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The Fellowship were camped at the top of a large hill, overlooking the plain below. They were surrounded by a dense forest, which obscured the star light and moon light and made it impossible to see without fire light. Only Legolas seemed particular at home here. Supper had been served and eaten and the hobbits, Gandalf, Gimli and Aragorn had all pulled out their pipes and started to smoke. Boromir sat on his own on the edge of the campsite and Legolas had leapt into a tree and vanished from sight.

As everyone settled down Gandalf began to speak.

"Due to the slightly vulnerable position we are in tonight there will be two watches. One will patrol the campsite while the other will be stationed from the outcrop of rocks further down the hill. Aragorn, you will watch there first and Gimli in the camp. Boromir will take over from Aragorn and Legolas will relieve Gimli. I will take over from Boromir and Merry will take over from Legolas. The rest of you will have watches tomorrow night."

The Fellowship moved to take their watched positions or to go to bed. Gandalf looked up as Legolas dropped out of the trees and walked over to his bedroll.

"I assume you were listening in Las Dien"

Legolas rolled his eyes at the name. "Indeed Mithrandir."

As the Fellowship settled down Aragorn moved towards the outcrop of rocks and Gandalf followed him as they needed to discuss the path they would take from here.

For Gimli the watch was long and boring. Near the end of it he took out his pipe once more. 'Well,' he thought, 'I suppose I better wake the Elf.' Previous to this, Gimli contempt for All elves had lead him to have very little to do with Legolas.

Taking a deep drag on his pipe, Gimli stood up as a plan began to form in his mind. He crept as quietly as he could to where the elf lay. Breathing deeply from his pipe, Gimli blew the smoke at Legolas. Smirking, the dwarf watches as Legolas began to cough and choke in a most amusing manner.

"It's your watch Elf." Gimli informed him.

Legolas continued to cough, now gasping for breath. By this time the rest of the Fellowship was awake and were crowding round the choking Elf. 'Oops,' Gimli thought guiltily, 'I didn't mean to wake everyone.' On the floor Legolas was still struggling to catch his breath. Although the coughing had subsided he still gasped for breath and his eyes were closed in pain. The Elf was propped up on one elbow, the other hand clutched at his chest. "Mr Legolas? Are you alright?" Sam asked fearfully.

Legolas didn't reply, having not the breath to waste on talking. Sensing that things were getting really bad, Boromir did the only thing he could think of the help.

"I'm going to get Aragorn." He said, turning and running from the camp. he crashed through the undergrowth until he came to the rocks were Aragorn and Gandalf sat.

"Boromir," Gandalf began. "You could have been a bit quieter. And a bit slower. You're not that late for your watch. There was no need to run."

"Aragorn...Gandalf..." Boromir gasped, now pretty breathless himself. "Legolas...Gimli blew smoke at him and now... he can't breath properly!"

At this Aragorn paled slightly and set of running back in the direction Boromir had come, his two companions close on his heels.

Back at the camp Legolas seemed to be getting worse. He was now lying down, his oxygen starved limbs unable to hold him up any longer. His left hand still clasped at his chest and his face was now contorted in agony. The sound of his labored breathing filled the clearing. The remaining Fellowship stood round helplessly, their faces filled with fear. Aragorn came crashing into the clearing. Quickly assessing what was happening the Ranger made his way across to his friend. Sitting at Legolas' shoulder he calmly helped the Elf sit up. Drawing Legolas back against his chest, Aragorn caught hold of Legolas' left hand and held it in his own. His other hand began rubbing circles on the ELf's ribs, pressing down whenever the Elf tried to breath out.

"Relax Legolas." Aragorn whispered soothingly in Sindarin. "Breathe with me. Relax."

It seemed to the Fellowship that whatever Aragorn was doing wasn't working as Legolas still gasped for air. However, as the Elf began to heed the Man's words his breathing became easier.

When Legolas was almost back to normal Aragorn whispered, "They will want to know what's going on Mellon Nin."

"Tell them then. I care not."

"I will. Go to sleep now."

Nodding wearily Legolas leaned his head back onto the Rangers shoulder and shut his eyes.

Aragorn frowned at this. Elves only shut their eyes on sleep when they were grieving or in pain. Shifting his body slightly, Aragorn wrapped his arms protectively around his friend. Making sure Legolas really was asleep, Aragorn finally turned his eyes up towards the fellowship.

'What happened?" Frodo questioned faintly. "Are elves allergic to pipeweed?"

"Not quite." Aragorn sighed. "This is a long story. You may as well make yourselves comfortable."

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