The Legend of Zelda: The Princess of the Zoras

Boring Disclaimer: I don't own any of the legend of Zelda characters; this is just based on fun and for reading pleasure!

**Author's Note** I know there are a lot of people out there who simply despise Princess Ruto from the Legend of Zelda, for whatever reason. I completely understand why you may hate her, but in this short saga I'm making an attempt to write something about her and actually try and make her likable, if that's even possible.

Zoras Domain. Such a beautiful flourishing place, filled with such vast amounts of mystery and magic no one could possibly comprehend how deeply she loved her home. Ruto stood at the top of the waterfall, watching its crystal clear waters flow around her feet and fall in an array of mist to the pool of water below. She stood solemnly; admiring the place she had lived in all her life, and felt pride overwhelm her.

Although she was the sage of water and guardian of the Water Temple in Lake Hylia, she would not allow herself to remain in the sacred realm. As a Zora, she was bound to the water because it was like a life force for her, something that kept her spirits high and body moist and clean. Water purified her soul, and made her feel complete. Thus, she would never sacrifice anything to part with her own element, even if it meant being unable to remain in the sacred realm with the other sages.

As a child, she loved Zoras Domain, and since she was the princess she had access to all areas of her watery home. The other Zoras knew her well, and respected her, because of who she was and because of her ever-demanding ways. Ruto got whatever her heart desired, except one thing: Link. She felt a strange sense of dishearten, to know he never loved her as she loved him. To make matters worse for her, she had given him her most precious possession: the Zoras Sapphire. The Zoras Sapphire was not merely a precious stone it had sentimental value. When she gave it to Link, it was her way of telling him how much the sapphire meant to her, and she was giving him her heart.

"I knew he never felt that way about me. I was stupid to be so naïve and make myself believe he ever did in the first place. Now I no longer have the Zoras Sapphire, and I didn't keep the promise I made to my mother about giving it to the man I would marry..."

Ruto said quietly, her eyes falling upon the smooth walls of Zoras Domain, watching the water reflect on them and cast a shimmering aqua blue glow. She wanted to cry, but no tears came. Crying over someone like Link would be childish, or so she tried to tell herself. She still had her father and Zoras Domain. Even if Link wasn't meant to be her husband after all that had happened, she didn't dislike him for the way he felt. Her people were in his debt, because he had saved Zoras Domain by breaking the curse set on the Water Temple, and risking his life to save her – when she was an adult, and even as a child.

"Life is too short to be mourning over my losses – even if I lost someone I felt I loved..."

The Zora princess murmured, as her eyes shifted away from gazing below. Ruto turned and walked down the short water-filled tunnel that led to the throne room. Upon entering, she looked at her father, who was sitting on the high ledge, which she supposed was the Zora version of a throne. Water flowed from another tunnel behind the ledge, and fell down it gracefully in a short little waterfall. The Zora King was rather large and heavy, and he looked more like an overweight fish than like a Zora. After all, most Zoras except him were very thin and had elegant looking fins and beautiful dark eyes. Ruto respected her father very much, but she couldn't help but believe he was almost ridiculous looking because all he did was just sit in the same spot all-day and everyday.

"Ah Ruto! At last you've gotten over Link. Its about time, I was beginning to get worried about you..."

King Zora said, as his large bulging fishy eyes looked down at his daughter since he couldn't actually move his head in her direction. Ruto sighed in exasperation, and then kicked up a spray of water with one of her webbed feet. She hated how he worried about her all the time that was all he did: worry. Nothing else, except worry and sit around. Ruto was beginning to get fed up with it. Since Zoras Domain finally unthawed after being frozen for seven years, nothing else exciting happened.


Ruto said, her voice hinting slight agitation.

"Please don't intrude into my relationships, its not like Link was my boyfriend or anything. And PLEASE don't worry all the time about me, I'm a grown Zora and I can take care of myself!"

"Well if you insist then..."

King Zora replied bitterly, as if her feelings of being intruded on were not justified enough by his constant questioning about how she was doing.

"But I am your father after all, so it's my duty to look out for you, even if you are grown up now."

Ruto shook her head. He would never leave her alone. All her life her father always thought a male Zoras duty, if he was a father, was to look after his child – it didn't seem to matter to him how old she was or what she was. Zoras mated only twice during their entire lives, so it was of importance to the entire species that at least one of their children survived to adulthood. Ruto knew this, and that her father was just trying to make sure she was healthy and happy for when it would be time for her to find a suitable mate and bear a child of her own.

Before she got over Link, Ruto once seriously thought he would be her chosen mate and they would be deeply in love. It was never meant to be, also because they were separate species too: Link being a Hylian, and she being a Zora. That would have been her golden opportunity to chose her husband, but since the opportunity proved to fail, her father would chose her suitor and she would be forced to marry him. King Zora already had his eye on a young male Zora named Misu, whom he was sure would be the perfect one to help Ruto conceive a child. However, Ruto wasn't interested in Misu, and thought he was terribly boring and not adventurous in the least. Not only that, but she wasn't interested in settling down and being forced to bear children. King Zora only wanted her to marry him because he had such gorgeous fins and was in excellent breeding condition.

"Yes you are my father,"

Ruto acknowledged, feeling her patience wear thin – and she had such little patience to begin with.

