Just a Little Fling

Disclaimer: I was inspired to write this story after reading a Mills and Boon romance book, the plot and title are taken from that book. The book is Just a Little Fling by Julie Kistler and I do not have anything to do with this person other than buying her book. I did not make any money off this story and never, ever will.

Warnings: if you failed to miss it this story is Remus/Sirius slash; if you don't like it you can always hit the back button.


Remus Lupin was already itching to bolt the chapel and they weren't even up to "Do you take this man?"
It was a good thing it wasn't his wedding or he would have; but no it was the wedding of his good friend James Potter to his long time girlfriend Lily Evens.

Lily looked radiant in her white lace dress with the sprig of lavender pined to her breast and James had managed to smooth his hair down and looked very respectable in his wedding suit.
The chapel its self was also rather pretty in a gloomy, gothic way with crumbling stone and flickering candles giving it a romantic glow but under the circumstances St. Andrew's chapel felt more like Sardines R Us.
Maybe it was the closely packed congregation that was making Remus swoon, or the heat of a sultry June evening, the smell of roses and melting candle wax.

Remus's nose began to tickle, Uh-Oh, he thought looking around wildly, sneeze coming on!
He tried his best to his best to stifle it into his hands but it came barrelling out with a loud "ha-ha-ha-chooooo!"
A rustle ran up and down the wedding party and Remus felt his cheeks flush with warmth as the people in the pew infront of him craned their necks to try and see who had sneezed.
Lily was laughing but next to her, her sister who Remus had be introduced to rather suddenly the day before stamped her foot and demand "Who was that? Who did that?" now everybody was looking to see who it was who'd made the rude noise, even the best man.

The very, very cute best man Sirius Black, somehow Remus managed a weak smile.
Of course he knew better than to get his hopes up about Sirius in anyway, every available (and some not so available) members of the congregation had their eye on him, even Lily's horrific sister was practically drooling when she'd laid eyes on him last night, not that Remus blamed her.

Sirius caught his eye and winked – bless his gorgeous heart – and then he turned back to the ceremony like everyone else leaving Remus to wonder momentarily if he should have winked back.

Finally, blessedly the got to the end of the ceremony with out Remus embarrassing him self any further and the organist geared up to play a recessional that rattled the rooftop of the tiny chapel; Lily and James swept down the aisle as bride and groom, Lily looking triumphant and James more than a little shell-shocked; and behind them the in groups and pairs trooped the congregation chattering happily between each other.
Remus found himself falling into step with Peter Pettigrew and Arthur Weasely; both of them were sweet, kind men but Remus didn't feel like confiding in either today; he was too tried and too hot to think about anything but getting to the hotel where the reception was being held and going to sleep.

"You feel alright Remus?" Peter squeaked, he dug his hands deep in his pockets and whistled happily, the sound going straight through Remus's head.
"Fine" Remus told him "Just glad to be out of that church" not that it was any better outside in the still, humid air; perspiration trickled inside his stiff white shirt, making him feel damp and sticky.

"So where do we go from here?" he asked, Arthur raised an eye brow.
"Don't tell me you weren't listening when Molly gave out the orders?"
"Sort of" Remus said defensively; actually he'd tuned out for most of it but of what he remembered of it Lily and Molly between themselves had managed to get the whole wedding party choreographed to within an inch of its life.
Arthur shook his head despairingly " Just proceed straight over to the inn"
"Oh, right" it was all coming back to him now. No dawdling Remus just hurry over to the inn, sit down, be quiet and await further instructions.

As the procession navigated a short path from the chapel to the main building, a castle-like structure called the highland-inn, Remus held on to Peter's arm, the warn paving was uneven and the last thing he wanted to do was topple over and embarrass himself even more. Looking up as they turned the corner, he caught his breath.
It had rained earlier in the day creating a soft mist around the inns turrets and balconies making it look as if it had bee plucked from some grand historical novel and set down intact in Dorset.
"Its' lovely" Remus whispered.
"Would it dare be anything else?" Peter asked wryly.

As everyone filled in to the large hall that was holding the reception.

The dance hall became a beehive of activity with wedding guests trying to squeeze around the cluster of tables to find their wee place card; Remus was much to tired to look at all the tiny cards on every single table so he commandeered a rather surly young man who informed him that he was not a waiter, just a busboy and as such was not responsible for telling people where they where supposed to sit.

But then Peter slipped him a ten and the bad tempered busboy managed to scare up a list of the seating plan after which he lead them to a table in the middle of the room where some friends of Lily's where already parked.
One lively woman named, Talia was pouring champagne, she grinned when she saw the busboy coming her way; put down her glass and unbuttoned the top three buttons on her blouse showing off some cleavage which seemed to perk the disgruntled busboy right up.
"Hon. could you run and get us a couple more bottles of bubbly?" she inquired sweetly "We're parched here"
As he skedaddled, Talia raised her glass and cried out "Let's get this party started!"
Remus wished he had the courage to unbutton his shirt but he was rather worried someone would complain loudly if he did so instead he took the glass of champagne offered which was cool and wet and lovely; missing Talia's predatory smirk all together.

