Legacy: 15 years after 'It Ends'

The Players

Anne Jun'ai Stoppable: Daughter of Ron and Yori. She belongs to me

Dean Sullivan: The new boy in Middleton. Him too

Sheila Sullivan: Dean's Mother. So does she. For now.

Kim Possible: Anne's 'Aunt' Single and teaching 3rd grade. Disney owns her

Nana Stoppable: Carolyn Stoppable, Ron's mother. Disney here too

Middleton School

The morning announcements that came over the intercom ended with, "Anne Stoppable report to the Principal's office immediately, please and thank you." Anne closed her locker and headed down the hall. When she entered the office the secretary waved her into the main office. She saw Mr. Barkin at his desk going over some forms, and a young brown haired boy sitting - absently tapping his thumbs on a stack of books in his lap.

"Sullivan!" Dean snapped out of his daze and looked at Mr. Barkin. "This is Anne Stoppable, she is going to be your guide for the day, show you around school and what not." He waved his hand. "Now get out of my office."

"Hi. I'm Dean, Dean Sullivan." As he stood to greet her he dropped his books, after he picked them up Anne suggested a trip to his locker to lighten his load.

"It should be right next to mine." She said with a smile. She was immediately crushing on him. The way his green eyes looked like they were on fire made her heart melt when she looked at him. It turned out that they had all of their pre-lunch classes together, with the exception of 5th period. He had Band and she had Cheer practice. "Meet me at lunch Dean; I'll introduce you to some of my friends." She told him as she turned to head to the Gym.


Dean walked into the cafeteria and looked around for Anne. She waved him over to her table, and introduced him. "This is Dean Sullivan." He gave a little wave. "Dean this is Eric, Rachel, Andy and Paula." He sat down next to Anne and they all began to eat and talk. Anne pointed out the other tables - The Senior table, Jock table, Geek table, Math club, etcetera.

"This is all very new to me, I was home schooled and had a private tutor before Mom and I moved to Middleton."

Paula was intrigued by this. "Where did you live before you came to Middleton?"

Dean went on to explain. "We lived in Egypt the last 4 years, and before that in the Philippines."

"So you were born in the Philippines?" asked Andy.

"No, I was born in Prague actually, but we moved just after I was born." Dean picked up their empty trays, "Let me get rid of these for you guys." He started to walk over to the tray drop off.

Rachel leaned over to Anne, "Exotic, cute and very nice, what a find."

Paula added "He's got a nice ass too."

Anne blushed, admitting that, "yes he certainly does."


"Thanks for walking home with me Dean, and for insisting on carrying my books." He handed her book bag to her. "No problem, my house is just a few more blocks this way." He said as he pointed his hand up the street. "Can I walk you to school tomorrow?"

"Sure, meet me here at 7." She smiled at him and he smiled back, although somewhat meekly. She was the first girl he had ever really been close to. He agreed and started to walk home, an extra bounce in his step. He thought, 'my first day and I already made friends, and Anne…she's great.' He hurried home to share the news with his mom.

"Mom I'm home." He called out as he entered the door, he dropped his bag and hung his jacket on its hook.

"In the kitchen honey." His mom poked her head out around the corner. "How was your first day at school?" Dean told her all about it, he made a friend 'Anne' and met a lot of nice people. Classes were great too. Fun and not too hard not too easy.

Anne was on the phone with her Aunt Kim "Dean" "Yes he is so cool, I really like him. You just have to meet him." "I'll call you back after I ask him, let's say Bueno Nacho at 6?" "Ok cool bye."

"Dean there's a call for you, its Anne." Dean smiled as he picked up the phone in his room. "I got it mom."

"Hello?" "Sure, Bueno Nacho? I suppose, I've never eaten at one before." "Ok cool, bye." Dean ran downstairs and talked with his mom. "Hey mom. Anne asked me to meet her and her aunt at Bueno Nacho, is it ok if I go?"

"Of course it's ok. Why don't you take your bike?" Sheila wasn't about to stop him from having fun with his new friend.

Dean gave her a hug. "Thanks Mom, you rock."

