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Author's Notes: This is a fic based on the Joey/Mai pairing, which is one of my ultimate favs. I'm really getting into the swing of writing again after such a long time (yeah 3 months is a long time to moi!) and all my ideas are flooding in like rain but I can't write them all. Like I was going to have a Moulin Rouge fic (Joey/Mai) but I scratched that one out decided it would have been too hard. However I might start it again, after this fic is finished. Anyway, this fic is about Valentines Day, and when it comes to the actual day something happens to Mai. Until then, read and review and enjoy.

My Sweet Valentine

Chapter One: Death Paid Me A Visit But I Wasn't Home

The school bells rung and a whole a roar erupted from the building named 'Domino High' as students ran out of the place, screaming with joy.

"WOO HOO!" Joey Wheeler shouted his blond hair slightly messy. He gave a high five to Tristan and patted Yugi on the back a little too hard causing the young boy to drop his books on the floor of the hallway.

"Joey," Yugi sighed picking up his text books.

"Hey come on Yugs! That was our last exam and now it's the holidays! You should be partyin' not studyin'!" The blond exclaimed, sitting down on his desk in the room, watching as Yugi put away his books in his bag. The class of fifteen year olds was kept in school for exams while the other part of the school was allowed their holidays. But the plus side to going to two weeks of exams in Domino High was that they got two months rest for all their hard studying.  

"Yeah, well all I can seem to think about is my grades."

"Aw Yugi, you're such a paranoid guy!!" Joey said grinning.

Yugi looked at him, his eyes slightly hurt by what he'd said but at the same time a little angry, "I can't help it Joey. If I get bad grades, Grandpa will make me retake the exams until I pass and he'll make me get up early to start the shop up."

Joey shrugged and ruffled his friend's hair, "Aw Yugi! You're really intelligent and I bet you and me have both passed with flyin' colours!"

Yugi just shook his head and left the room, Joey following closely. As they passed friends and class mates, a group of people stopped Yugi and Joey. They were friends and were all looking extremely pleased the exams were over and done with.

"Hey Yugi, you wanna come to the party tonight in the woods? We've got a slammin' DJ and there's gonna be wicked cool refreshments." The girl said in cool slick tone that seemed to make Yugi trembled slightly.

"Uh, no thanks." Yugi said holding up his hands.

"Aw come on, man!" One of the guys said with a wide spread grin on his face, "you can bring your friends."

Yugi looked up at Joey who was nodding at him with a smile. "Come on Yugs, it'll be fun! Besides we need to chill out a little."

Yugi sighed and made a sound of agreement.

"Great." The girl said, winking at Yugi and pushing back his bangs, she leant in closer to him so she was staring into his lavender eyes, "You won't regret it." She said seductively her eyes looking over his form. Yugi's face went the deepest shade of red ever known to man. He laughed a little before speeding down the hallway at top speed.

Joey was ready to burst with laughter. He knew Yugi was shy but he could not possibly be this shy! He shook his head and walked out of the school, deciding to go home before heading to Yugi's shop to drag Yugi along to the party.

He was walking across the road completely forgetting to look both ways. There was a screech and a loud scream of terror from Joey when the purple vehicle skidded to a halt right in front of him. He staggered back a few paces in complete shock.

"JOEY!" The familiar female voice screeched from the driver's seat. He heard the door slam and an irritated female get out from the car. Her blonde hair bounced up and down behind her, as she clenched her fists in anger. "Watch where you're going!!"

Joey's anger took him over and he shouted back at her angrily, "WHAT?! You're the frekin' maniac in the car!! Watch where YOU'RE going!!"

"I could have been hurt, Joey!" Mai screamed invading his personal space. He glared back at her, both flashing fury in their eyes.

He was ready to break her, to stamp all over her pride and tell this woman about other human beings in the world. All she seemed to care about was her own welfare which to Joey seemed self-obsessed and darn right selfish.

"You could have been hurt?! YOU!! I was the one on the road defenceless!"

