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Chapter One: We're HERE!

Two giggling hyperactive girls are to be seen giving each other rides on the other's trolley, much to the dismay of the two owls, locked in their cages, which are perched precariously on the top of the pile of trunks, backpacks, and suspicious looking tall thin packages.

On the last push Fran fell off her trolley and Katie fell over after pushing too hard. They stand up double fast upon noticing two boys, one blonde, tall, toned and with grey eyes to be lost in and the other with black hair, toned, tall and with sparkling green eyes, both too immersed in bickering with each other to notice the two girls, much to said girl's annoyance, and so… a plan is hatched.

They unlike many before them have no problems entering the platform, both helping the other to haul their junk onto the train, carrying their owls into an empty carriage, taking turns at lookout duty for "The Sex Gods"

Franni, whose turn it was to be on lookout, squeaked as she saw Harry (the black haired god) approaching from one direction and Draco (the blonde sexy creature that he was) approaching from the other. She ran inside and both girls stripped their tops off and face the closed curtains, chatting merrily. Both boys jostling each other outside to enter the carriage first, neither winning, opening the door together and their jaws drop, also in unison.

Katie, turning around without blushing, laughs, despite the fact that she is only wearing a bra, and addresses the boys with, "Oh, Hi! Damn Franni we forgot to lock the door" laughing again at the looks on their faces. Draco looking very flushed in comparison to his pale skin and Harry appearing just as flushed despite his tan. Hermione's distinct voice calling from behind the stunned boys "HELLO?? What's the hold up?" Hermione's head then popped around the edge of the door and she sniggers and covers Ron's eyes… much to his annoyance, Herm then drags Ron, Harry and Draco away, laughing the whole time. Herm standing in the doorway and announcing "Right boys, shove off, this is a girls carriage now!"

"Malfoy" "Potter" are hissed at each other as the enemies pass one another.

Herm enters the carriage, shuts the door and falls onto the seats laughing, "You girls are amazing, though, you try that on Ron and I will curse you from here to Australia" The three girls laugh at this and Fran replies for both herself and Katie, "Don't worry Herm, he's alllllll yours!"

With the staking out of territory done, the gossip session begins.

"So Katie and Fran other than flirting with the boys, what was the point of the stripping?" Herm asked

"Well we thought that instead of being rushed to change when we got close to Hogwarts, we could change into our robes now" Fran answered

"Plus the whole flirt with gorgeous guys thing came into play" Katie continued.

Both previously practically topless girls by now dressed in their plain black school robes.

"Sooo," Franni says "Wonder what house Katie and I will be in" mouthing the thought that had just crossed all their minds.

Katie sits down and laughs softly "The looks on their faces could be bottled and sold, you'd think that we were actually topless by the way they were reacting… we still had our bras on after all." *she grins evilly* "Franni it was fun… lets do it again!"

*they all falls back onto the seats laughing harder*Fran saying "Katie, you are so evil!" "I know… and it's so much fun!"

A hesitant knock on the door, Herm answers only to see Draco, Harry & Ron fighting to be at the door first. Ron sputtering out "Nearly there… oh, you're all ready"

Katie answering "Yes… that was the point of our changing in here earlier"

Harry and Draco peer in over Ron's shoulder to check on the girl's state of undress, with a "Damn" said in unison the boys are once more ushered from the carriage, for the gossip chain of three to deal with these new developments. Could Harry and Draco be interested in Fran and Katie… How could they not?? {add evil author's cackle here… MUAHAHAHAHAHA}


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