Shipper's Fairy Tale
By: Justafan

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters. They belong to some lucky executive at some
TV station. I promise to play nicely with them and then put them back.

Author's Note:
Please overlook the minor mistakes I might have made, especially about Diane. I have not seen
the beginning episodes and I'm just now getting back into watching the new ones. "Legacy" is
very good so far. It's supposed to mildly funny but it might not turn out that way. This is my
first fanfic and it's probably not very good but anyway...

Once upon a time there was a handsome naval aviator and a beautiful marine. One day
the handsome naval aviator had a terrible crash that killed his RIO (radio intercept officer).
Distraught and told by doctors that he had night blindness and couldn't fly again, he became a
lawyer for JAG (Judge Advocate General). One day on a case, he met the beautiful marine in the
Rose Garden. It was like deja vu, for she looked almost exactly like his first lost love, a naval
lawyer like himself. The beautiful marine was surprised to be working with such a handsome
lawyer (and a squid at that too!) but she swallowed her pride and resigned herself to working with
a handsome squid. The naval aviator was also surprised and not only because she uncannily
looked like a certain lawyer but because she was a jarhead. But he too resigned himself and
blamed it all on his bad luck.
The years passed with thrilling adventures for both of them together and the handsome
naval aviator and the beautiful marine finally began to realize that perhaps, just perhaps, they had
feelings for each other that ran deeper than friendship and partnership. But alas, they refused to
realize their feelings and the handsome naval aviator went back to flying.
Deeply saddened more than anyone realized, the beautiful marine threw herself into
work. When the handsome naval aviator came back, she pretended that she didn't care at all and
desperately wanted to hurt him as much as he hurt her when he left. But once again, she could no
more deny her true feelings than a fish could live without water. Curve after curve was thrown at
them but the marine and the aviator stubbornly refused to see what was right in front of their
eyes: true love.
Then came a particularly explosive case. The beautiful marine was ripped apart from the
handsome naval aviator and their partnership was told to be null and void. No trace of her could
be found It was as if she had disappeared from the face of the earth. But the naval aviator
continued to search for her even though the king of the land, SecNav, and his battalion of knights,
the Admiral, Webb, and even Bud and Harriet, repeatedly told him not to. The handsome naval
aviator persevered and finally found his beautiful jarhead marine. But what was this? She was so
pale, so cold. Was he too late?
He screamed in pure agony at the thought of life without her. He realized the true depth
of his feelings for her. But at what cost to her? How could he survive if she wasn't by his side?
Tenderly brushing a stray lock of hair out of her eyes, the handsome naval aviator cried tears of
anguish as he sat on the cold stone floor, rocking her body in his arms. Suddenly, from out of the
heavens, he heard a faint voice calling him.
Looking down, the handsome naval aviator saw the beautiful marine was still alive and
breathing. His love, his heart, his soul was still with him, as part of her. The beautiful marine
immediately forgot any aches and pains she was feeling as she saw his emotions conveyed to her
from his eyes. He was her love, her heart, and her soul. Weakly reaching up to his face with her
hand, she cradled it and whispered her words of love.
The handsome naval aviator could hardly believe his ears. In the midst of sirens and
yelling, he was sure he heard her say that she loved him. He whispered his words of love back to
her as she was loaded onto the ambulance (a primitive excuse for horse and wagon) and she fell
into an exhausted sleep with the thought of him running through her mind.
As soon as the beautiful marine was feeling better, she and the handsome naval aviator
got married. He was in a lot of trouble for searching for her against orders but somehow, he
didn't care as much anymore. Fortunately for both of them, the knight called Admiral stood up
for them and managed to get them to work together even against the horrible dragon named
Regulations. And so, the years passed and the handsome naval aviator and the beautiful marine
lived happily ever after.

The End