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Ruto swam as hard as she could in the water, and when she managed to observe what was causing the thrashing waves, she wasn't surprised to find the source was at the back of the lake. It seemed the harder she tried to get somewhere in the water, the harder the current and waves fought against her. Ruto cried out when out of nowhere a giant tidal wave shot up in the water and came careening toward her, and when it hit she felt her body being dragged down to the bottom of the lake and spun out of control. A burst of pain flooded through her when her side collided into one of the lake's projecting rocks, and for a moment she was too stunned to move.

As Ruto floated listlessly in the water, her eyes scanned for any trace of Link. What happened to him? From the bottom of the Lake to its surface, she saw no sign of him. The waves had become so violent though, that she couldn't get to him even if she did find out where he was. More so, Ruto felt more concerned as to the cause of the sudden eruption of violence in the water, and her fins flapped wildly to keep her balanced while her gills clamped shut to prevent too much oxygen flowing into her, which would put her into shock.

The waves rolled and swelled, which caused the poor princess to rise and fall with it. Ruto's patience was wearing thin, and if she had to circum herself to the current one more time she felt she would explode. Angrily she kicked hard in the water with her powerful webbed feet, as she threw herself forward as much as she could. Little difference in her position was made, and eventually she gave up after a long tedious struggle.

Then, out of nowhere, Ruto saw a dark shape moving slowly toward her from the back of the lake. In fear she froze and stared at it with glassy eyes, especially as it neared closer and closer with every passing second. The shape was down near the bottom of the lake, and although its black exterior stuck out plainly, it sometimes disappeared mysteriously into the abyss. When things couldn't get possibly more terrifying, a loud shudder shook the water and the rising waves calmed down slightly, giving the Zora princess enough of a chance to swim back a few feet and scan the area for Link.

Still, there was no sign of her hero anywhere. Ruto prayed to the water spirits Link hadn't drowned from the massive tidal wave, but she couldn't keep her hopes up either. He was the hero of time! Ruto thought to herself, as her purple eyes became fixated on the dark object emerging. She had to have more faith in him, and that he could take care of himself. Closer and closer the creature came in the water toward her, and as her dread grew something else faded. Unexpectedly the light shining down from above abruptly vanished, which caused Ruto to look upward in shock.

The sun. It was as if it was gone from the sky...though not exactly. Covering the entire front of it was a dark black circular object that seemed to fit in place perfectly – the moon. It was a solar eclipse. Ruto had seen something like that once before, but it didn't normally last very long. She had a feeling the sun had stopped shining from whatever it was that was coming to get her. The sky darkened and all sounds birds made ceased, and an eerie silence enveloped. Even as Ruto floated at the surface of the water, the water itself seemed gloomy, still and murky. It was so quiet...Ruto could have sworn she could hear her own heart pounding in her chest that would have echoed through out the land as clear as day. Now it seemed as if the day had just vanished and was replaced by the night, but it felt so unnatural.

Although wide eyed by the strange events, Ruto knew never to look at an eclipse for too long. In Zora culture an eclipse was seen as being a terribly bad omen, and whenever the rare occurrence came when one occurred, most Zoras stayed inside Zoras Domain until it ended. On top of that, there was also that mysteriously dark object coming in the water-

Ruto suddenly screamed when creature burst from the water a distance in front of her and flew into the darkened sky. The Zora princess had to shield herself from the erupting waves as a result, but took the time to look up at it and observe what it was. Her heart pounded harshly in her chest, and in her subconscious she hadn't really noticed that her body was trembling terribly at the sight of it. The monster was more terrifying than how it had been as the water serpent, and she had no doubt it was its evolved form.

The creature, as a more plain way of putting it, had taken on a dragon like appearance. Its skin that Ruto had once mistaken for being dark was actually a deep ocean blue color and plated with thousands of large hard scales that went from its massive head to the tip of its long tail. More so by Ruto's observant eyes, it had massive outstretched wings that allowed it to soar into the skies and swim in the water freely. With only a mere flap of its powerful wings it had forced its body out of the water vertically and soared above the water. The monster barely had to flap its wings to stay airborne, but even so its face was the most intimidating part of all.

