Title: Can You Love Me

Author: JamiesAngel2008

Rating: PG-13 for language mostly

Disclaimer: I do not I repeat DO NOT own any characters from the WWE. That is Vince; I'm just some poor sorry fan making up a story for entertainment.

Summary: After Matt makes his debut on RAW and hurts Lita for being so selfish she finds comfort in the other Hardy brother who she thought no longer cared. Also- Jericho comes face to face with an old fling...will things heat back up or will they stay cold and dead?

Pairings: forget it...you'll see

Timeline: (I don't remember the date someone please remind me!!) But when Matt comes to RAW and punishes Lita for being so selfish.

Authors Note: This is my first WWE fic, so if some facts aren't totally true, or stuff like that please note I have no idea what's going on OR I want it to be that way okay? Okay now that we all know this...on with the show!

Jeff was up on the roof watching the rain fall peacefully. "I've always wanted to die slowly...while it was raining...it sounds so peaceful," Jeff said pulling the pocket knife from his pocket.

This was it...it was time...

Lita stopped the car in front of the hotel and ran up the stairs to Jeff's room. She pounded frantically on the door. "Jeff! Jeff Hardy open this door!" Lita yelled.

"Damn it kid open up don't be a dumbass!" the black angel shouted.

"Could he be up on the roof?" Lita asked suddenly.

The angel thought a moment. "Yeah, let's check it out," he said leading the way towards the elevator.

Lita followed behind him hoping she wasn't too late yet.

The angel and Lita ran through the door and saw Jeff holding the knife and staring at it. "Jeff," she said cautiously.

Jeff looked over at her with a look of hate. "What do you want...leave me alone," he said chillingly.

"Jeff baby, put the knife down, please put it down," she cooed inching towards him.

"Stay away!" he barked.

Lita jumped at the harshness of his voice. "Okay," she whispered.

"Kid put the devil-damned thing down," the angel said.

"You back the fuck off, I want nothing more to do with you EVER do you hear me? Be gone," Jeff rasped.

"Your wish is my command," he said disappearing.

Lita looked to where the black man had been standing seconds before. "Why are you being this way, I only want to talk to you Jeff," Lita said on the verge of tears.

"You mean nothing to me...and I mean the same to you," he whispered.

Jeff was losing it and he knew it, but he couldn't do anything to stop himself. Everything was going wrong, the angel, he said Lita and he were meant to be...but he saw her with Edge...and she wasn't exactly talking to him.

"Jeff sweetie, come over here and put the knife down...let's just talk," she said with open arms.

"I don't wanna talk!!!" Jeff shouted adding what sounded like a snarl.

"Jeff we need to," Lita begged.

Jeff couldn't take it anymore...he snapped and that's when everything went to hell.

A/N: Hey I know it's so so short but I SO had to leave you on a cliff hanger...lmao JUST KIDDING omg you should have seen the look on your face!! Anyway back to the chapter...

Lita walked over to Jeff. "Give me the knife Jeff," she said holding her hand out.

"Make me," he growled in response.

"Fine," she said jumping on him.

They fought for a few minutes both grunting and trying to get possession of the knife. No one saw what was coming...no one except the angel who was watching from above.

"NO!!!" the angel shouted causing an earth shattering clap of thunder to erupt from the heavens.

Suddenly the knife sliced through flesh. Who's flesh you ask...well Lita's. Her eyes went wide and she gasped. The gasp was full of pain and surprise. 'W-what happened?' her head screamed.

"Lita!" Jeff shouted as her knees buckled.

They both fell to the ground together, Lita was already deathly pale. "Jeff?" she whispered ever so softly.

"Li, I'm here baby I'm here," he said rocking her back and forth.

"I'm cold," she said.

"Here," Jeff said removing his jacket and placing it around her.

"I have to talk to you," she said looking up into his eyes.

"No...save your strength," he commanded quietly.

"Jeff I have to say this, I might not get to later," Lita replied.

"Don't say that," Jeff commanded choking on his sentence.

"It's true...so listen to me," Lita commanded cupping his face.

Lita could feel herself slipping fast...so fast that she only got one sentence out. "I choose you."

And then that was that...she was gone.

"Lita wake up," Jeff begged letting his tears fall freely.

When the red head didn't move Jeff knew she was gone...and gone forever. Her eyes however, stayed open and tears leaked from them. Jeff placed his hand over her eyes closing them...he then kissed her softly on the lips and laid her down.

He looked towards the heavens with pure anger boiling deep within. "YOU SON OF A BITCH YOU SAID EVERYTHING WAS GOING TO GO MY WAY...WHAT NOW HUH? SHE'S DEAD I HAVE NOTHING AND NO ONE NOW YOU BASTARD...I WANT YOU TO BURN IN HELL FOR THIS!!" Jeff shouted nastily.

"IT WASN'T SUPPOSED TO BE LIKE THIS JEFF!" the black angel replied tears falling from his eyes.

A crowd of angels formed around their fellow angel and noticed what was going on. This caused them to break into tears. The rain then began to fall harder than it was before. You could feel the sorrow in the droplets...but Jeff didn't care about their sorrow.

He knew what he had to do now...the same thing he set out to do before. Unfortunately you all know what that is...

Jeff picked up the knife and sliced both of his wrists slowly. He felt no pain...he felt nothing. The angels from above wept even harder for the poor lost boy. This was such a sad, sad way to end everything.

Jeff sat there for a few minutes letting the blood spill from him, a small sad smile spread across his lips. He then looked over at his love...his Lita. Slowly he crawled over to her and brought her into his arms.

"We'll be together love, I promise, we'll always be together."

Hey guys...I hate to end this chapter with an AN but I have to...this is the final chapter to Can You Love Me. This time I'm not joking, tis the end I'm afraid. I want to thank all of you for your kind encouraging reviews they helped me a whole heck of a lot. I will be writing more fics so don't fear okay? And don't forget to review the last chapter. :