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Emilee walked into the station house like she did every morning except this morning was different.  It'd been about a month since her break up with her boyfriend.  She had spoken to him and today was his first day back to work.  Ever since the incident Emilee wasn't sure what to say to him let alone any of the other people involved.  What she wanted was for Russ to stop calling her every other hour. 

            "Emilee you are looking lovely as usual this morning."

            "Save it Russ." said Emilee walking to get cup of coffee.

            "Come on Em let's just talk about this please?"

            "No Russ it's over and you bring it up again I'll have you transferred."

            "Emilee, are you ready to go?" said Bobby

            "Yeah I'll be right out."


            "Russ what do you not understand about it being over?  You hurt me Russ."

            "I'm not the only one."

            "Yeah well I wasn't dating anyone else." she said walking over to he desk to grab her radio

            "Hey hold on I need everyone in the bullpen." said T.C.

            Once everyone was there T.C. made the big announcement that they were getting another person and that they were working on the big case against a mob family.  Emilee wasn't impressed with any of the news until her father called her name. 

            "Emilee Callaway will be training Matthew this week.  Ok everyone lets get to work."

            Emilee waited until everyone was off to introduce herself.  What she didn't know was that everyone was standing around staring at her.  Cory came over and introduced herself as the Sergeant and told Matthew that he was lucky to be getting to work with Emilee. 

            "I guess you must be Emilee the one that everyone can't stop talking about?"

            "Yeah that's me.  So how much did Lieutenant Callaway tell you?"

            "Not much really other then welcome."

            "Ok he didn't say much that's good."

            "Yeah he just said that you were he's daughter and one of the best cops he'd ever known."

            "Yeah he's definitely got the modest part down."

            "Hey Emilee I just wanted to meet your new partner before you left.  Hi I'm Monica Harper if you need any help just let me know.  I hope that we can get to know each other."

            "Ok Monica don't you have some paper work to do?  Why don't you go find Russ?  I hear he's single now." said Emilee

            "It was nice meeting you." smiled Matthew

            "Matthew just to let you know if you are thinking about possibly talking to her again keep in mind she was just arrested for with holding evidence from a case.  Trust me you are better keeping your distance."

            "Ok thanks." he said confused about the whole situation

            "Come on let's go." she said walking out of the station

            They did the usual morning routine of riding up and down the boardwalk making sure that everything was going well.  Emilee explained the case to Matthew.  She tried to keep everything as much professional as she could, but she knew that would be hard. 

            "I don't mean to pry, but it seems that everyone in the station is very…attached to you for lack of a better word."

            "I know you might think that they were my parents."

            "Something like that."

            "Well you know that T.C. is my father who is married to Chris Kelly.  Cory McNamara is my father and Chris's best friend the sergeant.  Victor Del Toro who isn't here he's on vacation is the other one that belongs to that group.  They were all together when Lieutenant Palermo was here.   Bobby Cruz is a good friend of the family and has a sister not much younger then I am.  Then there is Jamie who is a great cop and she's the roommate of Russ Granger.  Monica of course is nothing but trouble.   That's about the extent of it."

            "So they say that you are the one that everyone wants to date."

            "Ok first of all watch who you get your information from cause what they say and what I am are two different things."

            "I heard that from my last squad.  Your name comes up in a lot of conversations."

            "Really it would happen to be things like she goes through partners faster then I go through girlfriends?"

            "Yeah, something like that."

            "Well that's just because they all wished they could be in your shoes.   I suggest that you start making your own ideas of me for yourself."

            "I can do that better then riding this bike."

            "Don't worry you'll get the hang of it."

            "So how long have you been in the field?"

            "A little over three years."

            "How old are you?"

            "I'm twenty one."

            "So that means you started at nineteen?"

            "Yeah I passed the bar exam with flying colors."

            "Impressive, but isn't that young?"

            "How about you?"

            "Just two so you ever shot anyone?"

            "Usually they just are taken with how good I look and they give themselves up."

            Matthew smiled and Emilee smiled back

            "Any black or white or Pacific blue unit in the area report of an assault on the boardwalk.  Be on the look out for a white male late twenties jeans and jean jacket."

            Just as the report came in a man fitting the description ran past.  Emilee called it in and they both took off after him.  Matthew managed to pull up along side him, but Emilee came flying over his shoulders and nailed the guy on the ground.  Matthew stood there impressed and in shock. 

            "You are under arrest."

            "I didn't do anything."

            "Yeah you ran for the exercise." said Emilee as the squad cars came up

            When it was over Emilee noticed Matthew sitting on a bench.  She knew how it must have looked to him her mailing the guy with him only inches away.  The last thing was for him to think that she was trying to show him up on the first day.  Emilee hated for him to think she didn't trust him.  It was actually the opposite for her she trusted him completely even though she hadn't spent more than an hour with him all morning.  Something about him made her feel comfortable.

            "Hey sorry about that I didn't mean to make it look the way it did.  It's kind of a habit."

            "You didn't say that you knew how to fly." he joked

            "Well now you know.  I'm sorry if I scared you."

            "Having my partner fly over me isn't something I'm exactly used to."

            "I promise I'll give you warning next time and the next guy is all yours.  They want us back at the station."

            "Alright let's go." he said standing up

            Emilee and Matthew walked into the station to find things normal.  She was hoping that Russ hadn't pulled her from duty to talk.  Then she saw him standing there talking to Cory and Chris.  He noticed her too and yelled her name and Emilee ran into his arms. 

            "Victor your back!" she said hugging him

            "Of course I couldn't stay away from this face for long.  I bought you something." he said opening the bag and handing her a small box. Emilee opened it to reveal two diamond ear rings.

            "Victor they are gorgeous."

