Rating: Pg-13 for language.

Summary: A certain hoodlum shows up in Caritas for a little guidance...

Disclaimer: Angel is Mutant Enemy's! Gilmore Girls is somebody else's, and One Man Guy belongs to the Wainwrights! Nothing is mine. Don't sue!

Spoilers: Angel: Let's say... sometime before poor Lorne's wonderful club got blown to bits. And For Gilmore Girls: One week before "Nag Hamadi"

Crossover: Angel/Gilmore Girls

One Man Guy

New York.

I've been there a couple of times. Mostly out of curiosity, and after only a couple of times, you can distinguish a New Yorker from anybody. And I mean anybody.

This kid that's just walked into my club can't be older than nineteen. And he's dripping with Big Apple juice.

He's of medium-height. The dark hair that sticks up all on its own (or so it seems) gives him at least another inch. And he's thin. Looks pretty normal. Good-looking, actually. Very good-looking. But not my type.

He's got on a Distillers t-shirt and a pair of black, baggy jeans. The way he walks screams "Don't mess with me. I'm a city punk." But not in the glitzy way that LA boys have. He fights dirty, and you can tell.

I don't know what's got me hooked on him though. He hasn't sung a single bar, but there's something else there. I guess I'll find out soon. Wonder what he'll sing. Metallica, maybe? Or maybe he'll try and surprise me and pull out some Clash. I wonder how he found out about this place... then again, who knows how any humans find out about this place...

When he gets up on the stage he looks pretty uncomfortable. It's pretty easy to tell he's not used to singing in front of people. He runs a hand through his hair (great hair. Gonna have to ask how he does it) and picks up the mic and enters his song into the machine. When he starts to sing, he throws me a giant curve ball.

"People will know when they see this show

The kind of a guy I am

They'll recognize just what I stand for and what I just can't stand

They'll perceive what I believe in

And what I know is true

And they'll recognize I'm a one man guy

Always was through and through..."

One Man Guy, by Rufus Wainwright? What planet is this kid from? And how does he know this song? He's not a bad singer, but he's not the best in the world. It's obvious he could never pull off a decent harmony, but his voice suits his purposes. At least he's on-key.

The first thing I read off of him is that he has no idea where he's going in his life. Lost little lamb. Family is a mess. Father's a runaway, mother's a flake. No siblings. Pushed away the Uncle, who was the only relative who actually cared. No car. No job. No high school diploma. Smart as a whip though, this one. Reads everything. So many thoughts for the life of a hoodlum.

"People meditate

Hey that's just great

Trying to find the inner you

People depend on family and friend

And other folks to pull them through

I don't know why I'm a one man guy

Or why I'm a one man show

But these three cubic feet of bone and blood and meat are all I love and know..."

Trouble back in Manhattan. Drugs, mostly. Alcohol. Friends got him into a lot of trouble which is why he wound up getting shipped to his uncle in... bumble-fuck Connecticut. Poor kid. He was just as lost then (feels like two or three years ago?) as he is now.

"'Cause I'm a one man guy in the morning

Same in the afternoon

One man guy when the sun goes down

I whistle me a one man tune

One man guy a one man guy

Only kind of guy to be

I'm a one man guy

I'm a one man guy

I'm a one man guy is me..."

And there's a girl. Isn't there always? But boy, is there ever a girl. Big blue eyes. Body to kill for, apparently. Smart, like he is. Passionate. He loved her. Still does. He left her. Not even a good-bye, either. Reminds me of another dark-haired tragedy I know... It's amazing how they all blend together.

"I'm gonna bathe and shave

And dress myself and eat solo every night

Unplug the phone, sleep alone

Stay away out of sight

Sure it's kind of lonely

Yeah it's sort of sick

Being your own one and only

Is a dirty selfish trick..."

The girl's gone to Yale. He felt in the way. But he really needs her. Like I said, lost little lamb. If things go as they're supposed to, she'll be his shepherd throughout the tough times, because this kid? He's in for it.

"'Cause I'm a one man guy in the morning

Same in the afternoon

One man guy when the sun goes down

I whistle me a one man tune

One man guy a one man guy

Only kind of guy to be

I'm a one man guy

I'm a one man guy

I'm a one man guy is me."

He walks over and sits across from me. He doesn't look phased by my appearance; even though it's pretty obvious he's never seen a demon before.

"So," he says plainly. "What do you see?"

I lean forward with a smirk. "Jess, you forgot something in Stars Hollow, didn't you?"

He looks at me with a confused glare. He doesn't realize.

"Think deviled eggs, Doll Face."

Realization dawns on him and he slumps back.

I smirk and take a sip of my sea breeze. "You're gonna need that car."