Bueno Nacho

Dean pulled his bike into a parking space directly in front of the Bueno Nacho, careful as he went through the routine of shutting it off and locking the handlebars. He removed his helmet as he walked into the restaurant.

Anne waved him over to her booth, "Nice bike."

Facing away from Dean was a red headed woman. "Dean this is Kim, Kim this is Dean."

Kim turned slightly to look at him a smile on her face. Dean extended his hand "Hello Ms. Stoppable."

Dean instantly noticed the change in her eyes, a slight sadness. He thought 'great I've been here all of 5 seconds and I already screwed up.'

She saw the look on Dean's face as he turned. "I should go - I'm sorry."

Kim grabbed his wrist "No, Dean it's ok - stay." They sat together and Kim related a brief story of Ron Stoppable and Kim Possible.

"And this is a 'Naco' you called it?" Dean examined the food in his hand before he took a bite. "Not bad," another bite. Soon it and the other one he had on his plate were gone. "That was delicious." He started to slide out of the booth. "I'm going to get some more, you two want any?" The two girls declined his offer of more food.

He returned with an armful of food, Kim and Anne shared a look and a laugh. Dean thanked them both for inviting him. "Would you like to meet my Mom? We could get together this weekend and have a cookout. My mom is a great cook."

Kim and Anne discussed the idea for a few seconds and agreed. "Sure if it's ok with her."

"I had a great time Anne, nice to meet you Ms. Possible."

"Call me Kim." She said as she gave him a small hug

"Ok Ms. Poss…Kim."

As they watched him speed away on his bike Kim said. "He certainly is nice Anne. But there is something about him I can't quite place."

"He can eat the Naco like my Dad, from what you and Nana have told me." Kim laughed remembering time Ron ate 39 Nacos at one sitting, so he could get on the 'wall of fame'.

The Next Day

"She said yes. She is really anxious to meet you, Kim and your Grandmother." Dean's smile betrayed just how excited he was to have Anne coming over.

Saturday Afternoon

Sheila was in the backyard cooking, a table with 5 chairs was set up under a canopy. The backyard pool and Jacuzzi were both filled and ready for use. "Mom. Anne and Kim will be here soon. I'm going to go up and get changed ok?"

"Ok Dean." His mother called to him from her post at the grill.

Dean headed upstairs to his room. "I should probably pick up a bit." Although his room was impeccably clean, he decided to dust his guitars, and then moved a stack of notebooks and magazines onto the bookcase. "Hmm. What to wear?" He flipped through the racks of clothes before settling on a pair of loose fitting khaki shorts and an 'LA KINGS' hockey jersey. He placed the clothing on his bed before he hopped into the shower. He stepped out and toweled off, checking his face in the mirror. He went to his dresser and grabbed a pair of boxers, with a smiley face pattern, and pulled them on. He was just finishing getting dressed when the doorbell rang. "I got it mom!" He ran downstairs and opened the front door. "Anne, Kim, Mrs. Stoppable. Please come in, mom is just out back." They entered and followed him thru the house, which was tastefully decorated with a mix of East Asian and Middle Eastern art.

"Mom, they're here." Dean waved to his mother, who was engaged in basting a rack of ribs. She set the brush on a plate and turned to greet their guests.

"Hello. I'm Sheila, Sheila Sullivan" She was wearing a cotton sundress, with a rather large hat and sunglasses. She had a large oven mitt on her left hand. She removed the mitt and said. "You must be Anne." As she made her way toward Anne and gave her a handshake and small hug.

"This is my Grandma, Carolyn Stoppable. But you can call her Nana." Sheila blinked once and quickly said hello, once again with a handshake and hug. "And this is my 'Aunt' Kim Possible." Kim turned from admiring the exotic statues on the Mediterranean themed patio to greet Sheila. She did a slight double take, the woman looked very familiar to her.

Sheila quickly moved to greet Kim. "Hello I've heard so much about you, it's a real pleasure to meet The Kim Possible. Dean why didn't you tell me you knew her?"

Dean shrugged his shoulders. "The Kim Possible? What do you mean?"

Kim hurriedly explained. "That's all in the past Ms. Sullivan. I'm just plain Kim Possible now."

