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Warning: Nothing much this chapter. This is an AT (Alternate Timeline)

A Little Twist In Time

Chapter 1: The Failure

Professor Hojo scowled at the small green material in his hand. Another Failure. The primary problem with the SOLDIER program was that SOLDIERS died or eventually collapsed from continued Mako treatments. This meant more and more must be created, a waste of valuable time and resources that could be devoted to future developments. Over the last few years Hojo had searched for a way to manipulate time itself to prevent this problem. He had some success with the so called "save" points but not as much as he hoped. The project had begun under Gast. Theoretically it would allow for unlimited resurrection of fighters.

            In reality, it was mostly a flop. Provided the person in question save often you could revive them. But codes for the individual files were rarely shared. And if they saved as a group they could only be revived if someone else had the file names. All around they were more of a problem than they were worth. This new, altered time material was supposed to fix the problems presented by the save point. The scientist hadn't been able to gain a response from it.

            Glancing at the clock Hojo stalked clock, Hojo stalked out of the lab. He had a board meeting to attend. He tossed the dead material into a nearby trash can in the hallway and headed towards the elevators.

            Little did Professor Hojo know exactly how that failed experiment would change the fate of one young man's life- and the fate of the world.

Young Trooper Cloud Strife, native of Nibelheim and SOLDIER candidate acknowledged one thing as he sprinted sown the hallway.

            It really sucked to be the runt of the pack.

            Behind him ran his fellow SOLDIER candidates who were also off duty. The daily chase did keep him in good shape though. Maybe he should look into sneak attack combat? He certainly had the speed for it.

            One of this pursers crashed into the trash can he had skillfully avoided. This brought his fellows crashing down as they tripped over him. Cloud put on a burst of speed hoping to loose his pursuers while they were down.

            Then again his luck never was that good.

            The SOLDIER candidate that had crashed into the can in the first place picked pup a piece of trash and hurled it as Cloud's. It connected directly. The blond collapsed in the dimly lit hallway. Ass darkness stole over him he dimly heard the troops scattering as other footsteps echoed in the hall. Cloud's hand clasped on the smooth round object that had hit him. It grew warm in his and. And then darkness overtook him.

Professor Hojo scowled at the SOLDIER candidates that scattered at his approach. Ignoring the trash on the ground he headed back to his lab. A faint green pulsing light caught his attention. Upon investigating he found a young man, unconscious on the floor, holding the material he had thrown away earlier. It pulsed in time with his heart beat. Fascinated the professor inched closer.

            In response to his approach the young man's body automatically went into "fight or flight" mode. His heart beat speed up and the material followed it. Then his hand clenched around the material sphere.

            It shattered.

            The power contained surged over the blond's body. Under the Professor's astonished eyes the blond deaged until he was the size of a newborn. With a smirk Hojo picked up the baby. "Well, perhaps my failure isn't so useless after all." His eyes glittered. "Off to the lab with you, my precious specimen."

End Chapter 1

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