Looking down on her were vicious glowing yellow reptilian eyes, with thick black slits in the middle. The former water serpent now could swim, fly and was larger than ever before. The creature had a semi snake like face, but it was still more dragon like because of its drastic change in form and appearance. Near the end of its nose was a large protruding spike that seemed to pierce the sky and shine under the strange dull light emanating from the eclipsed sun. On its head were two large fins functioning as the creature's ears spaced evenly apart. It had long immensely powerful looking arms with sharp curved claws on each of its four fingers. The monster's belly however, was a creamy white color that grew more brilliant at the center of its underside. Lining its back was a long black fin almost identical to that of the water serpent, and its muscular clawed feet were carried gracefully beneath it as it flew.

The water dragon as Ruto now thought it should be known, still possessed the water serpent's wide whale like tail, though lining near its flukes were multiple sharp spikes. Its body was so heavily armored with thick scales that it appeared nothing – not even the Zora's Trident – could pierce through it. Its lizard like mouth curved upward as though forming a malicious smile, but Ruto distinctly noticed its eyes narrow when it caught sight of her. The water dragon flew directly in front of the sun and completely unfurled its wide wings, while casting an ominous shadow over the water Ruto floated helplessly in. As if things weren't dark enough already, in Ruto's line of vision everything felt all the more dark and sinister.

The strange light from the eclipsed sun shone through the fine tissues between the ligaments of its wings and made them glow. The scales of the water dragon were greatly reflective and glimmered off of the light reflecting from the water below it. Ruto wasn't sure what to do, as she had no idea what kind of power the water dragon possessed except that it was here and it was going to kill her – or try to. The water dragon had a long graceful plated neck, and with ease it raised its head high into the air before emitting a screeching thunderous roar that caused the water to ripple from its loud sound.

As Ruto stared at it in disbelief and tremendous fear, she couldn't believe what kind of monster Zale had unleashed. What was he thinking? Why! He truly didn't understand what kind of destruction he had caused by summoning such a beast from its sleep, and her only comfort was that he was dead – though replaced by something far more terrifying and powerful. The monster no longer had a snake like body, as it had developed a more uncanny resemblance between a large lizard and a dragon.

Ruto watched the water dragon throw its jaws apart, revealing numerous sharp projecting gleaming teeth that lined its flaming red upper and lower gums. The teeth were in sets of two and not merely lined individually – which meant all the more strength in which to rip her apart if it got a hold of her. The creature's tongue was how it had been as the water serpent – long, thin and forked, though it was a deep stomach turning green color. A loud clicking sound echoed into the still air as the water dragon clicked its incisors irritably, and in disgust she watched droplets of saliva drip from its mouth as it looked hungrily at her.

Then without warning, the water dragon emitted another of its ear splitting screeching roars before it abruptly arched its back in the air. Instantly Ruto dove below the surface, hearing its wings move as the monster flapped them once before turning its body down to the water and plummeting toward it with amazing speed. Ruto kicked with all her strength, her gills opening and closing wildly as she propelled herself to the bottom of the lake. Once there, a rush of water swept around her when the water dragon landed into the water. She could feel its movement as it swam rapidly toward her, its long arms positioned at its side and feet kicking powerfully for more locomotion. It was heading toward her.

Ruto barely had a second to get away, and the moment she moved from where she floated near the bottom of the lake, was the exact moment when the water dragon thrashed its tail in the water and barely missed hitting her. If she had been hit she would have been knocked unconscious, but she knew better than to stay still for too long. Without hesitation she kicked harder in the water and swam as fast as she could. The familiar screeching roar sounded shortly after, and when the current picked up once more she knew the water dragon was pursuing her. She wouldn't last long fleeing from it – it would catch up to her within seconds and finish her off.

Despair flooded through her mind, to know she was going to die so soon in her life. Bravely Ruto continued swimming despite grieving over herself before the battle had actually begun, and it wasn't until the monster lunged its head forward in the water and nearly caught her in its jaws that she fully realized just how much she needed to live. There were so many things she wanted to do in her life, and that creature was trying to end it all and kill everyone and everything she held dear! Ruto's eyes narrowed furiously while she flung herself to the left to avoid its snapping jaws, before precariously continuing to swim as fast as possible. Her body was so weak though, and her head ached from all she had endured previously...how would she continue?

Unexpectedly the water dragon sped up faster in the water, and Ruto could no longer compete with its speed. A rush of shock erupted through her when the water dragon swung its mighty tail at her once more, this time so hard that it knocked Ruto in her back and hurtled her toward the surface. With a splash the force threw her out of the water and high into the air, and seconds later the water dragon swam to the surfaced and burst from it soon after, its wings flapping easily as it headed toward her in the air. For a moment Ruto caught sight of the lake below, as well as the water dragon's immensely vicious face as it opened its jaws to scoop her inside its mouth. A loud scream escaped her mouth and her eyes looked down in terror when her body reached its maximum height the force would allow her to reach in the air, before she began plummeting breathlessly toward the waiting dragon.

