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Her lips were a soft pink.

They were beautifully full, the bottom lip especially plump.

He wanted to nibble on it, wanted to run his tongue along the seam of her lips.

He wanted to taste her.

Seto's hands were shaking, his palms sweaty, his face was burning. This was not like him. He was never like himself when she was around. She twisted him into knots without even trying. He wanted to resent her for making him feel things he didn't want to, for making him feel like a fool. Yet he didn't. He didn't care. When she looked at him like she was doing now, he didn't care about anything but making her happy. Along with those feelings of inadequacy and complete irrationality were incredible feelings of joy, of warmth, and of love. It was incredible that with just one smile she could erase his sour moods, with one kiss his insides turned to mush, that she would bring his brain into a skidding stop with one small look.

He was such a sap. That's what she had turned him into. Strangely enough it didn't bother him as he thought it would.

Everyone around them disappeared as he lowered his lips to meet hers. She wrapped herself around him, sighing as he nibbled on her bottom lip. He groaned in appreciation as she unsealed her lips. She tasted like bubblegum, like heaven, so sweet. He lost himself in her, in the taste and feel of her…

They parted only when a group of laughing students exited the school, bumping into them carelessly.

"I'm not good at this," Seto said, his arms still around Anzu.

"Really? Because I thought that was awesome." She pecked his lips again.

He laughed self-consciously and ran a hand through his hair, which only made Anzu want to kiss him again. Before she could put her plan into motion he pulled away from her.

"We should probably take this somewhere else," He said, face reddening slightly.

"The auditorium should be empty." She told him, understanding how difficult it had been for him to let himself go in front of everyone.

Anzu waved goodbye to her friends as she passed them although they seemed highly engrossed in other matters at the moment. Jounouchi was completely absorbed in reading a book, if that wasn't unusual enough, the book was also upside down. Honda was whistling loudly at the sky, and Yugi was smiling and talking to himself. Jounouchi put the book down for a moment to spare a wink at her.

Nervous and fidgety they made their way to the auditorium. Once there, they made their selves comfortable on the stage floor. They leaned against the back wall, shoulder to shoulder; both a little scared, not knowing what to say. Always the courageous one, Anzu leaned closer to him, took his hand and laced her fingers with his.

"Anzu, what I meant earlier… I'm not good at this sort of thing." Exasperated, he ran his fingers through his hair again. "You know me better than anyone else…I…"

Suddenly Anzu realized that he was nervous. She made him nervous. Anzu smiled and leaned in to give him a peck on the lips. He sighed loudly, pulled her into his lap and kissed her deeply.

"You keep saying you're bad at this, I just don't see it." She whispered dreamily against his chest.

Once more he laughed, kissing the top of her head. "You drive me absolutely crazy."

"But in the good way, right?" She stared up him, smiling tenderly.

"Most of the time." He said after careful deliberation.

"So you do like me?"

"Isn't that obvious by now, Mazaki?"

"Not to me, it wasn't, Kaiba."

How to explain that she loved him so much she forgot to think straight. That she turned all gooey inside if he so much as smirked at her. That he was so damn confusing and irritating and… so many other things that she couldn't describe but made her feel so… strange. He made her feel like nobody else had and she was so damn scared of what it might be like if he didn't care for her as much as she did.

"I told you I wasn't any good at this," Seto huffed out.

The anger seeped out of her as he heard his put-off tone. He was no better than she was at relationships. So much for his maturity. For the next words she burrowed into his chest, feeling unbelievably exposed. "I like you. I like you a lot."

"And yet you are going with Ryou to the dance."

"Is that what you were mad about? I'm not going with him. He asked me, but only as friends, and I said no just this morning. How'd you find out anyway?"

"It's high school," he said matter of fact.

"Of course. So you were jealous, huh?"

"Don't be ridiculous." Truth be told, he had been ready to kill someone one when he had heard the gossiping girls talking about Anzu going to the dance with that idiot. He was certain those girls knew exactly what they were doing when they saw him coming. It was common knowledge, even before they had started dating, that he and Anzu were together. It was a giant weight off his shoulders to know that rumors were false.