~*~*~*~*Happy Wedding Lily and James*~*~*~*~

If one more person told him to smile Sirius Black was going to start knocking heads together.
God! He hated weddings; obviously he was happy for James and Lily they'd married for all the right reasons and because they loved each other.
But he'd watched so many of his friend get married over the past few years for all the wrong reasons- because somebody else's parents where pushing it, or the girlfriend was pregnant, or he was the right age, or she had a nice smile, or because all their friends where getting married.
It didn't take long for one or the other to be miserable, that's why when ever any of his girlfriends started talking about the long term Sirius ran in the other direction.

Sitting at the bar, nursing a scotch on the rocks Sirius smiled as he watched James spin Lily around the dance floor.
Some times, he thought, sometimes marriage looked fun.
"Sirius, Sirius, Sirius! What are you doing all alone?" a silky female voice purred; he glanced up at the leggy blond who he'd flirted with briefly last night; what was her name?

"Lucky I ran into you" she said, perching herself on the seat beside him and flashing him a look down her low-cut little black dress.

Sirius swallowed and let the tip of his tongue slid from his mouth to lick his lips, subconsciously readying himself for flirtation.

 "Can I buy you a drink, um…?" damn, he really could not recall her name.
"Oriel" she finished for him, smiling brightly and flicking back her golden hair.
"Right, let me just call over one of the waiters"
Oriel downed several sparkling fluorescent pink cocktails gossiping about Lily and the bridesmaids and where she'd brought her dress until finally Sirius could stand it no more and stood up.

Oriel attached herself to his arm, giggling and unsteady upon her feet.
"Where you going? Can I come?"
Bending down Sirius whispered in her ear "Room 503, ten minuets" and pressing a room key into her hand, fled.


"Remus" Talia announced "What you need is a fling!"
"A fling?" Remus flavoured the word in his mouth, then fixed his drinking companion with a look "Whatever do you mean by that?"
Tilia seductively fingered her wine glass "Only that both you and I are all alone tonight, I'm an attractive woman and you're an attractive man, what I am suggesting is only natural"

Remus shook his head "No…I…I hardly know you"
"That's what so wonderful about it" Tilia laughed "look!" she gestured wildly with her hand "Everyone's pairing off"
Remus did look and his eyes went immediately to the bar where Sirius was flirting with some blond and her magically enhanced legs and breasts; he turned back to Tilia grinning.
"Why not, it's just a harmless little fling right?"
Tilia practically bounced in her seat as she pushed her room key towards him "Its room 305, let me just go freshen up alright?"
"Sure!" Remus chirped happily and kept smiling until Tilia has left the room when he collapsed into his chair dejectedly and reached for his glass, drowning it in one gulp.


Remus was hurrying to his secret liaison when he suddenly had to stop and turn around; the leggy blond who'd been throwing herself at Sirius was standing in the middle of the hall appling her lipstick while gazing into one of the large mirrors that adorned the walls all around them.

Her friend at her elbow, who Remus noticed was the obligatory fat friend all beautiful skinny girls keep around was gushing complements.
"It looks divine on you Oriel"

"Yes, its Posionberry smudge" Oriel said carefully pursing her lips to spread it out finely "and Sirius Black is going to be finding traces of it on him for weeks to come; after I'm through marking him everybody will know I had him"
Remus couldn't suppress a disgusted shiver and he knew for a fact that Sirius would hate to be marked by anything.
"I'd wipe it all off if I where you" he told her, Oriel turned to him and rolled her eye.
"And what do you know?" she asked him coldly, Remus grinned at her.

"We'll I'm Sirius is friend, and I know for a fact that he hates women who wear to much make up" Remus let his gaze linger over her lips and face to make a point, Oriel stamped her foot and made to push past him but pushed to hard and sent them both sprawling on the floor.
"You dick!" Oriel howled "You've ruined my make up, and made me drop my room key!"
"Oh shut up" Remus growled hunting about for his own key, he picked up the first one he came across Room 503 well that sounded right to him; Remus stood up and bid Oriel and her friend goodbye before hurrying off.


Remus stood outside Room 503 feeling the first stirrings of panic filling his stomach, but he didn't want to be alone tonight so he unlocked the door and bolted inside; inky blackness greeted him.
So much for champagne and candles but he supposed it was easier this way, he'd just strip off and climb into bed with her; have his wicked way and be off again in the morning and…oh damn he hoped she had condoms.
Stripping off as quietly as he could Remus lifted up the bed covers and slid in beside his bed mate, wrapped his arms around them, found out they where a male, didn't care and kissed him.

As soon as the warm body touched his Sirius knew this person was not Oriel and was certainly no woman, but he had no time to complain as the warm, vivacious creature had covered his mouth in a kiss and he kissed back, tangling his hands into soft hair and rocking up against wriggling hips that where arousing him to no end.

His bed partner was making greedy little noises, and Sirius dropped his head to bite one pert nipple revelling in the sudden intake of breath.
he sucked greedily; nipped and bit until the man below him was writhing and moaning before dipping down lower, letting his breath caress the other's aching erection before flicking his tongue out to lick the head.
"Holy!...OH!" hands tightened in his hair before Sirius had time to place the voice, pushing him down and forcing him to continue, not that Sirius had any problems with that.