by Taitofan

Rated PG-13 for yaoi and twincest

Disclaimer- I don't own Digimon Frontier... Though I do have some KouKou doujinshi. ^.^

Author's note- Fluffy-limeish-humor. What more could you ask for? ^.~ Just a short PWP, inspired by what else, but a lollipop! OOC? Maybe. But it shouldn't matter too much. Have fun. ^.^

Flames make me laugh but I listen to CC. Please read, review, and enjoy! Finished 03-11-04


"What are you doing?"

"What does it look like I'm doing?"

"It looks like you're molesting that poor lollipop." Kouichi pulled the cherry-flavored candy on a small white stick out of his mouth and stared at his twin with an amused look.

"Excuse me?" Kouji nodded, completely serious.

"It's true! If that lollipop could talk, it would be screaming rape!"

"Kouji," Kouichi said, going back to licking his candy, "you're looking into this way too far." Kouji pouted, something he'd only do in front of his brother, and shook his head.

"I am not. You should see the way you're sucking and licking that thing. It's close to being public indecency!" Kouichi laughed at the thought and at the pout Kouji still wore. Kouji always looked so cute when he wasn't being so serious.

"Are you jealous otouto-chan?" Kouji blushed and his pout quickly turned into a scowl.

"Me? Jealous of a stupid lollipop? That's ridiculous! Why in the world would you think that?"

"Because," the older twin explained, walking closer to his brother, sticking the lollipop back in its wrapper and putting it into his pocket, "you're making such a big deal out of such a little lollipop. Do you wish it was *you* I was licking, hmm?" Kouji's blush increased.

"Onii-chan, don't be so perverted..."

"Oh, but dear brother," Kouichi all but purred, quickly invading Kouji's personal space, "I think that you like it. You *do* like it, don't you?" Kouji nodded, his eyes starting to gloss over and his breathing beginning to quicken. Kouichi smiled.

"That's what I thought." Kouichi closed the small gap between them by placing his lips on his brother's, pulling them into a passionate kiss. Kouichi slid his tongue into Kouji's awaiting mouth, savoring the sweetness that was his lover.

Kouji moaned against the mouth attached to his, able to taste the remains of the cherry lollipop Kouichi had been eating. He could see why Kouichi had enjoyed it so much, it did taste good. Of course, this way it tasted much better!

They eventually pulled away, almost out of breath and breathing heavily. Kouichi wrapped his arms around Kouji, who in turn snuggled into his embrace. After a few minutes spent catching his breath, Kouichi spoke up.


"Yeah, Kouichi?"

"I love you." Kouji smiled and sighed contently.

"I love you too." A few moments went by...

"Wanna go up to my room? I can show you what it feels like to be a lollipop..." Kouji blushed again, but nodded with enthusiasm.

"Let's go!"

The twins raced up through the empty house to Kouichi's room. After the door slammed shut, not much else could be heard for quite a while... But by the end of the day, Kouji had a new respect for lollipops.