Since they were doing so well, she decided to let the comment go. For now. "But why have you been so cold to me?"

He stood up, careful to leave disentangle Anzu from him first, and started pacing. "I'm not like your friends. This isn't easy for me…" He wanted to tell her, all the things she probably wanted to hear, wanted to make her laugh like her friends did, wanted to make her just as happy. He would do just about anything for her, anything she wanted she could have; of course, he would never tell her so. It was enough that what he felt for her threatening to drown him, he didn't know what would happen if she knew exactly what he felt for her. Call the newspapers, Seto Kaiba, had officially transformed into a sap!

"You haven't been very approachable either." He accused.

"What? I've been-"

"Quiet and distant. Before I never thought you could keep that mouth of your shut for more than two minutes. Or your hands to yourself."

"Hey!" But she laughed and pulled him down again to stop him from pacing. She ran her fingers through his hair, trying to repair some of the damage he'd done. "I guess I have been a bit silly… and insecure."

"Yes, and I suffer from social retardation."

"We're doing pretty well now, aren't we?" She said as leaned over to give him a teasing kiss on the lips.

"I'd say so."

"So, where do you want to go for our next date? This time you choose."

"You decide."

"No. Why? You didn't enjoy yourself last time. I'm happy to go wherever you like. I just want to be with you." She fluttered her lashes for show and laughed when she was reward with a kiss.

"The sentiment is appreciated; however, I don't want you going only for my sake. I would hate it to be like last time, I want you to enjoy yourself."

"I would have enjoyed myself if it wasn't sitting with a block of ice, I'm sure I was frostbitten for most of the date."

"You're not funny. I don't understand how you can be so blind to it."

"I am funny," Anzu argued, giving him a mocking glare.

"Sure." He rolled his eyes. "Back to the point, dueling is not your forte."

"I never said it was," Anzu leaned backwards, resting on his chest, loving the way he put his arm around her and his chin on her shoulder, planting sweet little kisses on her neck. "But that doesn't mean I can't enjoy it. My best friends are all guys-"

"Don't remind me," he interjected, peering down at her with an odd expression, his blue eyes rather tender and thoughtful; his hair blowing lightly from the wind. He really was beautiful, Anzu thought, bringing a hand up to trace his lips softly. Seto took her hand in his and pressed delicate kisses on each fingertip, her palm, the inside of her wrist.

"I thought you weren't good at this boyfriend thing."

"I meant the talking part."

"Oh," she made a rather unattractive face at the implications.

"You were saying?" He asked with a dead sexy evil smirk on his face.

"Well, all my best friends are guys and duelists. Of course I like dueling even if, as you rudely pointed out, it's not my forte. We've talked about dual monsters before… what did you think it was just for your benefit?"

He shrugged and quirked and eyebrow. "Wasn't it?" He'd always thought those discussions were due to her need to fill silences. If he wasn't so in love with her he might have said, 'her endless need to babble uncontrollably for an endless amount of time'. However, since he was pretty much head over heels for her, such thoughts really didn't bother him as much as they should have. Funny how a trait that had caused him more than a great deal of annoyance only months before now served to remind him how very unique and passionate she was.

"Please I don't like you that much. Although, I can see how it would please your ego to think that I sat for four hours to watch a tournament just for—mmhph"

Laughing again (when was the last time he'd laughed this much?) he bent down and stilled her endless need to blabber, er, communicate.

In the shadows a pair of cold eyes watched them. Again, he thought, again she was taken away from him by that unworthy bastard. This time they would pay, and she would be his.

"Morning, Jounouchi."

Jounouchi's mouth gaped open, a slice of toast slipping toward the floor. "Huh?" Jounouchi's could swear he heard the theme of the twilight zone as Kaiba passed him. Then he wondered what had happened to make Kaiba boy so un-Kaiba like, but the thoughts that popped in his mind were better left unmentioned, since they involved his very best friend Anzu Mazaki. "EWW!"

