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Chapter Fifteen.
The truth about Lockhart is revealed.

Snape heard from his students that Lockhart was fired; a wicked grin came over his face as he hurried out to find Lockhart before he left the grounds for good. "Lockhart, do come and have a cup of tea with me. I heard about the firing. I thought you were doing really well with the children."

"I thought I was," Lockhart stated, as they went to Snape's office and sat down in the chair across from Snape's desk.

Snape poured tea into two cups. "Sugar, Lockhart?"

"Yes, thank you," Lockhart stated, never seeing the blue vial slip out of Snape's sleeve and three drops of a liquid was placed within the cup. Lockhart accepted the cup from him and took a sip from it.

Lockhart started to brag about how he managed to kill all those monsters that he had said that he confronted in his books. Snape was shocked when he heard that Lockhart was not just only an idiot teacher, he was a fake, he never slew those creatures at all, someone else had done it and Lockhart erased their memories and claimed it was he who slew that Dark Creature and started to publish books on his adventures which was basically all lies about how he did it when in fact it was another Witch or Wizard who did the deed.

Snape kept up with the tea till he went to the Fire Whiskey and got the man really drunk, he blabbed about how many Witches and Wizards' memories he took from them to get his stories and get the fame that he desired.

Snape continued listening to Lockhart blab about more things, even things he didn't want to know about the man. But he nodded his head and kept pouring letting the Wizard spill his guts to him and to an unknown person within the room. Snape noticed that the person nodded his head and Snape smiled slightly towards Lockhart. "I am afraid I need to get to my next class, Lockhart. I will escort you to the waiting carriage."

"Thank you for letting me be able to rant about this, Snape. I really didn't want to lose this job." Lockhart stated.

Snape smiled, "I'm sure you didn't I know how much you liked the kids,"

"They are all very bright and very hungry to learn. Miss Granger being the best one out of the whole class, I am sure that she will go far in her career," Lockhart replied, as they headed to the carriage that awaited Lockhart.

Snape watched as he left the grounds before returning to his office. "Did you get everything?"

"Oh yes, I got every single word that he said. By tomorrow, Gilderoy Lockhart will not be able to sell one of his books at the price they are now or even sign autographs for his fans as he won't have any fans to speak about." Spoke the Daily Prophet reporter, looking at his notebook that held all of the conversation that Snape did with Lockhart. "Gilderoy Lockhart as of now will be a total has been author and Wizard by morning."

"No one will believe his tales now, will you be interviewing the students?" asked Snape.

"Of course, I want to add their reaction to him and his teaching methods and then to his firing," The reporter stated, as he headed off to intercept some students.

The reporter got plenty of stuff for his paper by nightfall; he hurried back to the newspaper and quickly got it into the paper for the next mornings' paper with a big smiling face of Gilderoy Lockhart.

The next morning, all the students and fellow Wizards and Witches had their copies of the newspaper and reading it as the paper revealed that Gilderoy Lockhart was a fake, that he never did any of those things that he stated that he did!

Gilderoy Lockhart, sitting in one of the outdoor eateries had gotten the paper and couldn't believe what he was reading. He was fuming when he read at the bottom the reporter thanking Professor Snape in helping him get the story. 'How could he betray him like that?' Lockhart thought to himself. 'The stuff that I told him, I didn't want repeated to someone else!'

"LOCKHART IS A FRAUD!" Someone yelled in his direction.

Soon, rotten fruit and vegetables were being thrown in his direction soon he couldn't even show his face outside his own home before something would be thrown at him. He could not even go anywhere anymore. 'I'm ruined,' he bemoaned himself as he gazed out his window.

Meanwhile, the DADA class now had two new teachers – Remus J. Lupin and Sirius Black. They immediately sent the new course book list to the parents of the students and told them to have it Owled to the school immediately as they will be starting on the new books immediately.

The students made up what they had missed cause of Lockhart and then some before summer holiday came about. They enjoyed having two teachers teaching them. If someone was having a difficult time with what they were learning the extra teacher would help that student out. Neville was able to do spells that he previously got wrong, thanks to Sirius's help. But for three days out of each month, Remus was indisposed and Sirius would give them the chance to finish up their DADA homework or have a discussion on what they were learning to that point. The other teachers found that the students were once again very happy to be in class.

Snape was not on friendly terms with Remus or Sirius at first but during the morning meal they were seen speaking heatedly before hands were being shook and they were seen laughing together at some joke that Sirius would say. All of the students started to get really good grades in all classes much to the joy of their parents and themselves. When class was over the students still want to stay and learn more. Morrigan said to Ron, "It's about time we are actually learning something."

"Indeed, I will be telling my mum and dad about these two teachers being our best ones yet!" Ron replied.

The favorable reports back to their parents or guardians were received with joy from them and the two teachers got letters from the parents thanking them for stepping up to teach their children about the Dark Arts, compared to their previous teacher who was fired, you are by far the best ones they had to date, please remain on staff. Sirius and Remus were extremely happy with the letters as well as Dumbledore. And it shocked most of them that the two Houses – Slytherin and Gryffindor were becoming friends with each other, it was later learned that they worked together in order to get Lockhart fired.

The children started study groups so they could help out the other students and to learn more. Gretchen said to Hermione, "I never learned this much in one week,"

"It's all thanks to Professors Lupin and Black. They made learning fun again." Hermione stated, looking at her. "I wonder what they have up their sleeves for next year, Gretchen."

"I wonder what too. Anyways, it should be fun, that's for sure," Gretchen replied.

"I can't wait for next year," Lee Jordan said.

"Me too," Ron replied, as he walked next to them. "I hear they are returning for next year too."

The kids who were walking by heard that and started to cheer as all of the students liked the two Professors.

"So Harry, like spending more time with us even at school?" asked Sirius, as he walked with his son.

"I was shocked that you two were our new Professors but I enjoyed the lessons very much and learned so much compared to the last Professor we had." Harry replied. "And yes, I did enjoy spending more time with you, dad."

Sirius smiled. "Let's go home, shall we?"

"Sure, coming Remus?" Harry said, looking back at Remus who was finishing talking to couple of the students.

"Yes, I'm coming." Remus replied, as they headed for home.

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