It was all over. Ruto thought to herself, watching the monster's forked green tongue stick out and noticed its throat was widening so when she fell she would be swallowed whole. Ruto closed her eyes, hoping that if she died somehow the water dragon would be stopped. She had failed her people – and herself as the Water Sage. When it seemed she would land inside and surely die, a burst of light flashed for a moment and the water dragon flung its body backward in the air before retreating away from where she fell. Seconds later, she landed with a splash in the water, and managed to set aside her shock to surface and see what happened.

Ruto looked curiously into the sky in amazement, and watched the water dragon circle in the air, until a screeching roar erupted. For a moment she was clueless as to what the cause of its pain was, until she noticed that blinding it in one eye was a glowing yellow arrow. The light around the arrow lasted for but another second after she saw it, before it disappeared. Still, the water dragon appeared to be in such immense pain that it paid no attention to her in the water. There was only one person who used arrows like that – and it was Link. Ruto scanned the water and saw he was not in it, but when her eyes fell upon the piece of land with the looming dead tree in the middle of the lake, she quickly caught sight of the Hero of Time standing boldly under the tree, bow in hand and with another arrow readied cautiously.

Link was unharmed in the least, and even though Ruto couldn't see very well because she was at a distance, she noticed he was as serious as ever. Finally the water dragon stopped circling in the sky because its pain had tired it out slightly, and it lasted long enough for Link to make his next move. With his bow readied, his arm pulled back at the end near its feathers, and strung it back to its full extent before he suddenly let go. Ruto watched a burst of golden light glow for a second as the arrow whizzed toward the water serpent with amazing speed, until it hit the creature perfectly in its other eye – blinding it completely. It was just as Ruto had done when she battled it as the water serpent. Blinding it first was the best step to take since it relied so heavily on its vision, and with Link's help it was made a lot easier. Ruto had no weapons, which meant nothing to defend herself with. A rush of relief flooded though her to know Link was all right, and she covered her ears and winced when the water dragon roared and violently thrashed its arms in the air. Its body was dripping wet and glimmered greater in that condition when the eclipsed light shone down on it, and to hear its roar made it look all the more terrifying.

Hastily Ruto headed to the place where Link stood, and since the water serpent had taken out the bridge, she would have to climb up to where he was. As she swam at the surface toward Link, the Hero of Time put his bow and arrows away. Ruto knew he must have hook shot himself from the water by using the tree, so she had no idea how she would be able to get to where he was. She wouldn't have to worry about it anyway – because Link's cold gaze locked onto her and he dove from where he stood back into the water. Ruto headed toward him, hearing the flapping of wings grow close to where she, and knew the water dragon was regaining its composure and heading toward her.

When she came within an arm's length of Link, he suddenly reached out in the water and took her hand in his. In surprise she almost held back, but soon allowed him to pull her along though the water. They dove beneath the surface, just as the water dragon's large black shadow flew over them. Ruto dare not look back, though her fear was overtaking her. Link's eyes darted around as he pulled her to the bottom of the lake before he let go and threw himself in front of her, the master sword drawn protectively.

The water dragon's large blue body swam swiftly toward them, and when it opened its jaws to roar once more, Link swung the sword when it came uncomfortably close and struck the edge of its snout threateningly. His blow did no damage to it however, and merely scratched its scaled snout lightly. In response to his blow, the water dragon swung one of its powerful arms at Link and struck the sword and his wrist harshly. Ruto screamed in fear when Link cried out in pain, as the sword flew from his grasp and landed on the lake's floor a few feet away. Blood flowed into the water from a slash on the top of his wrist, which was gouged deep into his skin. Ruto was shocked when she realized not only did one of the monster's claws struck Link's wrist, but its other claws had hit him so harshly that it tore away half of the top part of his tunic.

Instantly the Zora princess went to him as he fell back in the water and landed in her arms. His right arm was fully exposed since his sleeve and white shirt underneath had been ripped off, though his gold gauntlets remained firmly in place. Part of his chiseled chest was exposed, and she watched it rise and fall lightly while Link regained his senses. The water dragon's piercing gaze fell upon both of them as Ruto supported Link with most of her strength, her eyes wide with fear as the monster's glowing yellow eyes bore into hers non-blinkingly. What was she going to do? Link finally regained himself enough and pushed away from her, getting abruptly to his feet and positioning his body in a battle ready position. Ruto wanted to cry out, knowing he would have no chance because of his wounds, but at that moment a familiar voice cried out to her.

