Have a Very Merry X-Mas

by Benji The Vampire Confuser

I don't own the Sentinels or Apocalypse. Nor am I taking credit for Santa, I believe Mr. Moore, author of A night before Christmas created the modern version of Santa. Not sure who came up with Rudolph.

"Now let's see, Logan, mmmmm, what the hell, nice." Santa checked his list one more time, just to be sure. He sighed happily. He loved his responsibilities. Christmas was of course a hectic time for him, but he loved it all the same.

"Now then," he said. "Let's get going." He flipped on the intercom. "Murray, is the sleigh ready?"

"No problem Kris." the elf's voice answered. "Rudolph's on standby, and the rest are rarin' to go."

"All right I'm on-" Santa cut off when he saw a huge explosion outside. "What in the?" he muttered. "I'll be right there Murray."

Santa exited his house, tucking his list into his pocket. He had a pretty good idea what was going on.

"Greetings Nicholas."

He was right. "Oh. It's you. It's been quite a while since I last concerned myself with the power plays of the other Externals Nur. What do you want?"

"For the strong to survive of course." Apocalypse answered. "I have come to put a stop to your activities. They are not conducive to my work."

Santa shook his head sadly. "You just don't get it do you. Peace on Earth and Goodwill towards men, are not weakness, they're what makes people strong. It's what makes me strong. You made a big mistake attacking me on tonight of all nights. This is when my power is at it's peak. Bye now."

Then, laying a finger on the side of his nose, and giving a nod, he sent Apocalypse hurtling through the sky. He wasn't sure where he'd end up, but he didn't really care. He had a schedule to keep.

Only those involved in Santa's work knew that mutation had begun to pass on to other species on the planet. But then, as far as they knew, Rudolph was the only one of his kind. Naturally, the power to make his nose glow was not very powerful. But it was enough to draw the attention of the wrong kind of people.

"Target identified."

Rudolph ran for his life, dodging laser blasts. He was running low on steam, and without Santa's powerful mutant power, his ability to fly was gone. He was a sitting duck. Unless…

Murray tossed the hand on the table. "Gin!" he cried happily. The elves were celebrating their Christmas party.

"Hey!" someone yelled. "Rudolph's nose is lit!"

"What? Why?" the other elves asked.

"He must be in trouble!" Murray said. "Let's go!"

The elves stormed from the workshop and gaped at the sight before them. Rudolph was trapped by several cyborgs.

"Sentinels!" Murray growled. "How'd they find us?"

"Who cares." another said. "Let's rock."

The sentinels suddenly became aware of several other mutant signatures. But it was too late.

The elves all possessed the same mutant power. It greatly helped them in their work, making the presents that Santa delivered. And because people changed what they wanted for Christmas often.

Soon, instead of three sentinels, the snow fields of the north pole were occupied by the elves in the snow-mobiles that they'd changed the Sentinels into.

The End

Merry Christmas.