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Fallen Horses
Chapter 6: Resolution
By Panny

Warning: Adult situations, cursing, severe OOCness.

Now that I've arrived here
I know I'm not alone
All my friends among me
Tell me welcome home.

Gohan and Videl walked in as Pan hung up the phone. Everyone stared at them in apprehension and Gohan just smiled as an answer to all their questions. Pan smiled back, feeling her whole body relax, and Chichi ran up to hug her son and daughter-in-law. Goten stood behind everyone and smiled at his brother, then spoke up. Hey, who wants to eat?

So the Son family had the first peaceful meal they'd had in a long time. Well it was mostly peaceful. Goten decided to mention that he and Bra were dating, which caused a bit of an upset from Pan, and an unconcious Chichi, but once everyone was calmed and aroused, things were okay. Gohan, Videl and their family knew that things wouldn't be perfect after that, but they also knew that they were going to make it. Gohan called the University after the meal to tell them he wouldn't be working as many hours, and Videl was content to know her husband was back. Of course she also had to show him how happy she was later that night after the lights had gone out.

* * * * *

As their children slept, Bulma and Vegeta lay together, enjoying the feeling of being in each others arms. Bulma snuggled up against her husband and smiled. She knew that in a matter of days they'd fight again, but that was okay, because they'd made it this far just the same.

She whispered. Receiving no answer, she brushed his face lightly. She asked again, more loudly. This time the answer she received was a light snore. Gritting her teeth, she got up and sat on top of him, and began prodding at his face, making him grimace as he came out of slumber.

What do you want woman?

I told you not to call me that.

And yet I still don't listen. You think you'd have learned not to bother anymore. Vegeta smiled a little, something rare for him, and Bulma slid back into bed to lay next to him. I love you my prince. She whispered, settling in to sleep. Vegeta nodded and Bulma knew her feelings were returned.

* * * * *

A few weeks later, the Briefs and Sons had a small get together, doing their best to not grow apart as it seemed they already were. By then Vegeta and Bulma had gone through three more major fights, but they kept them to themselves and neither truly minded. Gohan had taken a week off from work to spend time with his wife and make up for all the time he had spent away from her. Needless to say, Videl loved it.

Goten and Bra were still dating, having survived Vegeta's wrath, and everyone agreed as to what a cute couple they made. At the same time, Trunks' feelings for Pan had been shoved down and resurfaced too many times to count. It seemed at this point that it wouldn't be long before she became his neiceā€“in-law and he knew it was best to just get rid of his unwanted feelings. But he still got that light feeling whenever he spent time with her, and still thought about her during the day for no apparent reason.

Pan still relied on Trunks for support, trying to forget what she had been through and what it had forced her to. At one point she wondered what would have happened if he hadn't stopped her that time in her room. She would have lost everything because she wasn't strong enough to handle life on her own, but with him her strength was doubled. She loved him, as a brother, as a friend, and maybe as something more. He had pulled her from the darkness and for that she'd be eternally grateful.

But could you tell me
Where I might find
The one I'm looking for
Cause her wings have arrived.

* * * * *