"Ruto! Take this!"

Ruto spun in the direction the voice came from, and to her utter amazement it was Misu. The male Zora swam toward her fiercely, his legs kicking while blood flowed from a gash in his back. Held in one of his hands was the legendary trident, and even though Ruto was surprised beyond all comprehension, she managed to catch the trident gracefully when he tossed it to her in the water.

"Don't hesitate! Just use it!"

Misu cried out, and Ruto saw the water dragon's head hurtling toward her in the water from the corner of her eye. Without thinking she spun back around in the water and lunged toward the water dragon as fast as she could, trying to prevent it from harming Link. With all her strength she slashed the pointed ends of the trident at the monster as hard as she could, and the moment the weapon came in contact with the creature's scaled snout the trident glowed a golden light before creating a massive slash mark in its plated scales. Instantaneously the water dragon roared and jerked its head back until it shrank away in fear and pain, giving Ruto, Misu and Link the time they needed to escape.

Ruto didn't want to endanger her people by fleeing to Zoras Domain, which left only one other place for them to go. As fast as she could she swam through the water with Link following and Misu gaining quickly behind them. Meanwhile, the water dragon was still cowering from the trident, and Ruto knew it remembered the last battle they shared.

The Water Temple. It was the only place she could think of where the water dragon couldn't enter. A rupturing thud echoed through out the Lake as the water dragon rose from the bottom of the lake's floor and angrily swam after them. Ruto could hear its echoing strokes in the water while it came toward them from behind. After reaching the entrance to the Water Temple, she swam swiftly inside and waited until Link and Misu followed before she went to the lever near the entrance and pulled it to shut the metal gate separating the door from the lake. The gate creaked and groaned while it slowly lowered to the floor and shut with a loud rusty thud.

The water dragon approached the gate in rage and gnashed its teeth, its yellow eyes gazing at Ruto, Link and Misu as they looked at it tensely. The creature's glowing eyes flashed for a second before it emitted another screeching roar, unable to enter the temple. The only thing separating them from the water dragon was a length of metal. It was obvious if the water dragon wanted to it could have broken through the metal easily enough, but Ruto knew it would not be able to enter the sacred temple because it was fully consumed with evil.

"Let's go."

Link said seriously, noticeably gasping when blood continued to trickle from the slash mark in his wrist. The young Hylian walked into the Water Temple with Ruto and Misu following, though Ruto could tell Misu wasn't exactly excited about following someone like Link around.

The Water Temple was a calm and tranquil place, and since the evil was vanquished from within its walls the Zoras could return there and worship as much as they saw fit. Together they swam upward and crawled onto the ledge before walking out toward the large square pillar in the middle that was surrounded by calm crystal clear water. Link lowered himself to the edge of the ledge they stood on and dangled his feet in the water, all the while nursing the wound on his wrist. Ruto lowered herself next to him, looking at Link gently with her purple eyes until saying reassuringly.

"Thank you Link for your help...I would have been killed if you hadn't saved me."

Link nodded once, but didn't seem too interested in her gratitude. Ruto understood fully what he meant and gently reached out and took his wrist in her hands, running her fingers over the gash on his wrist.

"You're hurt."

She said softly, and then before he could stop her she leaned over him and ripped a strip of fabric from his other sleeve and wrapped it around his wound to stop the bleeding. As she wrapped the fabric around his injured wrist, her eyes couldn't help but stray to his partially bare chest. She was transfixed by how toned he was, and stared at it for a moment until he seemed to notice her gaze and said awkwardly.

"Well...we may be safe in here, but we can't stay here forever. That creature will wait outside until we are forced to come out eventually."

Ruto was quickly snapped out of her gaze, and despite her attraction to his appearance she managed to reply half-heartedly.

"I know this was the only place I could think of where we could go. This temple is sacred, and evil cannot enter. I just hope that when we have to leave, we will survive out there...somehow..."

When she finished tending to his wounds, it was then she noticed Misu was standing only a few feet away the whole time. Abruptly Ruto got to her feet and turned around to face him, her lips firmly sealed in nervousness to see that her husband was glaring at her with his dark eyes and leaning against a wall, his arms folded across his chest.


She spoke hurriedly, trying to come up with something to break the silence between them.