"Well the food is ready so we can eat now, and talk later." They sat around the table with Dean flanked by Nana and Kim, and Sheila by Nana and Anne. They ate the feast prepared by Ms. Sullivan. "It's so seldom I cook for anyone but Dean and myself that I wanted to go all out." They loved the main course and Nana asked about it. "The recipe for that I picked up in Manila, a man had a stand in the local market and I just had to get the recipe from him, it took a few years of trying but I finally got it."

After dinner Dean asked if Anne would like to see his room. Nana and Kim shared a glance but Sheila said, "Dean is a gentleman, he knows how behave himself around women, I taught him respect." Nana gave her blessing and Dean led Anne into the house.

She whispered to him. "You should remember to close your blinds the next time you're walking around undressed." He blushed and she giggled. Soon the sounds of a guitar being played could be heard.

Kim and Shelia began to clear the table while Nana sat near the pool listening to the music coming from Dean's window. As the women entered the kitchen Kim asked. "I don't mean to sound rude but have we met before? You seem very familiar to me."

"Have you been to Egypt or the Philippines in the last 15 years?"


"Then I can say that we haven't met." Kim was somewhat taken aback by this answer but decided not to pursue it further.

"You can just leave the plates in the sink. Dean will wash them later."

Kim thought, 'Dean certainly is well behaved, I never did dishes when I was his age unless I was forced.' It was then that she noticed a small straight scar on Sheila's left hand and asked absent-mindedly, "What's that?" pointing at the scar with her finger.

"Oh that." Shelia ran a finger over the thin ridge of skin. "It's just a little gift from Dean's father. We had a rocky point in our relationship, but we got through it."

Kim asked, "Did you divorce him?"

Sheila explained quite matter-of-factly. "We were never married, just lovers."

"Can I ask where Dean's father is now?"

"Oh he left us shortly after Dean was conceived. I don't know where he is. Truth be told, I haven't even looked for him." She quickly changed the subject. "What about Anne? Where are her parents?"

Kim told her about how Yori, her mother, was killed a few months after Anne was born, and how her father Ron Stoppable. "Well h-he…died a few months after that…" her voice trailed off as she began to cry. Sheila led her over to a sofa and they sat down.

"Anne's mother, Yori was killed? Can I ask how or…"

"She was a student at a school in Japan, Ron met her there and…fell in love with her. She was killed when 'MonkeyFist' came to the school looking to steal an ancient artifact." Kim talked through her tears.

"And what happened to this 'MonkeyFist'? Is he in jail?" Sheila placed her arm over Kim's shoulder in a half hug.

"No. When he killed Yori…Ron snapped…attacked him and left him comatose, paralyzed. He died in his sleep the same week that Ron died."

"How did Ron die?"

"H-he d-di-died to s-save me." Kim said weeping heavily.

"Oh. I'm so sorry. If I had known how tragic and hurtful it was for you. I shouldn't have put you through this." She offered Kim a handful of tissue to dry her eyes.

"No it's ok. It feels good to remember how much he meant to me, and me to him." She dabbed her eyes some more and turned to Sheila. "Now, why don't you tell me some more about yourself Ms. Sullivan."

"Oh Kim, call me Sheila." She said with a small wave of her hand. "Well I really don't know where to begin. I spend most of my time now taking care of Dean. I used to teach a bit before I had him, but that was a long time ago. I haven't had to work since I received my inheritance."

"What brought you to Middleton?" Kim asked.

"I decided that Dean needed to expand his horizons. This seemed like the perfect place for it- great schools and good people. And of course there was the fact that you were here too."

Kim looked shocked, "Me?"

"Yes. Dean is a very special boy and I thought that he could benefit from your experience. If you are willing to teach him - I could make it well worthwhile for you."

"I don't know what I could teach him, I mean I teach the Third grade."

"Not school teaching, your other skills. The ones that made you such a great heroine."

Kim's face hardened a bit at hearing that word. "I was no heroine - heroines save the boy. Besides I already have a student. Anne."

"Really? Well she does seem the type."

Dean and Anne came back down the stairs. "Hey Kim and mom. Let's go outside and enjoy the sunset." As they walked outside Anne elbowed Dean. "Mom is it ok with you if Anne comes over to use the Jacuzzi sometimes?" Sheila looked to Nana for guidance on this question; Nana said nothing just nodded her head. "It's fine with me."

