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Nightmare in Hogwarts chap. 1

Ron woke up the next morning. He wasn't ready to face Hermione and Harry after he yelled at them. To think the fight started because he wasn't doing his homework. Of course Harry took Hermione's side because he liked her. Ron liked her too, but he hated when she would nag him about his homework. Getting dressed quickly Ron made it to breakfast. Harry and Hermione were waiting for him.
"Ron, sorry about yesterday,"Hermoine apologized.
"Me too," Harry said
"No, I'm sorry," Ron, said.
They made their way to Pro.Snape's class as usual he was trying to find someone he could get in trouble. When class began they were learning how to make a potion that could help you see in the dark. During the whole class Harry was staring at Ron (AN: Harry is not gay).
"Hermione, is Harry mad at me?"
" No, of course not," Hermione answered," why?"
"He was staring at me angrily,"
"Ron, I'll go ask him," Hermione offered.
Ron decided to head to the common rooms for his break maybe he would find Harry. Walking slowly through the portrait hole he guessed no one was there. He walked up the stairs to the boy's dormitories he heard a weird sound. He slightly opened the door to see Harry he was about to walk in, but he heard Harry say something Frightening. Ron couldn't stay he had to leave he was, so scared. He was about to leave, but he heard a cold breath on his neck.
"Hello, Ron,"
Ron took a deep breath before he responded.
"Hi, Harry, how are you doing?"
" I'm thirsty, but oh well,"
They both walked to lunch together, but Ron felt, so uncomfortable walking next to him. How could this be? How did it happen? These questions and more were swirling around in Ron's head. When they sat next to each other to eat Ron sat next to Harry.
"Harry, why aren't you eating?" Hermione asked.
" I'll get a bite to night," Harry said smiling at Ron.
Ron shivered when he saw Harry's two fangs. All Ron knew was he wouldn't be able to survive tonight not in the same room with Harry.
" Ron, are you o.k?" Hermione asked. "You look spooked."
"I 'm fine," Ron lied.
He really wanted to tell Hermione, but he was afraid he would sound crazy. Ron then thought for a while, but was disturbed by a certain someone.
" Hey, Ron," Harry said.
"Hi, Harry," Ron replied.
That night Ron heard a crash that made him jump. Then the bed curtains opened to a smiling Harry.
"Hi, Ron," Harry said still smiling. "You know why I'm here."
Ron shook his head as if to say no.
" I'll have to show you," Harry said showing his fangs. End of chapter Review and you will find out more.