Not mine, his (Tolkein)


"Hurry up Estel. You're so slow my friend"

Legolas glanced back to where his human companion rode. He smiled at his friend and slowed his mount to accommodate Aragorn's.

"Not all of us have elven endurance you know" the human replied grumpily. He knew Legolas was jesting with him, but it was a hot day and the young man was irritable. Legolas grinned at him.

"That has nothing to do with it. You're riding a horse!" the elf exclaimed.

"Then it must be my horses fault I lag" Aragorn said triumphantly.

"Excuses Ranger. Always with the excuses."

Chuckling softly the man turned to face his friend.

"You know I..." He stopped abruptly as his friend tensed. "What is it Legolas? What can you see?"

"Not see, here. Yrch. They approached rapidly." (Orcs)

Legolas glanced uneasily at his friend. The orcs were coming fast and even on horseback could not outrun them for long. Normally Legolas would not even consider running from a fight but as the foul beast grew closer Legolas could tell they would be horribly out-numbered. Both man and elf were weary from a long journey and neither would be at their best should it come to a fight. Even as he realized this, Legolas knew it was too late. Sooner or later the orcs would catch up with them, and they would have to battle.

"We'll have to fight" Legolas reluctantly informed his friend.

Aragorn simply nodded, he trusted Legolas' assessment of the situation.

The pair dismounted and whispered softly to their horses, bidding them to flee. Aragorn drew his sword as Legolas notched his bow. They did not have to wait long. Soon even Aragorn's human hearing could detect the orcs. They came crashing through the forest and towards the two friends. As Legolas feared there were many, but he had the advantage of surprise. Many were dead by his bow before they orcs even realized what was going on. Screeching in defiance the remaining orcs didn't hesitate in drawing their weapons and joining the battle.

The battle raged on and soon the pair were separated, overwhelmed by the sheer volume of orcs. From were he fought Aragorn desperately sought out his friend. In the distance he could make out a flash of golden hair. Fighting hard the Ranger killed the orcs surrounding him and made his way over to Legolas. The orcs his friend were fighting were the only ones left in sight. As he moved closer though, Aragorn caught a glimpse of something out of the corner of his eye.To his horror he recognized an orc archer which pulled back its bow and aimed for his friend. Too far away to intervene, Aragorn could merely watch as the arrow found its mark buried deep in the elf's shoulder. With a scream of rage Aragorn leapt forward and slew the remaining orcs.

Legolas, caught completely off guard by the arrow had been driven to his knees.

"Mellon nin. Are you well? The Ranger questioned (My friend).

Legolas raised an eyebrow

"Well having an arrow in one's shoulder can really spoil one's day"

Aragorn smirked "Well lets see if we can remove it them"

"Be my guest"

Leaning the elf against a tree Aragorn braced his arm against Legolas' chest. The other hand gripped the arrow shaft.

"On three then. One, two..."

Legolas gasped in pain. "That was only two" he complained.

"You would have been tense on three" Aragorn explained as he ripped his cloak into strips to use as bandages. Working quickly to prevent blood lose he tightly bounded Legolas shoulder. That done he inspected the arrow tip.

"There is a poison on this. I do not recognized it. I cannot even clean your wound with athalas." Aragorn had left his healing supplies on his horse. "I think we should get you to my father as quickly as possible"

"Since Rivendell is where we are headed anyway I have no objection. If we walk fast we can get there before nightfall."

"You are in no condition to walk fast my friend." The Ranger shook his head at his friends stubbornness.

"Says you Ranger." Legolas climbed to his feet. Determinedly ignoring the dissyness the blood loss caused he set off at a fast pace in the direction of the Last Homely House.