Later in the evening after Anne and company left. "Dean I want to talk to you."

He turned from washing the dishes, a sponge in his hand. "What about mom?"

"You and Anne, are friends right?"

The tone of her voice on 'friends' was obvious to him. "Yes mom, we're friends."

She could hear the half mocking tone in his voice, knowing he got that from her. "Anything more than that?"

She was serious he could tell. "No, Mom we are just friends."

"Good please keep it that way." She saw the 'why?' in his eyes and added. "Because I asked you too, and I love you."

"Ok mom."


"Kim long time no hear, what's up?" Wade asked from the window on her computer screen.

"Hey Wade, I need a favor. I need you to get me anything you can find on a Sheila Sullivan. She spent the last 4 years in Egypt and before that she was in the Philippines."

"Hmm. It's going to take me a while to track anything down beyond what is in public databases. A lot of those records aren't computerized, and most of our old contacts are out of the business."

"Anything you can find will help Wade. I swear I know her but just can't place her." Wade knew enough not to bother and try to talk her out of this.

"Give me at least a week, maybe longer. We're talking needle in a haystack here."


Dean led Anne around the floor dancing with her, their first dance at school and she had asked him to go with her. "Are you coming over after the dance? We're having a little party at my house. My mom even said we could use the pool." They left the dance and piled into Eric's already crowded car. Anne and her friends could hardly believe the spread that they saw before them when they entered the backyard. A dance floor and refreshment table that was at least as big as what the dance had. "You even have a DJ?"

"Mom tends to overdo things a bit." Dean was obviously embarrassed at the display of wealth his mother showed.

Anne hugged him and said "Well I think it's sweet that she cares so much about you." Everyone else agreed and the night went well, with people swimming and dancing. It was nearing midnight and everyone had to leave by then 'nothing good happens after midnight' as his mom had put it. As the last car pulled away filled with waving happy kids, Dean smiled, thinking 'I did good tonight, everyone had fun and no one got hurt.'

"Earth to Dean" Anne poked him "I'm going to start cleaning up this mess" she pointed to the cups and plates piled on around and under the tables. He followed her lead and began to pick up empty cups. As they were finishing up a great song came on the stereo - the slow version of 'nobody like you to me' by Harry Connick, Jr. He took her hand and they began to dance a slow dance.

Shelia watched through the window for a moment then stepped out. "Dean the party is over. So break it up you two." She said as she waved her finger in their general direction.

"Sorry mom." "Sorry Ms. Sullivan."

"Dean make sure Anne gets home safe and then come straight back, you can visit her tomorrow or later today or whatever." Dean and Anne headed out the door to his bike, he drove her back to her house even though it was only a few blocks away, and they often just walked. "I had a wonderful time tonight Dean. Call me when you get up ok?"

She gave him a kiss on the cheek and he asked. "You want to go for a ride tomorrow?"

"We'll see if I can." He turned his bike and headed toward home.

His mom was waiting for him at the door from the garage. "Dean remember what I told you about you and Anne. Just friends."

"Yes mom."

She could hear the 'what difference is it to you' in his voice, and it worried her. "Hey. Just remember that I love you and only have your and Anne's best interest at heart. Now get to bed its late."

"Goodnight mom."

Déjà vu

Dean arrived at Anne's house on his bike, with an extra helmet and jacket for her. He rang the bell and waited. Nana opened the door. "Hello Mrs. Stoppable. Is Anne ready?"

"Not quite, please come in and wait with me." He set the helmets and jackets by the door and stepped in. "Come and sit with me in the family room." He followed her in and she sat down.

He remained standing as he looked at the wall of photographs; many of them were pictures of a young blonde boy. "This is Anne's Dad?" Nana gave him a nod. "There certainly are a lot of pictures of him and Ms. Possible together. Did they date?" He turned to look for an answer from Nana.

"No. They were just very good friends - until the end." She said as she wiped tears from her eyes.

Dean sat next to her and placed his hand on her shoulder. "To live in hearts we leave behind is not to die." She took comfort in his kind words and thanked him for reminding her of this.

