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A/N This is the sequel to my other story 'Link and Saria friends or more?' If you haven't read that eventhough it's cheesy and written awfullyyou may not understand some of this.

A light rain began to fall as an eerie mist descended over the land of Hyrule. For the last five years no trouble had occurred in the kingdom apart from the odd disagreements between some of the races but nothing major. A small pale blue carriage drawn by two small white horses was making its way towards Lon Lon ranch bumping along the narrow paths. Voices could faintly be heard coming from within the carriage.

"I don't know how father could send his own darling daughter out in this weather just to get milk, I mean Zoras' don't even drink it much!" A fifteen year old Princess Ruto moaned folding her arms while staring out at the now heavy rain. She turned to face the boy next to her who had been looking through the opposite window. "Mido are you even listening to me?" Ruto asked while lightly hitting him on his arm. The Kokiri leader turned his head and nodded to show he had heard her. Mido had grown a lot in the last few years, he still had his untidy strawberry blonde hair and a couple of freckles but his height had greatly increased and his scrawny figure had filled out, he wasn't as quite as tall as Ruto yet though since Zoras' were naturally very tall.

Soon the carriage rolled into the ranch. Malon noticing the Zora carriage enter the ranch stopped what she had been doing and ran over to greet them. Malon, who would be fifteen in a few months had grown to be a rather pretty young lady with her long flaming red hair and smooth skin, but sadly she still hadn't found the knight who would come and take her away from all her troubles.

Ruto slipped out of the carriage door and walked over to Malon to collect the milk. Malon pointed out some crates at the far side of the field which seemed to be the milk ready to be picked up. Ruto groaned, it was still raining and now she had to go all the way over to the other side of the field to collect one of the crates. Luckily one of the Zora guards had been sent with her so she wouldn't only have Mido to order about. The Princess motioned for the guard to go over with Mido and carry a crate back to the carriage. While the two were busy getting the milk Ruto went back over to Malon.

"So, how's life?" Ruto mumbled trying to make conversation. Malon wondered why Ruto was interested about how she was. "It's uh not bad." Malon replied as she looked at Ruto who appeared to be paying no attention. Suddenly there was a yelp from the field as the crate fell down hard on Mido's foot, Malon started to giggle as Ruto rolled her eyes and shuffled off to help.

After a bit of struggling the three managed to haul the crate into the back of the carriage. Mido limped into one of the seats followed by Ruto who waved a thanks to Malon before signalling to the guard that it was ok to leave.

"Hmm I know, let's make a stop at the Forest before we take this milk back to father, I'm sure he can wait." Ruto grinned and ordered the guard to take them the other way.

The rain was now easing off and the mist slowly lifting. That day the Kokiri village was a peaceful place with just the trickling of the small waterfall creating any noises. This peace was quickly interrupted as a teenaged girl walked along the path crunching the leaves as she stepped on them. Her shoulder length green hair sparkled from the rain which had soaked her when she had visited the Great Deku Tree. She turned her clear blue eyes towards the sky as the clouds began to disappear.

"At last, I thought those grey skies would never end." Saria smiled. Just then she heard the squeaking of carriage wheels along with clattering of horse hoofs entering from the field. The carriage came to a holt near the entrance and Ruto jumped out as the guard helped Mido into his house. Ruto spotted Saria and skipped over to her nearly slipping on the wet leaves dotted around the ground.

"What happened to him?" Saria asked while looking in Mido's direction. Ruto sighed and put on a sad looking face.

"It was quite a tragic accident, the crate found his foot so tempting it couldn't resist slamming itself down on to it." Ruto threw herself onto the floor and began to prey for Mido's foot. Saria slowly backed away thinking Ruto had finally lost it. The Zora Princess then leapt to her feet and began to laugh. Saria just stood there and shook her head then began to laugh with her.

Hyrule castle was full of hassle as usual. Many guards were rushing around this way and that carrying out different tasks for the King. The King himself was in one of the meeting rooms along with his now fifteen year old daughter Princess Zelda and Link who was the same age. The three had been discussing Hyrule's safety as they had been doing each month for the past few years. The King had been doing this to make sure everyone knew what they needed to do if an enemy should arise once again. Zelda sighed as she scanned over the list she had been writing of what she thought were the main safety issues in Hyrule. While writing this her mind had began to wonder and she had ended up adding some things that had nothing to do with safety.

"Hmm let me see.

Sort out the security around Gerudo Valley.

Make sure Lake Hylia isn't over flowing.

Go to the market to pick up some new clothes.

