Hidden Truth:

Keiko and Yusuke

Now my thinking leads me to another question.  Are Keiko and Yusuke a couple?  I believe so.  They are one of the most obvious couples out there.  But Botan seems to like Yusuke an awful lot.  Keiko seems to enjoy Kurama's company as well.  I truly, positively, absolutely believe that Keiko and Yusuke are a couple.  What better than to pair up a twosome of childhood friends that have known each other for sixteen years?  But in a sense, the two could be easily paired up with anyone else.  The chemistry between the two is unmistakable.  What do you think?  Lovers or friends?

Did you like it? Like my other Hidden Truth Fic, tell me.  Do you agree with me?  Couple or no couple?  Thanks again to Sam for another great review and finally having god put down a person who doesn't agree with HxK!

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Samurai Girl Sakura

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