"However, I don't need you controlling my life! I want to chose whom I marry, I want to go off on my own adventures and discover hidden things about Lake Hylia. I don't feel ready to settle down just yet, I need more time to do what I've always wanted to do."

King Zora's large eyes blinked once, and he wriggled his feet with disgust before scoffing at her words.

"I am not controlling your life, I am merely making sure you carry out your duties as Princess of the Zoras. You were supposed to give the Zoras Sapphire to the man you wanted to marry, that was your chance to choose your husband, and you knew the risk of being rejected. Now I will choose a suitor for you, and you can make this as easy or hard as you want, but either way you will have to marry a Zora! I think Misu would be the perfect mate for you, after all his family's genes prove to have beautiful coloration and Misu is a champion diver in our diving competition..."

"I don't care what he looks like or who he or you thinks he is, I will NOT marry Misu! He's the most arrogant, self-centered and narcissistic Zora I have ever met. I would rather stay single for the rest of my life then have him as my mate!"

Ruto said angrily turned her back on her father; tired of always showing respect to someone who was now disrespecting her by trying to pair her with someone she despised so much for so many reasons. If she couldn't have Link, she wanted to be with someone who at least made her feel like Link made her feel. Misu was anything but that – although he was a champion diver and he did have wonderful skin and fins, he was a coward in the face of danger, and hid that by bragging about being better at diving than everyone else.

Without speaking again to her father, Ruto stomped out of the throne room and down the steps leading to the main area of Zoras domain. As she walked along a high ledge overlooking the water and the waterfall on the other side, she turned a corner leading toward the shop and didn't see Misu coming in her direction. The two Zoras nearly collided with one another, and when Ruto recognized who it was, she seethed further in her anger and stopped dead in her tracks.

"Well, well, well...its so pleasant to see you, princess..."

Misu said, looking at her with his dark almost black colored eyes. He was a very tall Zora, with large fins growing from each arm that shimmered under the glow reflected off the cavernous walls of Zoras Domain. His hands and feet were wide and thickly webbed, which made him very well equipped for swimming and faster than most Zoras in the water. A long fish like tail grew from the back of his head, which unlike most Zoras, was covered with gold colored scales instead of the normal aqua green.

Just the sight of him made Ruto's stomach wrench, and her eyes narrowed in fury while she held her head high and stood tall and proud, ignoring the misleading smile he wore on his lips.

"You can wipe that smile off your face Misu."

Ruto said coldly, feeling her long fingers fold into her palms as her hands clenched and shook with rage. Before she could say anything more, Misu already responded. "What's wrong princess?"

He said with icy politeness, his deep smooth voice echoing off the walls. The male Zora folded his arms across his chest calmly and looked at her intently, as though pretending he didn't notice her anger towards him.

"You should be thrilled, after all, your father told me he is going to announce our engagement very shortly. I thought you admired a Zora who could dive deeper than any whale, and swim faster than all the others. Consider it something for both of us to look forward to..."

"I'm not looking forward to it, and I'm not marrying you!"

Ruto shouted, as her fins and gills flared at him. She knew he was only marrying her to gain the status of Prince of the Zoras, and because almost all the Zoras in Zoras Domain spoke of her as being the most beautiful Zora in all of Hyrule. Misu didn't even flinch at her defiance, which forced Ruto to elaborate on how much she disliked the whole idea.

"I refuse to be wed to someone who possesses such intolerable arrogance! Your not marrying me because you love me, your just marrying me because you want to breed with me so I can bear you the son you've always wanted and continue your stupid family line. Find someone else for that, because I've got my whole life ahead of me and I don't need someone like you to be a part of it!"

Misu looked at her in surprise, but said nothing, apparently taken aback by her sudden explosion of anger. As cold and arrogant as he made himself look, that really wasn't what his intentions were. From his point of view, he had no choice either because King Zora had chosen him and he was obligated to marry her even if he didn't want to. The strange part was, that he actually had a secret fondness for the princess. Misu had taken a liking to her demanding and fiery temper. Although he had made it plain to some he did want a son, he never even imagined Ruto knew about that, which made him embarrassed. Before he could say anything, Ruto turned away from him and swiftly departed.

It wasn't long until Ruto found she needed to cool her temper somewhere, and the only place she could think of was in the water. Soon, she was floating gracefully in her watery realm, watching bubbles float around her and rise to the surface. Only in Zoras Domain was the water it's freshest and purest. Ruto's gills moved back and forth in an endless rhythm, while absorbing the water into her body and circulating it to provide oxygen. She floated for a long while, in an area not occupied by anyone so she could be by herself. She felt so lonely and misunderstood, when really she wasn't as misunderstood as she made herself to be.

She would never understand Misu, or why he acted so hotheaded toward her all the time. She could barely tolerate talking to him, let alone being his future wife. The thought made her cringe, yet she heard something from within her tell her to give him a chance. Her explosion on her father was uncalled for after all, and the only way she could make up for it was going along with his plans. Although she disliked it very much, she thought about it more and decided since it was the Zora heritage; she would have to accept it. Even so, she wouldn't let Misu win this battle: if he was going to marry her, then he would have to deal with what being her husband brought with it.