Kaiba smiled as he heard the blonde boy's cry of disgust. Dating Anzu certainly came with perks, he thought, he had new material to torture the flea infested mutt. The day before Anzu had made him promise that he would try to be nicer to her friends. How she had managed to feat was still beyond him. If he wasn't such a bitter, cynical and evil boy genius, he would have been whistling. As it was, he had a reputation to protect.

"Hey, Kaiba!" Yugi was grinning widely up at him.

Seto had to fight the knee-jerk reaction to say something scathing to the smaller boy. "Morning." If it was possible, Yugi's smile became even wider.

"That wasn't so hard was it?" Yugi asked. To Seto's dismay Yugi fell into step with him, walking down the school halls as if they were two friends chatting before the start of first period. Seto had yet to get over the face the fact that Yugi was the better dualist and had beaten him more times that he could count. Added to that was the brand new offense of the midget having been infatuated with his girlfriend for who knows how long and perhaps even dated her. Seto could have asked Anzu, but honestly he didn't want the answer to that question.

"I'm glad you and Anzu worked things out. I'm sure Mokuba is thrilled at the news." They spotted Anzu coming toward them. "Oh, and by the way, Anzu and I never dated. I thought you would like to know."

"There you are, Yugi, come on, class is almost starting." She dragged Yugi away but not before winking at Seto.

"See you later, Kaiba!" Yugi called out loudly.

"Stop bothering my boyfriend."

"Kaiba didn't seem to mind… that much." He snickered beneath his hand.

"Oh, you're just as bad as the others." Anzu looked back; saw Seto still staring after them. So she blew him a kiss and noticed a small twitch of his lips. "He's so hot, isn't he?"

"Umm… sure." Yugi gulped uncomfortably, this was the reason why he was glad he only had one female best friend.

Ever since the day before, Anzu seemed to be floating somewhere near the vicinity of cloud nine. It didn't matter that they would never hold hands through the school halls, or give quick kisses before their classes, or indulge in embraces and other normal gestures that were normal indulgences of young couples. They weren't, what one would call, a typical couple. Those things were of the least importance now. Seto reciprocated her feelings, had decided to give them a chance. He liked her and that was that. She couldn't believe she'd been such a girl. But dating taciturn, cynical millionaires was very new to her.

Yugi threw a rolled piece of paper to Anzu, startling her. He mouthed 'pay attention'. She nodded and for a whole of five seconds stared attentively at the professor, then that goofy smile went right back on her face. The girl had been zoning out since they entered the classroom, no doubt thinking about Kaiba, playing with the necklace that he'd give her. To be completely honest, he felt a little twinge of envy at the dreamy expression on his friend. He'd always had a feeling there had been a connection between Kaiba and Anzu… they had always been so confrontational.

Sadly, Yugi had also known that whatever attraction Anzu had felt toward him was for his other half.

He supposed it was a good sign that Yami supported the developing relationship between those two. Since Yugi first started noticed the odd interaction between Anzu and Kaiba, Yami had been all for it, advising Yugi to offer his support. Things had turned out pretty well. Still, he couldn't help but feel a little jealous, wondering when it would be his turn to place a goofy smile on someone's face. But overall he was happy for his friend and happy for Kaiba as well. In time perhaps he would warm up to them. He ignored the fact that after many years Kaiba of knowing them he had yet to warm up to them. Still, Anzu had managed to do so. It would definitely take effort and time and even then, Jounouchi's hyperactive personality might prove too powerful for Kaiba to overcome.

"What could be so important that you would make me skip class?"

Jounouchi hated that he had to look up at Kaiba, especially since he was sure Kaiba loved looking down on him. "Listen here, Kaiba-boy, judging from the nauseous display of affection, not to mention your unusual greeting just a few moments ago I'd say you and Anzu are getting along quite well now."

"You are a genius."

"Hey! I'm doing my best here you know, you damn beanpole! You might be a no-fun cyborg with absolutely no sense of humor whatsoever, however if Anzu likes you. So will I. Ahh, that came out wrong-"

"I do have a sense of humor. You're just not funny." This one was as bad as Anzu, Seto thought, they just couldn't shut up.

"As I was saying, moneybags, for Anzu I will try be nicer to you."


"Fine? What do you mean fine? Aren't you going to try to do the same thing?"