"I thought Zale had killed you! I'm so glad your safe!"

Misu turned his head away, but she could still see his eyes were locked on to her warningly. He had seen the way she looked at Link's bare chest, and he knew she was greatly attracted to him. Ruto wasn't sure what more she could say – he surely hated her now. She loved Misu, but she was torn by Link. Link brought back old feelings, feelings she knew were wrong and had to be stopped. Ruto watched in dread as Misu walked to the edge of the water and then turned to face her, saying coolly.

"Ruto, I need to talk to you – alone."

She knew better than to argue, and saw Link was looking at them both with his steel blue eyes. He said nothing, even as Ruto walked to the edge of the water just as Misu dove in and sank out of sight. Reluctantly Ruto followed him and dove in after, her body moving gracefully to the sandy bottom where Misu stood for a moment in wait before disappearing down one of the many passageways inside the Water Temple. Ruto wondered why he wanted to talk to her, especially at a time like this, but she followed anyway.

The passageway she entered led to a ledge and when she finally surfaced Misu was standing on a platform looking at her expressionlessly. The Zora princess pulled herself onto the platform and looked at him for a moment, wondering what was running through his mind. Her questions would soon be answered, as the second she stood in front of him looking him directly in his dark eyes; he suddenly wrapped his arms around her and leaned forward before pressing his lips to hers passionately.

Shocked, at first she wanted to pull away and yell at him for doing something so foolish at such a wrong time, but for some reason she couldn't. Ruto looked at his face as he kissed her and saw tears welling up and sliding slowly down his cheeks. He was crying. The male Zora pulled her close to him, pressing his chest against hers while his golden scales glowed dimly. Ruto knew what was going on but she couldn't stop him this time, she was too weak and too regretful for her actions. When Misu moved his lips away from hers for a moment, he looked at her for a long time until saying in his quiet cold voice.

"Ruto...I know you might have feelings for Link. Although I can do nothing to stop you, please honor me with this time of peace during our most terrifying hours. I may not survive this battle that we face...so I can only ask that you live and bless me with your love."

Her words fled her, but she could not begin to understand how much she truly cared for him. What had she been thinking? Misu loved her so much that he was willing to sacrifice himself and everything he knew to save her. In return, Ruto not only owed him her affection, but other things between them as well...why was she being so caught up in her emotions at such a time? No matter how much she wanted to fight her feelings, she couldn't. The time they spent together now could be their last...

"Oh Misu...it's not what you think. I love you...always."

Ruto whispered, and then brushed her lips against his. She had deeply hurt him, and it was obvious he didn't want to stay mad at her after all they had endured. It was a possibility they may not have any more time being mad at each other – the creature was larger and more evil and powerful than ever before. She knew it would break her heart if he died and vice versa, could she go on living without him? A life without Misu? How could it be! As he kissed her Ruto gently ran her fingers across his face and wiped away the tears, though after she did his hand reached to hers and clasped it in his large webbed hand tenderly, refusing to let go – and she didn't want him to let go, not now or ever.

The water's reflection of light in the room made it glow mysteriously as both Zoras slowly lowered themselves back into the water. Ruto felt exhausted, her soul worn to its core, but she had to give herself to him one more time. He deserved her love and so much more for all the trouble she caused him, so she was willing to do whatever it took to save both their lives, the lives of their people, their home, the Water Temple, Link and Hyrule itself.

In the water they floated together, and Misu slowly wrapped his body around hers and continued to kiss her gently. Ruto was glad he was safe and with her now, more than he would ever know. When Misu spoke again his eyes looked into hers earnestly, as his voice carried quietly in the water.

"If I do not survive, then...I want you to know that no matter what I'll always be with you, that you will have a part of me that will survive-"

Ruto smiled slightly, her eyes twinkling when one of her fingers pressed softly against his lips. He held her strongly in the water, and she had no need to swim because he was supporting her – as always. There was more to his words than what met the eye, and she knew exactly what both meanings were.

"I know Misu. I want the same thing you do, because I...love you."

There was nothing more to say. Misu kissed her again, all the while his fins flared and in response hers flared to acknowledge his love and accept it. They moved fast through the water, separating, and then spinning in unison to create a dance like motion before they pressed together again, in an explosion of intense feelings not only for one another but also for everything they had done together.

"I won't let this be our last time together...no matter what it takes."

His lips smothered her words and the rest was merely a blur, as the two Zora's love intensified until they lost themselves within each other and surrendered to what their fate may have left them...