            "Only the best for my favorite girl so I hear that you are trading me in." he said seeing Matthew standing

            "Oh, sorry Matthew, meet Victor Del Toro the greatest cop ever."

            "Well thanks Em but I think that's a bit much."

            "Hi," he said shaking his hand

            "So when are you officially back?"

            "Tomorrow I just stopped by to say hi."

            "Well it's great to see you.  Does anyone know why I got called in?"

            "Yeah we need to talk," said T.C. standing behind her.

            Emilee followed her father upstairs and he shut the door.  Emilee sat down in the chair and she felt like she was ten in trouble for doing something.  Her father stood leaning against the desk he ran a hand through his hair.  Emilee wished he would just say something because she hated when he was mad at her.  The only thing that didn't make any sense was that she couldn't think of doing anything wrong.

            "What's gong on Dad is something wrong?"

            "Yeah I just got a call from IAB and the captain and you're on suspension."

            "For what?"

            "Review of duty actions."


            "I need you to give me your gun and your badge."

            "You aren't questioning this?"

            "Emilee I can't.  They want to review and I can't intervene I'm sorry. Please just do this?"

            "Fine," she said handing over her badge and gun.

            "I don't like doing this Emilee.  I know that you are a good cop."

            "If you really thought that you'd be fighting against this."

            Emilee left her fathers' office and grabbed her things from her desk.  Chris, Cory, and Victor watched her walk out of the station and then saw T.C. standing at the top of the stairs.  Russ had seen the whole thing and went after Emilee.  Matthew wasn't sure what to do.  Nobody knew what exactly was going on. 

            "Chris, Cory, Victor." called T.C.

            When T.C. explained what was going on they were all in shock.  The reason that Emilee got into the squad was based on the Captain's recommendations.  What were they doing reviewing her work now?  They all knew that she'd done nothing, but expectable work for the last three years. 

            "T.C. what did they say?"

            "They want to review her progress as a cop.  They said that they want to make sure that she isn't being affected by her relationships."

            "They think that her relationship with Russ has been affecting her work?  That's crap T.C." said Cory.

            "I know, but my hands are tied guys."

            "We'll someone should go talk to her and make sure that she's alright?" said Victor.

            "No let her cool off." said T.C.

            "T.C. you think that Jessup is behind this?"

            "Yeah I do."

            "I'm going to go see if I can't find her before she goes nuts." said Victor

            Russ had gone after Emilee and she stopped in the pier. Emilee was angry and the last person that she needed to talk to was Russ. 

            "Russ Granger, get the hell away from me," she said not having to turn around

            "Emilee come on just tell me what happened."

            "Why so you can go back and tell everyone?  No thanks I don't need my name rubbed in the dirt anymore then it already has been."

            "Come on Emilee as your friend?"

            "They are putting me up for review of my ability to do my job."

            "The brass?"

            "Everyone I'm suspended until they can establish that I'm fit for duty."

            "That's stupid you're a great cop."

            "Russ, please just leave me alone."

            "Alright but if you ever need to talk then I'm here."

            "I just need to be left alone," she said walking away from him

            Emilee never thought in last three years that something like this would happen.  She'd never questioned herself about being a cop until now.  She walked along the beach for what seemed like hours.  Victor finally found her sitting along the water edge.

            "Hey want to talk?  T.C. told us what happened.  Emilee they know that you are a great cop this is just to make everyone happy."

            "Yeah everyone knows it and my father hands me over to the wolves to fend for myself."

            "Emilee T.C. didn't have any choice.  We are going to help you get through this.  Come here," he said pulling her close as she cried

             Two hours later Emilee was sitting on her porch of her house drinking a beer when Chris and T.C. walked in.  Emilee didn't move from the couch.

            "Em?" called T.C.

            "Yeah I'm here."

            "Em, you want to talk?" asked Chris

            "I'm alright Chris thanks."

            "Emilee I'm sorry that this is happening.  I think that maybe Jessup has something to so with this."

            "Dad, please don't go after her.  I should have seen this coming.  After they found my connection to Russ it was only a matter of time before they'd suspect that I was holding something against them."

            T.C. just walked over and put his arm around Emilee who got up and walked back into the house.  Chris gave T.C. a sympathetic glance.  She knew that he was angry and he was thinking that Jessup was behind this.  She just hoped that he wasn't going to do something really stupid.  They just needed to help Emilee through this the best that they could and going after Jessup would only make things worse. 

            In the morning T.C. checked on Emilee before he went to work and found her sleeping.  He knew that she needed the rest.  He gave her a kiss and left hoping that she would be alright.  She was twenty one, but part of him still though of her as a kid.    Later that morning Matthew stopped by to check on Emilee to make sure that she was alright.  Emilee was reading the paper in jeans and an old shirt of her father's.  She was surprised to see Matthew standing there not sure how he found out where she lived, but glad to see him all the same. At least he didn't know everything about her past with Russ. 

            "Hey I'm on break and thought we could talk."

            "Sure come on in."

            "I'm not sure what's going on since I'm the new guy and I'm out of the loop."

            "You're probably better not getting invested in this too much."

            "Why because I'm your partner?" he said sitting down next to her                

            Emilee knew that Matthew would eventually find out so she told him, but to her surprise he understood and she hated that.  The last thing she needed was another person telling her how sorry they were.  Even though she didn't want his sympathy she needed it and she knew that if she took it she was on the rebound from Russ. 

            "What do you say we get out of here for awhile?"

            "Don't you have to go back?'

            "Yeah in an hour," he said smiling

            "Sure just let me change and we'll go."

            Just as they were about to leave though there was a knock on the door and the person on the other side wasn't someone that Emilee wanted to see. 

            "Hello Emilee." said Jessup