, "Of course! Jessie! Use your ice powers to freeze the Bellsprout's roots."

Jessie asked, "Why?" Sakura sweatdropped, "What do you mean 'why'? Isn't it obvious that its roots are extending outside the tower shaking it up as if it were some toy?" Jessie shook her head and said, "No, but I'll do it anyway. Ice Fan Power! Icy Freeze!" Aiming for the Bellsprout's root, the moving tower caused her to miss completely and hit one of the lumberjacks. He instantly froze.

Chibi cheered, "Yay! Now he won't cut up the moving pillar! Wait... that would have worked better a while ago when we were actually trying to stop them." Sakura said, "Jessie, I know it's hard to aim while the floor and walls are moving, but..." She was frozen by Jessie's attack. Jessie sweatdropped, "Uhh... oops..."

Dash sighed, "Screw that. That's not getting us anywhere. Ground Power! Mega Earthquake..." Ash screamed, "Wait!" Dash asked, "What's up, bro?"

Throughout the tower, the sound of a laughing man could be heard. Standing on the top floor was a weird man in a cape. Ash gasped, "Wait! You're the same person who was in Falkner's gym earlier!" The man snickered and started to ring a bell.

Dash asked, "What's that?" Tracey said, "I believe it's some sort of deux ex machina." Dash sighed, "No, I mean in his hand." Ash said, "I think it's a bell." The bell rang multiple times, but nothing happened. Grunting, he jumped off the tower and ran off disappointed. Dash sighed, "Damn, we should have asked him to take us along."

Ash thought, "But I don't get it... What was the point of ringing that bell?" Suddenly, a harsh wind blew from outside the tower. Ash gasped, "When did it get so cold?" Everyone looked at Bellsprout and noticed that its roots were slowly becoming frozen from bottom to top.

Li gasped, "The Bellsprout froze!" Once the Bellsprout's roots were completely frozen, everyone noticed a weird silhouette on the top floor. It then jumped off the tower without being completely seen. Ash gasped, "Was that... what I thought it was...?"

Tracey then said, "All right, Sakura! Now that the tower's not moving, you can probably attack it." He looked at the frozen Sakura and pushed her towards a wall. The ice broke as Sakura asked, "Huh?" She shivered and yelled, "Fiery Blast!" The Bellsprout started to burn.

Li saw this and said, "Bellsprout! Take care!" Chibi yelled, "Great Grass Ball!" The Bellsprout was finally captured inside the ball. Meanwhile, Ritchie sweatdropped, "Err..."

Suddenly, the tower started to rumble again as everyone gasped. Dash sighed, "What now?" Tracey said, "Apparently, that Bellsprout was the thing that was mostly holding up the tower." Sakura gasped, "So without it..." Tracey yelled, "It's going to collapse! Everyone evacuate!"

Everyone headed for the exits before the tower could fall over. Watching Sprout Tower fall, Li and the other sages looked down in disappointment. Chibi gasped, "Oh no! It's all my fault that it's falling down! I took down the moving pillar!" Tracey said to Chibi, "Don't worry too much about it. We needed that Bellsprout."

Chibi cried, "No! Of all the Bellsprouts, why did I have to catch such an important one...? Now Sprout Tower will fall because of me." She cried on a leftover root from Bellsprout.

Suddenly, the tower stopped rumbling as everyone gasped. Li ran inside and said, "It's unbelievable! Come here quickly!" Everyone ran inside Sprout Tower and found a giant moving pillar where the old Bellsprout once stood. Vina gasped, "Another giant Bellsprout? I don't believe it..." She then stared at her grandfather and said, "But on second thought, I will..."

Tracey looked at Chibi, who was still on the floor, and asked, "Chibi?" He noticed a small glow from Chibi's body and said, "It couldn't be..."

Later, in the council meeting room, the other sages apologized to sage Li. "We're sorry for ever doubting you. It appears that in this age of science, even otherworldly things may happen." Li said, "Thanks, but I owe a bunch of this credit to my granddaughter, Vina." Vina blushed and said, "But why? I didn't do anything." Li whispered in her ears, "Soon, when I die, they will need a new sage. And someone who believes in the impossible like you would be perfect as one." Vina gasped, "Do you really think so?" Li said, "I'm a sage. What do you think?" Brock then said, "Speaking of believing in the impossible..." Vina sweatdropped, "Sorry, what you're asking for is really impossible..." Brock sighed.

Li then met with Ash again and said, "I am to understand that you are hunting down the Legendary Dogs?" Ash nodded and said, "Yes, it's crucial that we find all three of them. That's why I came to a sage like you for advice." Li said, "Ah, that's right. Raikou, Entei, and Suicune... Those creatures are very rare to come upon. You're lucky you were able to see any of them up close..."

Ash sighed, "Yes, but is there anyway we could find them any more quickly? We're in a bit of a rush?" Li nodded and said, "There is a way, but that would require you to obtain special bells." Ash asked, "Bells?" Li said, "I believe you saw one today, in the hands of that strange man." Ash gasped, "You mean he was trying to summon a Legendary Dog?" Li said, "Yes. However, he left too prematurely. Otherwise, he would have noticed the dog he had summoned."

Ash said, "Please, you have to tell me where these bells are." Li said, "The Clear Bells are tough to come across. Even if you had them, you'd have to ring them from a high area such as this tower." Ash said, "I don't care. We need those dogs!" Li laughed, "You are very determined. I like that. I'd recommend heading to Tin Tower in Ecruteak City if you want any more information." Ash asked, "Tin Tower? Okay, sage Li! Thanks for your help!" Ash thought to himself in excitement, "All right, Legendary Dogs! We're gonna get you for sure!"



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Chibi: Actually, I think it's this crazy thing's fault. Won't it learn when to quit?

Sakura: Guardians of Pokemon #94: All the Rage.


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