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-Oatmeal and Calamine-

Chapter 1

Itchy Itchy

Sakura sighed as she blew an annoying strand of hair out of her eyes. Here she was all alone with Sasuke like in all her fantasies and all he could do was stare out into space apparently in thought. . "…Sasuke-kun, isn't it a beautiful morning?"


And another attempt to start a conversation shot down. She sighed once more. If only her one true love wasn't so short on words, like in her fantasies, this would have been going a lot better and they would have been making out an hour ago.

"….Beautiful…" she muttered to herself as she observed the landscape before her eyes , the sun having risen completely less than an hour ago, the morning dew's scent still fresh. "Ne, Sasuke-kun don't you think it's getting a little late?" She asked suddenly realizing that the sun was a little too high in the sky.

"Late for Naruto anyway." He reasoned knowing fully well that the blonde boy was usually the second to arrive, sometimes the first.

" I wonder what he is doing, he knows we have a mission today."

"Che. That idiot probably just overslept."

She nodded, it was something that was very likely to happen so she didn't question the fact. However. she knew that the other person who was missing, was out of habit.


Speak of the devil.

"Kakashi-sensei!! You're late!"

"Ah, gomen nasai. You see there was this litter of kittens and I had to find adoptive homes for all of them…"

"You lie!"

Kakashi smiled "Don't say that….eh? Where's Naruto-kun?" He asked quickly observing that there was only one student of his ranting and raving at him that he was late.

"He's late." Sasuke answered simply.

"Hm. ..that's odd."

"Your bad habits are rubbing off on him Kakashi-sensei!" Sakura pointed out half teasingly half seriously.

"Bad habits? I have none." He looked thoughtful as he said so looking heavenward as if trying to remember any bad habits he might possess. Coming out of his reverie after concluding that he had none, he turned happily to his two students. "Anyway like I mentioned yesterday, we have been given another D rank mission. We will wait for Naruto and then go."

They waited for 15 more minutes when their last teammate finally arrived. He appeared to be more asleep than awake and they all had to wonder how he arrived without smacking into anything, since his eyes were so tightly closed. "Ohayo….minna-san." He greeted, separating the words with a large yawn.

"You're late!" Sakura shouted at him tapping her foot impatiently. She was tired of waiting and wanted to get whatever mission it was over with so that she could ask her beloved Sasuke-kun out later.

Naruto smiled sheepishly and rubbed the back of his neck nervously. "Eh heh, gomen. I couldn't sleep last night so I overslept today."

She would have yelled at him again, but his face looked flushed and he truly did look tired making her briefly wonder if he had trained himself to exhaustion again. She decided to give him a break. "Well, don't do it again!"

Sasuke glared at him , slightly annoyed that they had been made to wait even longer this morning. However, he was secretly pleased seeing as he had not gotten much sleep the night before either. So he decided to say nothing.

"Okay Sakura-chan." He answered pleasantly. He didn't notice the way Kakashi was watching him carefully or the fact that Sasuke seemed to be observing him too. His voice was lacking the usual perk and his demeanor was calmer It was odd to see him that way.

"As I was saying, we have another mission today---"

"A mission?!? Really? What do we have to do this time? Guard someone else against another gang? Or retrieve a secret scroll kept hostage?" The mere mention of the word 'mission' had seemed to perk him up greatly.

"We have to pick medicinal herbs for this elderly couple."

Naruto's face and excitement fell. " Eh?!? I'm tired of all these stupid missions! I'm not doing it!"

"Fine then Naruto, you stay behind. Sasuke, Sakura, let's go."

"Hey! You wouldn't really leave me behind would you?!? " He asked as he watched the backs of his team slowly disappearing. Apparently they would. "Hey that isn't fair! Wait for me!" He cried racing to catch up with them.

An hour later they all arrived at the field some miles away from the village where the medicinal herbs supposedly grew. Now all they had to do was find them. It was still early in the morning and a cool breeze blew blowing petals of other flowers around in a odd dance with the wind. It was an odd sight. Flowers and herbs intertwined with each other, the flowers sometimes hiding the herbs.

"Aw, this is going to take a long time." Naruto whined. It looked like it would take a long time to find these herbs, probably the reason why they had to start so early. He really didn't like this mission. Somehow spending most of the morning picking flowers wasn't something he considered a ninja should do.

Sasuke stepped ahead of him as if leading the way. "Let's just get this done and over with, dobe." he commented dryly already spotting herbs that looked like they matched the description.