Anne was finally ready and came downstairs to find Dean. "You ready to go Dean?" Dean got up off the sofa and started for the door with Anne.

"Anne, could I speak to you before you go?"

"Sure Nana, Dean why don't you go out and get the bike ready, I'll be right out."

Nana stepped up to Anne and took her hand. "Dean is a wonderful young man; you are truly blessed to have a friend like him." Anne gave her a smile and walked out to Dean.

"She likes you." She whispered in his ear.

He whispered back. "Next time leave your blinds open." She elbowed him in the ribs, he just laughed.

Dean helped Anne put on her jacket and then went over the safety issues. "Stay inline with me, move when I move and if you want me to slow down or stop just say so. The helmets have a 2-way radio in them." They got on the bike and cruised out to Lake Middleton. Dean saw a sign for 'S curves' ahead. "Hang on I'm going to speed up." He wound it up putting the bike through its paces, taking the curves with ease.

"Slow down Dean. Please."

"Ok not a problem." He slowed to the recommended 40 mph. Suddenly a car sped by them in the opposite direction, the driver slumped over the wheel.

"Did you see that Dean?"

"Yes. Hold on to me tight." As soon as he felt her grip around his waist tighten he shifted his weight on the bike and squeezed the front brake hard. As the rear end lifted off the ground and spun around, he let off the brake and hit the gas. Turning on a dime at 40mph, he quickly closed the gap between them and the car. They watched in horror as the car went off the road and dropped into the lake. They pulled over to where the car went off and rushed to the shore. "Call 911, there is a phone on the bike." Dean stripped off his boots and jumped into the lake to try and get the driver out. He swam down deep to the car and struggled to pull the door open and get the man out. When he had him Dean swam back to the surface and drug the man to shore. Anne was relieved to see him. "The Police and Ambulance are on the way."

"Check on him, I've got to go back in."

"For what?"

"There's a baby in the backseat." Dean jumped in and swam down, Anne waited nervously as the seconds ticked by, he was taking longer than the last time. She was almost going to go in after him when he broke the surface, with a very agitated baby in his arms. Dean quickly looked over the baby and decided that she was ok. "How's he?" As he pointed at the driver.

"He's not breathing." Dean started CPR and Anne assisted him, switching with him when he tired. Finally help arrived and the Paramedics took over, they loaded the man into the Ambulance and sped off.

The Police asked a lot of questions of Dean and Anne, they also gave some answers. "The Baby was taken this morning by her estranged father, you kids saved a life today. You did good."

The Photo in the paper said it all 'Young Heroes Save Child'. A copy of the picture and accompanying story lay framed on the table at J.P. Bearymore's Pizza Party-Torium. The families gathered to honor the young heroes. Anne and Dean shared the spotlight and it felt good, even though they both downplayed what happened. "It was no big. Just doing what anyone else would have done."

Shelia pulled Kim aside and asked her. "Have you considered my offer to have you teach Dean?"

"Yes I have and although I was opposed to it at first, seeing how well they work together changed my mind. Besides that, Anne is getting to the point of needing someone with the energy and stamina to keep up with her. Am I correct to assume that Dean is somewhat well versed in the Arts?"

"Oh yes. One thing I was able to do for Dean was to get him some of the finest tutoring. He started with Nanquan and Serrada Eskrima when we were in the Philippines. When we moved to Egypt I found a wonderful man, Sydney, to train him in Abrazare."

Kim was shocked that such a young man was trained in such violent forms. "That sounds kind of like you're training him to be vicious."

"Nothing of the sort. Dean is a very caring young man and he follows the spiritual aspects of his learning, not just the fighting. He is very respectful of others and would never use his skills to hurt people."

Master Kim

Kim was on her computer surfing for info on the styles of combat Dean knew. She was also checking on what Wade had found. "Wade anything on Sheila for me?"

"Not much I could find Kim, she did live in Egypt the last four years. I also found records of her in the Philippines, nothing out of the ordinary."

Kim was not totally surprised by the lack of info, people with wealth often allowed very little negative personal information into the public view. "Can you run a check on a man named 'Sydney' he would have been in Egypt the same time as Shelia, he teaches 'Abrazare'."