Mai poked a finger in his chest and dug it through his chest while he staggered back with every word she said to him, "Yeah and you shouldn't have been Joey! What are they teaching you in school anyway?! Walk on the road when a car comes because then you'll go to heaven where all the good people are!!" She said saying the last part in a meek and high pitched voice while looking at the sky in an innocent way.

Joey growled and pushed her hand away from his chest causing her to grit her teeth together angrily. There was a line of cars beeping angrily behind Mai's and she turned and stalked back to her car in furious anger.

"Maybe I should have run you over Joey!" Mai said.

"HEY!" Joey shouted as she sped away and he had crossed the road safely. "Maybe I should have lectured Mai on not being so freakin' arrogant!"


Mai's fury subsided as the wind swept through her hair while she drove across the small road past the houses close to her own. While on the journey, she tried not to think about Joey. He was self centred, arrogant and boastful.

I'm not like that. At least I'm not going to do something as stupid as walking across the road without looking anyway!! She was so wrapped up in her thoughts, she didn't realise a red light and only just managed to see it. Oh but you will do something as stupid as that?! Argh!! I will not get a ticket because of Joey Wheeler!

She refrained from any further thought on the mongrel and parked up into her driveway. As she did, she noticed her front door slightly ajar.

"Now that's not right…I locked the door when I left, I know I did…" She said to herself. She warily stepped out of her car and slammed the door shut loudly so if there was an intruder they would be warned of her presence approaching.

The dead quietness of the house scared her to bits but she was pretty sure the house was going start its alarm system any minute but was disillusioned when she stepped over the threshold into her house. She looked around, her eyes scanning over the door to her living room, to the kitchens and then around her hall. She sighed.

Nobody's here and if they are, you can just kick their as- her thought was stopped immediately when her phone rang, causing her to jump. She took a few deep breaths slowing down her heartbeat down. She reached for the phone now fully in her hallway.


"Hi Mai, its Yugi." Mai smiled and walked into her living room. She stopped.

Her eyes widened and she began to tremble in shock. She was shivering so badly it caused her to drop the phone. Her eyes began to sting as she stared all around her, above her, around her, beneath her.

"Mai? Hello?"   

Her mind was clouded, her ears were deaf, her eyes were stiff and her body was frozen. A chill was wrapping around her, sending her waves of horror. Her face was pale as she stared in the mirror.

All around the room, in dripping red liquid were the words, 'You're Dead' and in the mirror the words were like dagger through her heart causing a sharp pain to rise in the depths of her chest, 'Out Of Time Love'

Her breathing became heavy and she collapsed on her knees, closing her eyes to let the tears fall down her cheeks. The dial tone to the phone rang out signalling Yugi had just hung up. She grabbed the phone, shaking, and stared at it. Yugi had hung up; there was no one to talk to. She was completely paralysed in fear and brought her knees up to her chest, hugging it hard before crying into her arms.




"Where are you going, Mum?" The young girl's voice echoed throughout the hall of the mansion belonging to a family called Valentine.

Her mother looked at her with teary eyes. She was half dressed, her white shirt had been torn, her hair was all messy, her skirt had been ripped through and her face was rd from crying. She walked to her and picked her up.

"You and I are going away for a while."

"Put her down, Amber!" The husky angry voice of a male roared as stomping was heard down the stairs. An angry man with a furious red face ran to her.

Amber turned quickly, running for the door but was not quick enough and was forced to meet the cruel blue eyed gaze.

"Let me go!" Amber screamed, trying to push him away but he pulled her closer as her poundings against his chest died down. Mai was set on the ground and she stared up at her two parents. She never got to see a lot of them and she didn't like to see them, when she could, upset.

"Don't cry…" She said smiling up at her mother and father.

They didn't hear her, too engrossed in a warm embrace to even notice her. Amber pulled away from him and looked at him.

"I know I almost raped you back there…I'm so sorry." Her father said.

