"Inner Demon" started out as a one-shot fic, meant to be a humorous take of what the fierce second personality showed in the anime and manga could be. However, as I continued, I started to wonder how this Sakura would look at this new scenario, and what Naruto would be doing without Kyuubi inside him.

Because I started working on Inner Demon back on the 13th of March, 2004, long before many details were revealed in the official series, I had to fill in the gaps with my own creations. Names, origins, parents, skills, everything that were not covered by the manga back then, ended up being changed or invented. Meaning, none of these names exist in my story: Namikaze Minato, Uzumaki Kushina, Daibutsu, Deidara, Hidan, Kakuzu, Konan, Kyūsuke, Monjin, Nagato, Uchiha Obito, Sasori, Yahiko, Zetsu, and more.

Prologue: Yondaime
Updated on: 24 August, 2007

"Fuuinjutsu Shiki Fuujin (#1 – read the Glossary at the bottom of the page) eh? Kid, I have always known that you are crazy, but this… Do you understand what consequences your action will bring?"

Yondaime remained an unusual silent between himself and Gama Bunta, his old friend, mentor, and companion. Under normal circumstances, the young man could be seen rebuking back at the Boss Toad word for word, but today, he kept his peace, choosing instead to spend all efforts on the task ahead. His white and red Hokage coat fluttered in the strong wind caused by the brutish attacks from the fierce demon, each swing of the demon caused trees to be uprooted from the bloodied soil and Jounins to be blown away, thrown around like old worn toys. With their numbers diminishing and their defences waning, there was no time considering for a second option.

"I'm talking to you, boy! Answer me! Is this the only way-"

"Boss," he shouted back, not that there was a need to, the old toad could hear him perfectly at where the young man stood – standing on the ancient summon's head with chakra enforcing his footing. But yelling in the heat of the battle was how his life had always been, full of enthusiasm and energy, one could almost feel the life and vigour in his words. The young Hokage had his fair share of ups and downs, joys and desperations, but even as he knew his life was coming to an end, he had no regrets. Gama Bunta already knew that Yondaime would not accept any other suggestions at this point of time. "I very well know what will happen, the child that I need to seal the demon in will face a harsh life, to be treated as a substitute for the demon, to be hatred, to be the object of anger for all who will survive this battle today. But there's-"

"Boy! I'm talking about you! You are going to die! Wa- Wait a second! You are going to seal the demon within a child?! Have you lost your mind already?!"

"For the container to survive the sealing, it must be a child, someone young enough to not have a solid foundation of chakra yet. The jutsu will have to be modified to suit the requirement of this sealing, I will need to have both the chakra of the child and the demon to co-exist, or else it will be futile to even try-"

"Who do you have in mind...?"

There was no time for answer, the demon had finally took notice of the two of them, the powerful chakra aura radiated from the Hokage in preparation of the jutsu was fearsome, it drove her mad, but all she could think of was to devour him, and consume his seemingly never-ending chakra. Charging in, the demon chose to ignore the pitiful attacks by other Jounins and their summoned creatures, and instead preparing to pounce right onto Gama Bunta.

"Here she comes!"

As Gama Bunta had just arrived upon the battlefield, he had no time to fully flesh out his strategy (if any at all), for now, all he could do was to keep him safe until his preparation for the forbidden jutsu to be completed. He knew that for the casting to be a success, he would need to bring Yondaime close, a lot closer than they were now, most would say too close for comfort. Gama Bunta braced for impact, drawing his katana out, he prepared to jump as well. The timing had to be precise, to leap off when the demon almost land back on her feet.

"Let's do it, Gama Bunta!"

The young Hokage crouched down to create a lower centre of gravity while using chakra to cling onto the ancient toad, he focused both hands into forming a series of complex jutsu formation. Halfway through, Gama Bunta sprang without warning, causing him to almost slip off the surface, worse still, his jutsu was interrupted.

He quickly resume the jutsu formation while continued to struggle to get a stable foothold. To escape from the attack of the demon, Gama Bunta jumped to an impressive height, almost reaching the clouds. Nevertheless, the demon did not let down on her attacks, following the Boss Toad, she pushed herself upwards, claws and fangs wide opened.

"Incoming!" Gama Bunta shouted.

It would be hard to dodge an aerial assault, but the same could be applying to the demon as well. Now was the chance for the Hokage to get really up-close and personal. Directly below them was the demon, still heading upwards as the two of them began to fall, drawn by gravity. Yondaime leapt off from the back of Gama Bunta, and quickly finalised the last few procedure of the jutsu with double effort while keeping his legs in close together to accelerate the fall.

Seeing the little man falling towards herself, the demon waved her gigantic claws at him. Even with the jutsu underway, Yondaime dodged the attacks by releasing gentle flow of chakra from his body, diverting from all attempts to shove him away. Just when the two of them were at their closest, the eyes met, a surprising yet familiar feeling came upon them. Gama Bunta threw his katana at her, followed by a small stream of fire. The flames did no harm to the demon, but that was not the purpose of the attack. As the demon shielded her eyes from the blinding flame, Yondaime landed hard onto her left shoulder, rolling a bit, almost nearly falling off the edge.