Seto didn't really want to get in the whole discussion of how he had promised to be nicer with her friends. "You want to duel?"


"We've already missed class, we might as well duel to kill some time until next time. If you lose, you get to wear the dog suit-"

"No way!"

"If I lose, I will wear it."

Jounouchi perked up. "'kay."

"You're not going to believe this."

"What, what?"

Anzu waited expectantly for Honda to spill it already. It had to be something good to have Honda in such a state. However, since their third period class was about to start, Honda wisely took his seat. After the attendance had been taken, he handed a note at Anzu.

Jounouchi got detention.

Anzu rolled her eyes. That's not hard to believe.

It is when factor in that he got detention along with your boyfriend.

What happened? Were they fighting?

Calm your beating heart girl, they were caught skipping class… and dueling! LOL!!

You're kidding.


No way, it wasn't possible. She looked back at Honda, trying so hard to keep the laughter that threatened to burst out. It had to be a mistake, there was no way Seto would get detention period, and especially not for ditching class to play with Jounouchi. It didn't make any sense.

It turned out to be true.

And now Jounouchi and Seto weren't talking to each other because they both blamed each other for being caught. As it could have been much worse, Anzu was glad for that that they were only not talking to each other.

"Honey, your boyfriend is here." Her mother called from downstairs. In a very surprising turn of events, Anzu had asked Seto to the Victory dance and surprise, surprise, he had agreed to go.

Anzu checked herself in the mirror one last time before heading down. She was wearing a strapless red dress that flared at the waist, she adjusted the skirt again; then applied some more cherry flavored lip gloss and then she noticed her hair wasn't quite right…

Ten minutes later she came down.

After promising that Seto would be coming for dinner the next day, they finally made their way to Seto's waiting limo. "Hey."


"Aren't you going to comment on how I look?"


"Seto." Anzu said in a warning tone.

"What do you want me to say?" he said, exasperated.

"Something along the lines of 'you've never looked so beautiful'.

"You always look beautiful Anzu, you cannot expect me to tell you so every time I see you."

That had been the sweetest thing a boy had ever said to her. "Seto-"

"Ew, you're not going to kiss are you? Cuz, if you are, please warn me so I can take the appropriate measures to save myself from becoming scarred for life." Mokuba had popped his head out the window and was sporting a seriously disgruntled look.

"You don't mind, do you?" Seto asked Anzu.

"Of course not." Anzu said, opening the door and climbing in next to Mokuba and hugging the boy. "We'll find a way to sneak you in."

Mokuba stuck his tongue at his older brother's expression as Anzu continued to embrace him. "Told you she'd be happy."

"Why is Jounouchi wearing a dog suit?" Mokuba questioned his older brother, having a hunch that he had something with it. He had sneaked in through the girl's bathroom window. The girls that were in there had only been too happy to help such a cute little boy.

"Because I was winning before that idiot caught us."

This night was perfect. Absolutely perfect. She was with her dearest friends, with her boyfriend and little Mokuba. She a snuck a kiss to her boyfriend.

"Are you having fun?" Seto asked.

"Yes. How are you holding up?"

"The mutt is in a dog suit, what's not to like?"

Anzu laughed in spite of herself. Tonight was perfect, what could possibly go wrong?

Suddenly the lights went out.

Oh, crap, Anzu thought, I jinxed it. She attached herself to Seto, not wanting to loose him until they fixed the lights. "Mokuba," she called out, searching blindly with her arm for a mop of hair.

"It's okay, I have him." Seto squeezed her waist.

"You alright, sweetie?"

"Yeah." Mokuba answered, coming around to embrace both Anzu and Seto.

"Good evening, everyone." The booming voice quieted the rising voices of the students.

Then a single light turned on, outlining an oncoming figure who walked slowly to center of the basketball court.

"What the hell is Ryuo doing?" Seto asked his arm still possessively around Anzu and his brother.

"That is not Ryuo." Anzu told him.


"It's Bakura." Yugi informed him.

"Who?" Seto asked, puzzled but knowing trouble was coming.

And herein begins another adventure in the lives of Yugi Motou and Company.

The End

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