Naruto's anger immediately flared. "Don't call me that!" he shouted as he sped off with new found determination to find herbs as well. "I won't lose to you, I bet I'll find more than you!" He shouted over his shoulder.

Sasuke snorted but made sure he spotted as many herbs as he could. Sakura simply shook her head at their obvious competitive streak and worked at a slower pace making sure she found the exact herbs that were needed. Kakashi settled himself in a tree branch overlooking them all and reading his Icha Icha Paradise book.

"Che. It's getting so hot." Naruto observed as he carried his basket full of herbs over to where the others were starting to make camp just to make lunch. It was well into the afternoon after all and the sun's intensity had increased to an uncomfortable level. Even Sasuke looked flushed. It could have been because of all the time they had spent outside. The herbs had proven to be hard to find indeed. Sasuke and Sakura had only been able to find a hand full each and they needed at least one basket full. Well, now was his time to shine, he had found more than them and he was damn well proud. " Minna- san ! Minna- san! Look at all the herbs I found!" He announced proudly as he approached them.

His teammates looked at the basket and at the 'herb' he was proudly waving around. They sighed and shook their heads. His face fell as he saw their expressions, not knowing what was wrong. "Eh? What's the matter?"

Passing a hand over his face in slight frustration, Sasuke looked at him with a blank stare. "Naruto….that's poison ivy."

"What?!?!?!" Without waiting for Sasuke to repeat himself, he quickly threw down the poison ivy waving his arms around wildly. " Get it off me! Get it off me!" he cried running in circles.

Sakura and Sasuke watched him blankly. He had already gotten rid of all the poison ivy so they did not know what he expected them to do. Suddenly Naruto stopped his wild dance and continued to scratch his already red, irritated hand. "Damn it …its really itchy." he complained while scratching it irritably.

Sakura sighed shaking her head "That's what poison ivy does Naruto! It makes your skin become irritated and itchy."

"Aa." he muttered suddenly totally focused on scratching his hands. This proved to only irritate him more and the speed at which he scratched increased immensely. "…Damn it…"

"You shouldn't do that ." Sasuke commented dryly noticing that the other boy's hands were an extreme red now.

"Shut up! I bet if you had this you'd be scratching all over too!"

"Keh. I have more self control than that."

"Why you! I--" But whatever comment he was ready to make was cut off by a yelp as he started frantically scratching his arms and all over his body.

"What are you doing now Naruto?"

"Now I'm itchy all over!" He shouted back desperately trying to find some relief by rubbing his body against the grass.

Not understanding what could be the cause of this unusual problem Sakura frowned. By all means he should have only been itchy where his skin had been exposed to the poison ivy, not all over. …Well, whenever she wasn't sure about something Sasuke-kun was always sure to know. She turned to him ready to ask his opinion, when she felt her eyes widen in surprise. He was scratching himself too.

"…Sasuke-kun?… are you okay?"

"Che. That idiot is making me feel itchy too." He explained still scratching himself but not as desperately as Naruto. He briefly wondered if it was all just in his mind and if he really wasn't itchy at all.

"Oh." She turned to see Naruto doing some odd crab walk rubbing his back along the grass and still scratching the rest of his body. That did it. There was definitely something wrong with the boys and she turned to the other only person who could possibly help.

Looking up in the tree where their sensei laid stretched out on a branch, Sakura noticed he was still thoroughly immersed in his book. She seriously doubted he had even noticed Naruto's distress.

"Kakashi-sensei! Something's wrong with Naruto!"

Barely glancing at her and turning a page in his book , he simply responded. "What is it?"

" Well, he picked some poison ivy by mistake but instead of just having itchy hands, he's itchy all over."

"That's to be expected. It's probably just in his head that he is itchy all over."

"Eto… but it doesn't look like that. And even Sasuke-kun feels itchy!"

"Did he touch the poison ivy?"


"Hm." That had caught his attention. He knew Sasuke wasn't one to let his mind play tricks on him and make him belief he was itchy by just watching Naruto. Glancing at the two boys he noticed that their cheeks seemed rosy and yet Sakura's cheeks didn't even though she had been exposed to the sun as long as they had. This made him frown and with a quick fluid motion he was in front of Sakura making her blink in surprise. "Naruto, come here." He called to the boy who was practically rolling on the floor.

"I'm …kinda….busy …right …now." The desperate boy called back too determined to find relief than listen to his sensei.


