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* Nii-chan = brother

Fallen Horses
Chapter Once: Parallel Pain
By Panny

Warning: adult situations, cursing and some serious OOCness. Just consider it an alternate universe.

A long summers day
Stretching out the cold
Searching for the answers
And some say I'm not alone

The Sons sat together eating dinner. It was a rare event that all of them could be there together, but the room was still silent. Chichi's eyes shifted between her son Gohan and his wife Videl. Their daughter Pan ate silently, as did her uncle Goten. Finally Goten spoke up. I'm going to the movies and then meeting some friends to go dancing tonight. I'll probably be gone till sometime tomorrow. Chichi nodded in his direction. Gohan abruptly stood up and made his way to the kitchen. While he rinsed his plate he spoke.

I have to go to the university to work with some of the professors there. I should be home sometime around eleven.

Videl shook her head. she said nastily. You know, we're never together anymore, the least you could do is let this wait till tomorrow when no one will be home. Gohan walked back into the room, now upset. Yes, I could. He said sarcastically. And then tomorrow, when I'm here you'll give me the same bull shit you're giving me now.

Bull shit?! How dare you! I am getting tired of this Son Gohan! You need to spend more time with your family and less time working!

Excuse me Videl, but I live in the real world, where things have to be paid for, and money isn't thrown at you by your father.

Leave my father out of this!

Goten and Pan each exchanged worried glances. Gohan and Videl had been fighting like this a lot lately, and they both feared the worst. Fortunately Chichi broke the two up before anything else could happen. She quickly ushered Gohan out the door and brought Videl upstairs to cool down. Goten, Pan? she called back quickly. Why don't the two of you go out now and leave your mothers some peace. The two of them nodded then took their dishes to the sink.

Well I'd love to hang with you. Goten said, tossing his scraps in the trash, But I have to get to the theatre soon so

That's okay. I'll just go for a walk or something, who knows. I'll be okay. Pan smiled and left the house. Goten quickly threw his plate in the sink and cringed as it smashed against the faucet. He quickly ran from the house and headed towards the theatre.

* * * * *

I don't care!

Well you have to care!

Bulma grabbed a nearby pillow and flung it at Vegeta. He knocked it aside, sending it into Bra and knocking her down. Trunks helped her up, continuing to watch his parents. In the past half hour pillows, remotes, books and other small items had been flung across the room and most laid broken or dishelveled on the floor still. Bulma was upset that Vegeta wasn't helping at home, and making Bulma take care of everything. Vegeta, of course, was indifferent to everything, save for the fact that he now had an angry wife to deal with.

I can't take this anymore! Bulma shouted, then left the room. Vegeta snorted and left to train. Bra and Trunks stood dazed. Their parents fought often, but it was usually private, and neither of them thought they ever ended in violence. Trunks turned to his sister, who shrugged. I'm gonna catch a movie. She said. Just to take my mind off things. Trunks nodded. Have fun, I'm just gonna go for a walk or something. I never get any free time nowadays with Capsule to run. They both left together, then turned in different directions.

Bye Nii-chan!

See ya Bra!

* * * * *

One for The Adventures Of The Great Saiya-man please.

The man behind the desk glanced side-ways at Goten. Sir. You are aware that that's a movie for children? Goten smiled. Let's just say he'll always have a soft spot in my heart. The man cocked his eyebrow as he printed up the ticket. Theatre 3, on the right. Goten nodded and went inside.

This should be interesting. Goten thought to himself. I wonder what Gohan would think of it? Goten laughed at the idea, but quieted as the lights lowered.

A sudden whisper made Goten jump from his seat. That is you. The voice came again. Bra slid in next to him. Oh, hi Bra. Goten glanced at her from the corner of his eye, looking over her features while pretending to watch the movie. He swallowed hard, trying to ignore the thoughts he was having. Bra was his neices best friend, he should think of her as nothing more than a friend. He jumped as Bra rested her head on his shoulder. Instinctively Goten placed his arm around her. He quickly moved to pull back, but he found her small hand holding onto his. The color rose in his cheeks as he tried to find words to say.

Hey, Goten? What are you doing after this? Bra's voice was cheery, but somewhat sleepy due to her whispering. Goten began. I was gonna go to a club or something. I'm not to sure though.

So what if my friends are waiting for me. He thought. I can always make it up to them but when am I gonna get another chance like this?

Can I go with you? Bra asked, still watching the movie.

* * * * *

Pan trumped through the streets of the city, looking at her surroundings, observing all that was around her. She had never been to this area before, and everything was new to her.

Hey there. You're a pretty little thing. A tall man came near her smiling. Pan smiled back at him, enjoying the compliment. Not far from them Trunks stood, watching with interest. He saw Pan and the man laughing, and then he took her hand. What's he doing! Trunks thought. Pan should know better than to just go with some guy. I can't let her do this. He followed the two of them, keeping at a close distance. Pan turned back a few times, as if she knew he was there, but never saw him.

Right this way. The man said. Pan followed him into a large grey building. Trunks attempted to follow them, but was stopped by a large guard. Not in the mood to start a fight, he decided to wait till they came out.

* * * * *

So you're interested in a job? A smirk crossed over the mans face. I think you should do fine. He said. By the way, my name is Yasui, and yours?

My name is Pa- uh Parina. What do you mean though, "a job"?"

"Well, that's what lovely young girls like yourself come here for. Easy money, easy job." He placed his hand on her side and slid is down over her hips. She immediately tensed up and backed away.

"Look, I don't know who you are or who you think you're dealing with but I'm not interested." Suddenly fearful, even though she knew for certain that he couldn't possible hurt her, Pan backed away. Spinning around she walked as quickly as she could without showing her fear.

Now far behind her, Trunks stared in shock. 'I guess she realized what that creep was after. I hope she's okay.'

Still following he watched Pan as she continued to wander along random streets. She stopped in front of what looked like a cafe and picked up a pamphlet that had been left on a table. Glancing as he walked by there were a number of different papers there, none of real interest.

"This could be the answer." Pan thought, turning towards more familiar streets to head home. She flipped through the pages briefly, then stuck the pamphlet in her pocket.

* * * * *

That was so fun! Bra squealed as she left the club with Goten. It would have been better if you could dance, but I'm not all that good either.

Goten laughed, his arm around Bra. He said, somewhat slyly. When shall we do this again? Goten was sure Bra would get mad at the suggestion of the two going out non-sparaticaly. That would mean it was a date, but Bra furrowed her brow thoughtfully. How about this weekend?

Goten asked nervously. Bra grabbed onto his arm, holding it till he had gotten her home. When they got to the door she lifted on her toes to kiss him lightly. She whispered. I had a lot of fun. Goten smiled uncertainly, still afraid he was in a dream. Bra squeezed his hand, then went inside and Goten began walking home with a smile on his face.

Me and Bra. He thought. Who woulda thought? His smile grew and he began whistling no tune in particular, just something to express the happiness he felt.

Bra smiled as she watched Goten leaving from her window. She shook her head as he jumped around like a child. Hearing her brother down the hall she quickly switched off her light and jumped into bed happy.

* * * * *

Trunks walked towards his room exhausted. He had spent the whole night walking around, trying to figure out what Pan was up to. He vowed to see her the next day and find out what was going on with her. Reaching his room, Trunks collapsed on his bed and fell into a deep sleep.

* * * * *

Pan rested in her bed. Confused by everything that had happened to her, as well as by the thoughts in her mind. She chuckled to herself for worrying so much.

* * * * *