In for a Penny…

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She had been running wildly, preoccupied about being late for class that she hadn't noticed the body in front of her… that is until she ran smacked into it.

She ended up on top; her body sprawled on top of her unsuspecting victim. Dizzily she lifted her head up and came to the realization that the chest she had previously been resting her head on was clad in a blue trench coat. 'Oh, no.' She thought, 'please no.' Slowly and warily she lifted her gaze higher, until she came into contact with cold glaring blue eyes. 'Shit.'

"Get off Mazaki." Kaiba's contemptuous voice barked at her.

Cheeks flaming and hair in disarray, Anzu scrambled back up, trying as best she could not to touch him any more that she already had.

Seto lifted himself up with his usual grace, not a hair out of place. With one last sneer at Anzu he turned and went on his way.

Her class forgotten, Anzu watched Seto until he disappeared. There was no doubt about it. The boy was gorgeous; too bad he had the disposition of a rabid dog. Although he was far less insulting of her and the gang, he was by no means on friendly terms with them.

Disposition aside, Anzu could not ignore the broad shoulders, the beautiful blue eyes and the elegant and spicy cologne that she had just had the privilege of feeling, seeing and smelling. She couldn't help being a bit gleeful.

The bell rang then interrupting her wayward thoughts and reminding her of her class. She dashed off once again, this time sure to keep both eyes open.

Beside the fact that she had gotten detention for her tardiness, the day had gone smoothly for Anzu. But the class she had been dreading was approaching.

History… with Kaiba.

Kaiba unnerved her in a way no one could. The steely glare always made her turn away and his rebukes at her approaches of friendship made it even worst. Crashing into him hadn't help matters.

She made a point to arrive early to her history class. She did not need another Kaiba encounter to ruin her mood. She sat near the front, knowing full well that the ever-alone Kaiba sat in the back of the room.

Thirty minutes into class and Anzu had been half listening to her teacher, half dazing off into space. Her teacher's next few words however had her full attention.

"You will be working in partners for your next assignment. The pairs have already been randomly chosen, when you hear your name being called move next to your partner and discuss what your topic is going to be." The teacher said.

Anzu had a moment of pure dread where she imagined being paired with Kaiba. She quickly dismissed the thought. No way she could be that unlucky.

"Matt and Kristen…" the teacher went on and Anzu waited patiently for her name, "Seto and Anzu…"


Anzu looked back to where Kaiba was sitting, he had such a look of horrid disbelief that it would have been funny had it not been directed at her.

Steeling herself, Anzu packed her belongings and settled next to the taciturn Kaiba.

"Hey Kaiba."

"I don't need your help Mazaki, I can do this myself, so why don't you make yourself useful and leave?" he sneered at her.

Today was definitely not her day.

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