Still keeping the hand formations in order, he yelled out the attack, using his voice to summon the forbidden jutsu, "Fuuinjutsu Shiki Fuujin!" Uncovering her eyes, the demon panned her head, staring down on the human, the two of them were so close that it would seem that their thoughts could be shared.

It felt like a void, a great emptiness that appeared right before her, a presence that overwhelmed her, a fear of death was upon her. Unseen to all eyes but theirs, a Shinigami materialised behind the Hokage, dagger in his fanged mouth, hands fanned out by his side with razor sharp claws on both his hands. Yondaime reached out the flat of his palms, and placed them onto both sides of her chin.

"I sense Death? Am I going to die?"

It was right in front of her, a small but powerful presence lusting after their souls.

Still in mid-air, the demon tried to shove the little man away from her shoulder, but found that she could no longer move. Not able to even turn her head away from her fear, she was forced to come face-to-face with both the only man who dared to come this close to her, and the death that would soon overcome the two of them.

Already falling past the lighter demon, Gama Bunta looked upwards to see the falling demon with the Hokage on her shoulder. Noticing the demon's movements being petrified, the older toad realised that the jutsu was already working its way into the demon's body.

The demon finally reached the highest peak of her jump, piercing the clouds, but eventually, the momentum slowed down, leaving her hanging among the clouds the both of them were in. However, it was not long before the body started to turn head-first down, falling downwards while spinning, accelerating the fall once again with Yondaime keeping his foothold with his chakra.

Step-by-step, the young man took a step back at a time, his hands parting from the demon's flesh, drawing her soul from the body. There was an unnatural calmness between the two of them, even with their deaths approaching so fast, they were at peace wit no fear.

Back on the ground, Gama Bunta landed as gracefully as a gigantic toad possibly could without causing too much of the Jounins standing around the landing site. His eyes were still on the falling demon above him, even as the shadow given off by the demon started to grow larger on the ground under, Gama Bunta understood his duty. Unlike Gama Bunta, she would not be able to land properly like he did but would instead crash like a mountain. The impact from the demon could very well cause a tremor that would wipe out half of the village.

Jounins nearby were given the order to flee from the scene by Sandaime who was at the scene as well. As he watched the falling demon, he called out one of his Jounins to pass him the infant he had earlier prepared for, while he leapt on ahead towards the soon-to-be crash site. From tree to tree, he raced against time to arrive there in time, should the Fourth failed to survive the fall, he would need to be there to take over the duty to finish off the sealing.

Back in the sky, though falling and spinning at an astonishing speed, the blond Yondaime was still standing firm, standing now several feet away from when he first started out. Struggling to take a step at a time backwards, he continued to drag the soul out with the help of the Shinigami behind him, who had his hand in him, grabbing hold of his soul. He opened his eyes, he gave a one last look at the demon before him, the souls had almost come out fully from their bodies, and the demon was still staring at him. Giving his last words in soft whispers, which even the demon could not have possibly heard it, "Live well in your new life." And with his last breath, an apology to the baby he damned.

The moment the soul of the demon detached from her body, the Fourth Hokage of Konohagakure fell off the shoulder of the demon as the Shinigami behind him started to de-materialise. The soul of the demon was now compressed to the size of small sphere, held firmly by the hands of Yondaime, before losing his own soul, he managed to curved himself up into a tight ball, keeping the soul sphere close to his chest, protecting it.

Gama Bunta eyed the sky as the demon's body dissolved into fine dusts, the demonic flesh crumpled at the lost of her essence. With his size, Gama Bunta did not have any difficulty catching the Hokage with his soft tongue, but what he feared came true, the little human did not move or jerk even with the harsh landing, though something shiny was embrace close to his chest. The huge toad, master of his kind, felt so helpless, remaining silent while waiting for the arrival of the Third, with the sleeping baby in his arms.


Once appeared a powerful humanoid demon, one swing of her arm could crumble mountains and cause tsunamis. To fight the demon, the people assembled the shinobi, one brave shinobi was able to seal up the demon at the cost of his life. The shinobi was called the Fourth Hokage also known as Yondaime. The Fourth sealed the demon into the belly button of the only newly born infant on that day, a pink haired girl of the Haruno clan. Thus begun the adventure of Haruno Sakura of becoming a shinobi, with the secret of the 'Inner Sakura' sealed within her known only to the adults of Konohagakure.

The people of Konohagakure rebuilt their lives and lived on, with one eye closed as to why their Hokage had to fight his battle without his companions, and other eye closed as to the growing menace outside their safe village.

- Glossary -

#1 :: Fuuinjutsu Shiki Fuujin (Demon Soul Seal) – A forbidden sealing technique that will summon the Shinigami, God of Death, to seal the target's soul along within the Shinigami's body for eternity. However, Yondaime was able to modify the jutsu to put the target's soul into a container instead.