Title: Harry Potter and The Bungling Teacher.

Author: Beth Brownell

Summary: This story deals with the Masons coming over to dinner and what if they knew about Harry and what happens afterwards.

Rating: PG

Pairing(s): None at all.

Feedback: desired especially if it is to agree with my thoughts on that idiot teacher Lockhart.

Characters: Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, Ron Weasley, Remus Lupin, Sirius Black, Fudge, Dumbledore, Snape, Lockhart, and various other students and staff members of Hogwarts.

What Universe is this set in? : Alternate Universe.

Notes: I been wondering what would happen if the Dursleys had to reveal Harry to the Masons. Everyone will be out of character as this started as a 'What if scenario' of the first part of COS and it ended up getting a life of its own now. I am also bringing in two characters that would be normally seen in book three and yes, he is free as things will be explained. The idea about Lockhart came from my friend Devona.

Disclaimer: I am only borrowing the characters that JKR created for a short time and I'm not receiving any money for this story. JKR is a Goddess for blessing us with them.

Harry Potter and The Bungling Teacher.

"All right, in the living room everyone. Let us go over the schedule for this evening. Petunia, you will be - ?" asked Vernon.

"In the lounge," said Petunia, waving her arm towards the couch. "Waiting to welcome them graciously to our home,"

"Good. Dudley?"

"I'll be waiting to open the door and greet them with a warm smile," Dudley put on a fake smile.

"They'll love him!" cried Aunt Petunia.

Vernon, Dudley and Petunia turned towards Harry. Vernon growled. "And you, boy?"

"I'll be up in my room making no noise and pretending I do not exist."

"Too right you will, boy. With any luck, this could well be the day I make the biggest deal in my career."

The doorbell rings sending the music of 'God save the Queen' into the air, as Vernon quickly hissed to Harry to move his body up to his room as they all quickly move into place.

Harry quickly head up the stairs and only pause long enough to hear the Masons being introduced to Dudley before he entered his room and closed the door.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

It was not long after the Masons entered the living room. Mrs. Mason looked at the pictures of Dudley and it looked like she was searching for another photo of someone else as well.

"So Petunia tell me where is the photos of your nephew, Harry Potter?" asked Mrs. Mason turning around to look at Petunia. "I see many photos of your son, but none of your nephew who you are raising?"

Petunia looked at Vernon shocked before turning back to Mrs. Mason. "I do not have a nephew by that name."

"But you do. I did my homework on your family, Mr. Dursley. When I get into a business deal with anyone, I find out everything about that person and after talking to your neighbors we learned a great deal about your family. We both know about you and your family raising young Mr. Potter since he was a baby. Now, where is that young teenager?" asked Mr. Mason looking towards them.

"Just a moment, Petunia pour them some drinks as I go find Harry," said Vernon as he forced a smile on his face. He headed out of the living room and into Dudley's bedroom and grabbed another dinner jacket and some better clothes from Dudley's closet.

Vernon went to Harry's room and entered to see him sitting at his desk reading a book. "Potter, get into these clothes in two minutes and come downstairs immediately. Also do something with that hair of yours!" Vernon growled.


"Because if you do not show up downstairs that the Masons will probably not buy any drills from my company and I will make your life miserable for the rest of the bloody summer. You hear me, boy!" Vernon spat. Vernon turned from the room and headed down the stairs.

"Yes, uncle Vernon," Harry said, as he picked up the clothes placed on his bed, after he was dressed, he ran a comb over his hair trying to get it to behave right.

"He'll be down shortly. Petunia please set out another plate and silverware for Harry. Usually he eats in his room," said Vernon.

Petunia looked at Vernon and did as he said, just as Harry entered the kitchen. "Go into the living room, boy."

"Ah, Harry, this is Mr. and Mrs. Mason. Mr. and Mrs. Mason, this is my nephew Harry Potter. His parents were killed in a car crash a year after the dear lad was born and he came to live with us after that," said Vernon.

Both Masons looked at Harry in the oversize jacket and clothes. "A bit oversize jacket, Harry, isn't it?"

"Yes, it is but they thought I would be taller and a little bigger than I am, Mrs. Mason," Harry said, smiling shyly.

"Well, Vernon, you should really take him out and get some good clothes that would fit him better." Mr. Mason said. "My company has a weekend where we get to bring in our son or a nephew if we do not have a son and shows them what we do at work, give them some education about what we do and see if they may want to come to work when the day comes that they need to get a job. Does your company do the same?"
"Yes, I just took them both last weekend, both enjoyed it." Vernon said.

"What do you think of Vernon's job, Harry? And what do you think of your father's job Dudley?" asked Mr. Mason.

"I find it interesting," Harry said not really knowing what Vernon does at his job.

"As do I," Dudley agreed with Harry, knowing if he said how he really feels about Vernon's job he'll get his ear whacked. He hates what his father does at work. It didn't even give him a chance to bully anyone around.

"Dinner is ready, everyone." Petunia said, with a forced smile on her face as she looked at Harry but a sweet smile as soon as she looked at Dudley, Vernon and the Masons.

They retired into the dining room where they started to have dinner. Dudley couldn't help but to frown when he had to be regulated to the outer part of the table cause of his heavyset body.

Harry couldn't believe how tasty the roast pork was or how the other food tasted as all he knew was stale bread and day old cheese or stone cold soup. It was nothing compared to the meals he got at Hogwarts. Those were far more delicious than what Petunia gave him before tonight.

"So what school do you go to, Harry?" asked Mr. Mason.