Wade responded, "Kind of a long shot on that Kim but I'll check it out."

"You continue to rock Wade. I've got to jet, Anne and Dean will be here soon." She logged off and changed into her training clothes. When Dean arrived she had him show her some of his moves, so she could gauge his skills. Impressive was the word she chose to describe them.

After a short routine of basic training she allowed Dean to show Anne some of his Eskrima 'stick-fighting' moves. "Don't be afraid of hurting me Anne, I can keep ahead of your moves, so don't hold back." She began to move around him jabbing and striking at him with her stick. "Not your arm, use your wrist." She snapped the stick at him and he easily avoided it. "Good. Now try a combination, like I showed you." She snapped at his head, dropped at his knees and added a back snap at his head - catching him in the jaw. "Ouch, ouch, ouch." He fell to the floor as he held his cheek.

Kim rushed to check on him as Anne apologized and asked, "Are you ok?" Kim went to get some ice for his cheek.

"I'm ok really, just caught me with my guard down." He didn't want to admit that he was too busy watching Anne to watch the stick closely. Kim returned with a 'coldpak', Anne held it on his cheek until her hand was too cold to hold it any longer.

"Well that's probably enough for tonight." Kim said. "See you both day after tomorrow."

Dean gave Anne a ride to her house. "I'm sorry about your face."

Dean waved it off. "As KP would say 'no big'."

She gave him a kiss on the cheek and in her best Ren and Stimpy inspired voice told him. "My brave little man." He flashed a smile and rode off toward home.

"So how was your first night of training?" Sheila heard him come in from the garage and asked as she was turning to see him. Before he could answer she saw the bruise on his cheek. "What happened?" She grabbed hold of him to get a better look at the damage and apply some motherly love to it.

"We were doing Eskrima and I got distracted." Her look changed to a slightly sterner version of concern. "Distracted by what?"

His voice dropped along with his eyes, "Anne."

"Dean please understand what I'm telling you, you can not allow yourself to be distracted by Anne, or anyone else when you're fighting."

"I wasn't fighting mother, I was training. I remember a time or two that you got distracted training me."

"Ok. You got me on that one son. Just please be careful, I couldn't bear it if anything happened to you."


"Kim I found a Sydney that taught Abrazare in Egypt; as luck would have it he is in the States on a book tour. Current location is Go City."

Kim smiled, "Thanks Wade."

She stood in line with her book as she waited her turn to talk with him. "Mr. Sydney I have a question about a Sheila Sullivan, I think you trained her son, Dean."

The man behind the table took her book and as he signed it said. "Sorry Miss but I have 2 rules. I never talk business unless we're doing business. And I never discuss possible clients with anyone but the client. So good day." He handed her book back and waved her off.

"Well that went nowhere, but at least I have something to read on the trip back to Middleton."


"I made the Varsity Team!" Dean was very excited as he ran through the hall to his locker carrying his wrestling gear. He got to his locker and told Anne. "I made it Coach said he had never seen anyone with moves like me. Now I'll have to get a letter jacket."

Anne was excited by the news. "I'll have to get on the Wrestling Cheer Squad." They both stuffed what they were carrying into their lockers and headed for lunch.

Eric broached the question "So does this mean you'll be abandoning us for the 'Jock table' Dean?"

"No way, those guys are just my teammates. You guys are my friends." He would go undefeated that season setting a school record for number of wins with a pin in the first period.

2 for 1

The time spent training with Kim and Dean had taught Anne a great deal, she was very much improved since the first time she tried Eskrima. Dean had also learned a great deal, both from Kim and from his wrestling at school. He would say it was 'no big' but Kim could see that he did not have to go all out like he used to. She suggested a new tactic in his training, 2 against 1.

"Are you serious? I mean I know that you used to fight multiple opponents a lot when you were younger. Anne is very good and are you sure that I'm ready for this?" the hesitancy in his voice was obvious.

"Dean if I wasn't certain you could handle it I wouldn't suggest it, besides Anne agrees with me." The young blonde nodded her head.

