Lost and Found Chapter 2 Where are we going from here...

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Buffy was to say the least stunned. Xander was a vamp and stalking Dawn! He was running out of the cemetery, fast. Reaching for her ever present stake he chased him. Dawn was crying out his name on the verge of hysteria. Buffy had to ignore her.
Even as a vampire Xander wasn't that fast a runner and she caught up with him easily. Wasting no time she plunged the stake deep into his chest. Nothing happened. Twice more she drove the two foot long stake deep into Xander's heart. The first time he had shouted in pain, the second he lost consciousness and the third caused him to curl up.
Buffy was about to bring it down for a fourth time when a small hand grabbed her wrist. 'Buffy stop! That's Xander.'
'Dawn, it can't be. He's dead, I saw the wound. That's a vampire.'
Dawn moved around into view. 'He can't be, you've already staked him. And it's the middle of the afternoon. Look the sun is still out and he isn't on fire' Buffy could see that but so many things didn't add up, not least the fact her "slayer sense" was going crazy. It was almost making her sick. Buffy could only think up one idea.
'Lets get him back to the house and find out what's going on when we're there.' Between them they half dragged the man home not seeing the other immortal watching them.

Spike was stuck in the house. Willow was regaling him with story upon story of Xander. This happened so many years ago, that only last week. It was the worst torture he had ever witnessed, let alone been subjugated to. – Didn't those pillocks in Swiss land ban this sort of thing?-
Willow was about to start another stupid story about a bleedin' yellow crayon when he smelt it. A immortal's blood had be spilt. It was near by, getting closer. The smell itself threatened to send him into a rage. Buffy and Dawn kicked open the front door carrying the source of the smell, Xander Harris, within reach. It was to much for the already hungry vampire.
Pushing Willow into a wall, Spike charged the limp body in between the two Summers girls. His hunger for immortal blood robbing all thought. Inches away from the whelps neck and the chip kicked in. Pain and hunger both beyond words fought to control the witless vampire. Time enough for both Dawn and Buffy to, as one, kick him away. Buffy kick at his chest and sent him across the house but Dawn could clamed the credit for getting him to stay there. Her foot had connected firmly in his crotch, immobilising him for quite some time.

Dawn was quite proud of her self, not only had she stopped Buffy from staking Xander again and again all day with no result but she had also gotten to kick Spike around. Buffy obviously wasn't as proud and found a way to congratulate her.
So Dawn was left to clean up the pool of Spikes barf. Meanwhile Will' and Buffy tried to find out what's going on with Xander and why Spike went insane.

End chapter two Until next time...