Ask Malon to give me some horse riding tips." Zelda didn't even notice what she had put as she handed her paper to her father and made to leave the room. Her long golden hair cascaded down her back as the young Princess stood up and exited without a word.

"Such a beautiful girl isn't she?" Asked the King as he broke the silence. Link looked up from his paper not knowing what to say, he wouldn't deny that Zelda was indeed a very pretty girl and he knew that the King had been trying to get them together even though Zelda had grown out of her crush on Link and Link himself only had eyes for Saria. Link hid behind his paper as he scribbled something down, he then looked it over not really paying attention to what he had written.

Pick up Saria's locket from jeweller's

Keep eye out for Ganondorf.

Link shrugged as he tossed his paper onto the table and pushed his chair out ready to leave. The King picked up his and Zelda's lists and took a quick glance at each.

"You've both made some very good suggestions this month." The King muttered in a sarcastic tone. Link grinned sheepishly before making a dash for the door saying something about being in a rush.

The sun was slowly peeping through the clouds as the rain vanished.

"Only ten minutes to go" Link huffed as he ran down the winding white lane from the castle. Two minutes later the teenager entered the market to find most people were packing up their stalls or locking up the shops. Link swiftly turned down one of the alleys and raced to the jeweller's. Just as he was nearing the shop there was a loud crash and before he had time to figure out what was going on the door of the jeweller's flew off its hinges revealing a flying shadow that seemed to be holding something small in one of its hands. Link ran a little closer and was shocked to find that the shadow had the locket clasped tightly between its fingers. Link didn't wait another second, he took out his bow and took aim but the shadow had other plans, it swooped towards him screeching like a redead as it sent him flying into a nearby wall with a smack. Link wasn't going to be beaten that easily, he leapt up, grabbed his boomerang and prepared to throw but the shadow had vanished taking the locket with it.

"Damn it!" Link yelled throwing the boomerang into the wall which was a bad idea since it came spinning back hitting him in the face. "Argh why this? Nothing has happened for the last five years and now a shadow appears out of nowhere and takes Saria's locket." Link had bought Saria that locket over five years ago in the market, at the time everyone had thought it was just a normal locket until Saria had learnt how to harness its true power and stopped one of Ganondorf's loyalist followers Alfos Red from destroying Hyrule. Link sighed picking up his bow that he had dropped when the shadow had surprised him and put it away along with the boomerang. "They must have found out about the locket's powers and want it for themselves." Link mumbled kicking an empty box as he headed out of the market and made for home.

In a dark cave to the back of Death Mountain the shadowy figure entered panting out of breath. There was a bright flash and the shadow vanished to reveal a young girl of about thirteen with long dark hair and dark eyes to match.

"Ebony?" A stern voice called from deep within the cave. "Did you succeed?" As this was said a figure appeared from the darkness clad in black robes but had the same facial features as the younger girl.

"Of course I did Saffron." Ebony replied swinging the locket to show she had it. Saffron's face lit up with excitement as her eyes saw the locket sparkling before her. She snatched it from Ebony and held it in front of her face marvelling at the small object.

"Little sisters aren't totally useless after all." Saffron chuckled patting Ebony on the head who narrowed her eyes at that action while swatting her elder sister's hand away.

"It wasn't easy you know? I had to sneak into that shop like a normal customer, locate the locket then escape. Things would have been a bit more simpler if that pesky hero hadn't shown up and tried to attack me!" Ebony growled slumping down onto a rock. Saffron slowly turned to face her twisting the locket between her fingers.

"Hero? Are you referring to the Hero of Time?" Saffron asked. The younger sister snorted at this as she stood again looking Saffron straight in the eyes.

"No. I was talking about that guy Ingo from the ranch. Yes obviously I was on about Link!" She yelled. Both sisters knew what Link was capable of and had been hoping he wouldn't get in the way. Saffron thought for a moment then began to laugh to herself.

"Haha Uncle Alfos would be so proud with the plans I've just thought up for Link and more importantly King Ganondorf himself will also be very impressed." Ebony tilted her head to one side wondering what her sister was planning. Whenever Saffron had something big planned it usually went wrong which is why they had never been chosen to take out Link and the Sages but since Ganondorf hadn't been around for last few years Saffron had decided to take matters into her own evil hands and to avenge her dear uncle who used to teach her and Ebony some black magic. That magic would now come in very useful.

"We may have the locket but this is far from over" Saffron cackled placing the locket into a small box then turning in for the night. Tomorrow would be the day they began to put the plans into action.