"Well just remember this was your idea." He moved as he spoke the words, catching Anne off guard knocking her off her feet. Kim, on the other hand, wasn't caught unaware; she countered his strike and attempted to land one of her own. He deflected her move and flipped over her using her shoulders as a launch. He landed behind her and as he did, he brought one hand down onto the small of her back, pushing her down to her knees. "Bad move KP."

The surprised look on Kim's face was suddenly replaced with one of sheer terror. She cried out "Ron…no please!" Dean quickly released his grip on her and she crumbled to the floor sobbing.

Anne rushed to her side and Dean reached down to her. "Kim are you…."

She freaked at his touch, as she slapped his hand away she screamed. "Don't you fucking touch me!!" She grabbed onto Anne tightly and cried and cried.

Dean was scared. "What did I do? Please."

Anne was as unsure as Dean but she knew he should probably leave. "I think you should just go Dean."

"I'm sorry Kim." He ran out the door crying every bit as much as Kim. He jumped on his bike and sped off. He rode for hours; he wouldn't arrive home until the sun was near coming up.

His mom was waiting on the front step. She had been up all night, worried when he didn't come home. "Where have you been young man?! I have been up all night wondering where you were…" The anger in her voice quickly faded when she saw his face streaked with tears and fear.

"Mom I hurt Kim…bad." He collapsed into her arms pulling them both to their knees. He stayed crying into her shoulder for long minutes, until she was able to get him to his feet.

She led him into the house. "Head up to your room I'll be up after I check on Kim, I'm sure she'll be ok." She hoped she sounded as sure as she wished she was. As she watched him plod up the stairs she wondered. 'What did you do Dean?'

She made some calls and found out that Kim was at Anne's house, and physically unhurt. "Sure you can come over. Kim wants to see Dean." "Yes after dinner is fine. I can understand that, thank you." "Yes I'll make sure to tell Kim. Goodbye." She hung up the phone and headed upstairs to Dean's room.

She sat on the edge of his bed and laid her hand on his cheek. "Kim is okay Dean, in fact she wants to see you after dinner." She then leaned over and kissed his forehead. "Now get some sleep honey." She stood and went to his door, dimming the lights in the room as she left him to rest. He stared at the ceiling for a long while before he finally went to sleep.

The Truth

Sheila and Dean arrived at the Stoppable residence, greeted at the door by Nana Stoppable. "Kim and Anne are waiting for you in the backyard Dean." She pointed him in the direction of the patio door, and he walked to it unsure of whether to go through it, until a 'get moving' motion from his mom convinced him. "Sheila why don't you come with me into the family room while they have their talk."

When they entered the room Sheila was drawn to the wall of family photographs. "I always pictured them together." As she motioned her finger at a picture of Ron and Kim. "I would have never dreamed that they wouldn't be together."

"You knew them back then?" Nana asked, not knowing how close she was to the truth.

"Oh no. But, I followed their adventures with some interest. I was shocked when I heard that Kim was hanging it all up. I never knew why until she told me - he died to save her."

"Is that what she told you? Let me tell you about my son. He did die to save her - from him." Sheila looked shocked to hear this and Nana wasn't surprised. "He came back from Japan twisted, filled with pain and hate. He blamed Kim for his pain, he was going to kill her. And almost did, but at the last instant he stopped, and instead killed himself after professing his love for her."

"…I never imagined…"

Kim related a similar, although more detailed version of events to Anne and Dean, who sat in stunned silence until Anne said, "Oh my god…" and Dean added an, "I never imagined…"

"How could he have done that to you?" Anne was shocked after hearing that her father, a 'sweet boy' as Nana and Kim both described him, could be capable of such hateful actions.

"I don't know. But what matters is that the Ron we all knew and loved came back to us, if only for a moment. A wise man once told me that Ron had a light in his soul. A light he had thought extinguished by the death of Yori, but renewed again by Ron's love for us. Anne, Ron loved you, your mother and me very much. Dean I am sorry that I snapped at you. It was just that Ron said those exact words when he, well when he attacked me. You even sounded like him. I guess I still have some major Ron issues to deal with."

End of chapter 1

More to come when I work out the details.

'To live in hearts we leave behind is not to die' is a quote attributed to Thomas Campbell

'Nobody like you to me' by Harry Connick, Jr. there is no slow version that I know of, but it would be cool.