"I go to a private school in Scotland, which my parents arranged for me to be in when I was a wee babe. My folks made sure that I would be in the best school in Scotland as that's was where they went to school at," Harry said.

"Great! Such good family traditions! Our son is going to school in London, says he hates it there but he'll cope," said Mr. Mason, looking at Harry and then turning his eye on Dudley. "So which school do you go, Dudley?"

"I go to Smelting, where my dad went to," Dudley said.

Mrs. Mason asked about the flowers that Petunia grew and that gave way for more smiles to be passed about the table. Petunia offhandedly mentioned that Harry helps a great deal in the garden with the flowers as Dudley was not handy in the garden but has a great eye for flower arrangements as the flowers on the dining room table was his arrangement.

Mrs. Mason was thrilled as she spoke, "It's not every day that a young man like Dudley creates such a splendid job on this arrangement. Have you considered going into the flower business, Dudley?"

"I haven't figured out what I'm going to do when I get older but I may take a summer job next year but I'm looking at several positions this year before I decide on next year's summer job, Mrs. Mason," Dudley stated, only after getting a glare from his mother.

"I think you should look into a flower shop and give them a helping hand. Take photos of this display and any other you do and show it to them in your portfolio. They'll be impressed and may hire you for the summer months, Dudley. It will give you more experience when you do it full time when you get out of school." Mrs. Mason said, as she looked at him. "And Petunia, you better help him out with getting all of his arrangements photographed as soon as he finishes them with him in the picture as that will help his job applications if they see him putting the final touches on a piece."

"I will do that on the next arrangement that he does for me," said Petunia.

"My bridge club is meeting up next weekend, why don't you and your son come by with one of his arrangements. I'm sure that my friends would love to see his arrangements. One of my friends owns a flower shop in East Surrey and she'll love to have your son as an extra help in the summer if you haven't found a job, Dudley," spoke Mrs. Mason.

"Oh sorry," Dudley said through a mouthful of mashed potatoes, which came out of his mouth as he spoke.

"Dudley, pumpkins, what did I say about not talking with your mouth full?" chided Petunia.

Dudley finished swallowing. "Sorry mother, Mrs. Mason."

The dinner finished a few minutes later as Petunia served the pudding and poured the coffee into three cups and poured hot chocolate in two cups as Mr. Mason and Vernon started to talk about drills but then, Mr. Mason put in a clause on purchasing the drills.

"I want to see how Harry looks without those baggy clothes he wears. So in three nights from now, if you do not mind hosting us for dinner again, Mr. Dursley, we'll see Harry looking as good as your son as he is a part of your family and he should look it instead of wearing hand me down clothes," said Mr. Mason.

Vernon looked like he was about to blow up but he quickly asked, "Petunia, do you smell smoke? Oh no! The oven!" and he and Petunia went running out of the room towards the kitchen.

They both knew that they would be spending money on 'the boy' to get him new clothes to wear. They knew that they had to come up with some lie about how he was going back to the dorms in couple of days.

They walked out with a fresh pot of coffee and sat back down. Petunia as she poured the coffee into Mrs. Mason's cup. "This happens to be one of Harry's last nights with us. He's heading back to Scotland couple of days from now,"

The Masons' bought the lie, though they said they'll be by tomorrow afternoon to see them again and even though Harry was shocked about it and tried to state that school semester doesn't start till September 1st, but all he got was a glare coming from Vernon and Petunia and he quickly closed his mouth. Mr. Mason worked out a deal with Vernon and the contract was signed.

It was agreed that next weekend that they'll get together for a card game and after another cup of coffee, the Masons left. Harry thought that the Dursleys' nice attitude towards him wouldn't last for long. But it didn't as Vernon smiled towards him.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

"I guess we better get you some better clothes, Harry, if they are going to come by tomorrow and since you'll still be here at that time; you will need some new clothes," Vernon said.

"What about my school uniform? It fits me," Harry suggested.

"Get it out of your trunk and let us see if it has anything that states where your school is," said Vernon. Harry rushed from the room to his room and grabbed his school uniform.

"Vernon!" hissed Petunia.

"Silence, Petunia. We can't have him in those dirty old hand-me-downs of Dudley anymore. He's getting too tall to fit in Dudley's clothes anymore. It will be dealt with a visit to his world," Vernon said.

"A visit to…are you mad, Vernon…his world? Vernon, what do you mean by that?" asked Petunia.

"We are going to his world to get him some better clothes," said Vernon. "I am also going to find someone else to take you in, Mr. Potter."

"Take me in?" asked Harry looking at him shocked.

"Yes, find another family member maybe your father's parents are still alive, to keep you as I am not going to continue raising you," said Vernon.

"They are dead as well as any known family members of the Potter family. All I have is my mother's side and the lone family member I have from my mother's family is Petunia," spoke Harry.

"Well, don't have they a newspaper where you can ask if there is a godparent out there or search for a family friend?" asked Vernon.

"They do have a newspaper; it is called 'The Daily Prophet'. It's delivered by Owls. I could send Hedwig out to get a subscription and also to put in an ad looking for my godparents are out there and we can start searching as soon as possible?" asked Harry.

"Do it! I'll start writing the search ad," said Vernon as he turned to his desk and started to write something down. "And you may take your trunk to your bedroom and work on your homework or whatever you need done."

Soon, Hedwig was sent with the message in her talons along with a small bag filled with payment for the ad placement and the subscription. But also she held another letter to Ron Weasley telling him the news and asking him for some aid in finding his godparents if they still lived.

Vernon told Harry to get some sleep as Vernon turned towards his family and started to tell them his reasons why he's being nice to Harry.

Stay tuned, the next chapter is coming.