Mai stared at them, wondering what the term 'rape' meant. She had heard people talking about it and it was a bad thing. They had said something about forcing someone to do something they were uncomfortable with. She didn't understand this but she didn't think her father would make her mother do something she didn't want to.

"…It's not the first time, Philip," her mother said throatily, staring down blankly at Mai.


End Flashback


And just like that they told me who I was. I was unwanted so they just left me alone. Maybe I wanted a little love…a little care…but maybe they knew I wasn't capable of it. They knew something like this would happen and I would get them killed. But it's my turn now…She looked around the room and shivered again.

It was her turn to get killed for her past. She knew well what she had done but she thought she was free of it. This proved she wasn't. She was going to die and no one would be able to know about it. Frankly they wouldn't care. She had no friends. Everyone who had approached her, were all just playing with her emotions for their own personal enjoyment.

Yet someone was out to kill her, to murder her, to take away her life. And she wanted a hug. So many times she had hugged herself, when she felt unloved. When she was alone, she hugged herself just to fill the empty space around her yet it was never truly filled.

So why was this bringing back her memories of the past? She knew she had to wake up and call the police; yet something was holding her back. She refused to move from her spot, just wanting to think about the past.

The phone rang again, but Mai closed her eyes weeping silently into her arms, refusing to acknowledge the rings. Whoever it was, and she was certain it was a possible Yugi Motou; they would just be laughing at her.


"I'm going over to see Mai." Yugi said, putting on his black leather jacket.

Joey groaned and shook his head, "Nah Yugs! She's probably just mad at me for earlier today! I'm sure she'll be fine!"

"Still…" Yugi was uneasy. Something bad had happened to Mai, he could just feel it. "I'm still gonna go check on her,"

"Look, take a ride with Tristan I'll meet you guys there. I'll see her," Joey said as they stepped outside.

"Ya sure Joey?"

"Yeah, and besides, I could talk to her about something." More like lecture her. He thought wryly. "I'll see you guys there!" He waved to the gang as they left in the car.

He sighed and groaned, walking the opposite way to Mai's house.

The street was quiet and the only noise was the whistling of the chilly air. He looked up at the moon and blue sky, thinking about what to say to her that wouldn't result in him leaving her house with a headache. No, that would be impossible to leave her house without a headache even if you were just going to say hi.

He knew he was getting closer as he spotted the house with the red door getting nearer. He looked at it and realised the door was wide open.

…Is she really tryin' to get some fresh air? Joey thought to himself as he walked closer to the female's domicile.

"Mai?" He called.

No answer.

He walked into the hallway unsure of what to expect. It was dark, no lights were on, and he could hear a soft noise coming from the room to his left. He opened the door quickly, and staggered back when light flashed for a second from a street lamp, and he could have sworn he'd seen red liquid everywhere. He searched along the wall for a switch and flipped it down, gasping when he saw the marking all over the place.

Fearful thoughts of the blonde female ran through his head when he read the writing upon the mirror. 

He looked around the room and as soon as his eyes came into view of a huddled up figure in the corner, he ran straight to her.

"Mai!" He said worriedly, putting his hands on her shoulders. She wasn't responding in the least. It was as if she was stiff, as still as a statue. He shook her lightly and said to her, in a hushed tone, "It's me, Joey…"

Mai lifted up her head, her face as white as a ghost and her eyes such a deep shade of red. Joey could tell she had spent nearly half the day crying. He wiped away a few of the tears with the back of his hand and looked into her lavender eyes. It was like the day she dueled Marik; she had given him that same look when she had forgotten who he was. He only hoped she knew who he was.

"You're not hurt are you?" He asked looking over her to check for any damage done to her. Thankfully, he found not the tiniest of scratched but something had happened that made her upset.

She stared at him and shakily stood up. He wrapped an am around her waist for support as she leant onto him.

"I promise you'll be alright Mai. I won't let whoever did this get away with it. I swear it, Mai. I'll protect you."


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