His voice was strict and no longer held a laid back tone. Naruto knew that his sensei meant business and decided to listen rather than face his wrath. "Hai." He answered making his way over to him scratching the entire time.

Still sitting on the floor, Sasuke was beginning to scratch a little more desperately as well but was trying not to show it as much.

Kakashi watched Naruto for a moment when he suddenly got an idea. "Naruto, take off your jacket."


"Just do it."

"Hai…" Shrugging off the orange jacket and revealing his t-shirt underneath, the irritated skin suddenly exposed to the fresh breeze was suddenly cooled and felt better , if only for a moment.

Grabbing the boy's arm firmly, Kakashi examined it turning it over, viewing it from all sides. Noticing small red blotches. After directing him to lift his shirt slightly and seeing the same blotches on his stomach, he wordlessly placed a hand briefly on the boy's forehead, and then nodded as a confirmation to his thoughts. "Naruto-kun, you have chicken pox."


"You have a fever and have red spots all over, chicken pox."

Naruto simply blinked in disbelief. He couldn't believe how he could have even gotten the illness.

" But…how?"

Kakashi shrugged. "People can get it at any time. I'm just glad I already had it."

Sakura smiled and nodded her head proudly, as if there was anything to be proud of. "Uhn. Me too. I got it when I was six. How about you Sasuke--" She stopped as she realized that he was deeply concentrated on scratching his own arms and that his cheeks were every bit as rosy as Naruto's.

"I think it's safe to say that Sasuke got it today as well." Kakashi commented dryly as he watched the dark hair boy as well. "Well, this means that we can't go on any missions until these two are better."

If possible, Naruto's face fell even more. He may have hated the stupid missions, but at least they were missions and every time he completed one it left him with a sense of accomplishment. "But why? I'm fine! A little scratching isn't going to keep me from doing good on the missions! And what about those herbs?"

"Constantly scratching yourself will give your position away to any enemy and we don't know what other kinds of missions we may be assigned. Besides, you need at least two weeks rest with chicken pox, otherwise it may turn into a more serious illness. Don't worry about the herbs, I'll come back and get them myself later." Kakashi told him firmly.

"I hate this! I don't want to be sick I--" The blonde boy was suddenly cut off, overcome by dizziness from his fever as he sat down heavily on the ground. "This sucks." He muttered pressing a hand up to his forehead.

His sensei nodded sympathetically. "I know." Glancing at both boys, he sighed. 'Both Naruto and Sasuke have no one at home to take care of them, and they really shouldn't be left alone. I would have them stay at my apartment, but it isn't that big and I don't know if I'll be given a chance to stay with them that often anyway. '

"Sakura chan please? Can't you just get that spot all the way down there?" Naruto begged bringing Kakashi out of his thoughts to see him pleading with Sakura to scratch an itch that couldn't be reached on his back, no matter how many times he tried.

"No Naruto! You're not supposed to scratch your spots anyway!"

"Sakura-chan!" He cried out desperately now. "Please?!?!"

"I said no!"


Looking up at her sensei, Sakura was almost expecting him to demand that she help Naruto. But what he said surprised her much, much more.

"Sakura, you….are going to have to take care of Sasuke and Naruto while they are ill."

"What?!?!" She squealed in shock as Naruto, despite his discomfort, managed to smile happily. If being sick meant that he had the girl of his dreams by his side caring for him, then he was happy he had gotten the chicken pox.

Sakura on the other hand was stuck in a limbo between dreading having to wait hand and foot on Naruto and bliss in the thought of pampering a weak Sasuke.

"Well then, I'll go let your mother know that I've given you this special mission Sakura." With that Kakashi disappeared from her view. They weren't that far from the village and he was confident that they would be safe in their return home.

Sakura turned to her two patients and saw Naruto staring at her expectantly while trying not to scratch, just to please her while Sasuke seemed to be in his own little world scratching his arms at smooth pace and slowly starting on his stomach. Sighing she turned to Naruto once more. "Let's go. I guess we should get to my house as soon as possible."

Naruto stood and began to follow obediently, quite happy to follow her to the end of the world if she asked him to. Sasuke however was still on the ground, still scratching, and oblivious to everything around him….until he noticed that , that annoying buzzing sound which had been the other's voices, had stopped. He looked up and noticed he was alone in the field, Sakura and Naruto a small distance away from him apparently waiting for…for something. He blinked. "What?"


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