Title: Getting Harry Potter

Author: liyu

Rating: PG-13

Disclaimer: Draco and Harry are the properties of JK Rowling. Not mine.

Summary: Draco wants Harry Potter. Unfortunately for him, Harry is in confused denial. Draco has only the choice to resort to drastic, but clever, plans to get Harry Potter.

Note: The last part. Somewhat anticlimactic, but all ends with a happy ending that I hope satisfies everyone.

Thanks to headphone therapy, hydrangea, web walker, Lost, nightwing and Sheyda for their reviews. Somehow, the word "cute" came up quite often. I'm flattered!

7. Finally Getting Harry Potter – Phase III

Draco grinned. He was ecstatic. He finally got Harry were he wanted him to be. He wanted to laugh and to jump around doing a little victory dance, but that might scare the other boy away and Draco had enough of running after Harry.

"Mmm… Malfoy," Harry nervously gulped. His mind was in turmoil, been so near to the guy he wanted to see. To ask him a question of course. But he couldn't seem to remember what question he had to ask. And that smile was damn distracting. Without talking about those jeans…


Oh God, it was a purr, wasn't it? So low and flowing out of that mouth with a fluidity that should be forbidden.

"Could you please stop grinning at me like that?" And could he also just stop moving? Those jeans were molded on his skin, every little move revealing a bit more, a bit too much for Harry's eyes.

"Now, why would I do that?"

"It's… weird. And why are you standing so near me?"

Taking advantage of Harry's distraction, Draco had stepped nearer, trapping Harry between him and the wall. Harry was confused, couldn't recall what he wanted to say and just felt trapped. He couldn't breathe, what with Draco standing so near him. Glancing nervously to his left, he attempted to shift with subtlety in order to escape.

Bad luck for him, Draco put his arm on the wall, blocking the way. Looking to his right, Harry saw that Draco had also put his other arm there.

Now, he was truly trapped.

"Don't even think about escaping me Potter," whispered Draco directly into his ear. "Do you know how many careful planning I had to do in order to get you here?"

"Planning?" Harry gulped, feeling suddenly very uncomfortable, but not in a bad way.

"Yes, Harry… planning. You are difficult to catch you know."

And Draco winked at him. Winked. Harry stared; mouth open, his brain still trying to analyze what was happening, but seemingly still stuck at the jeans. Again taking advantage of Harry's surprise, Draco kissed him. Harry's brain blew up from the sensations this kiss brought him. All sweet and warmth, lips and, yes, tongue.

Somewhere in the back of his mind, the content of a certain drawer labeled "Trust Yourself, You Really Don't Want to Open It" was revealed to him. Harry couldn't help but compare the two events and found this one better. Maybe it was because he suddenly had his arms around Draco and was eagerly responding.

"That's it, give in to me…" whispered the blond Slytherin between kisses.

Harry could only moan and fall deeper into their embrace, all the questions he had in mind vanished. Whatever they were, it didn't matter now. He felt good, more than good, where he was and wouldn't mind if he could stay here forever.

Draco couldn't help but smile, looking at the picture in front of him. Finally, he had Harry Potter where he wanted him to be: in his arms.

And Harry Potter stayed in his arms until a very bruised and angry Professor Snape came roaring up the stairs.