Title: A Wedding Story

Author: Gluglug

Spoiler Warning/Timing: Late Fourth Season

Rating: PG

Summary: His sister's impending wedding leads Luke to make some decisions about his own life. SPOILER WARNING – I'm not specifying which parts are spoilers so read at your own risk!

Disclaimer: Gilmore Girls and all characters are property of The Dubba Dubba Dubba WB, Dorothy Parker Drank Here Productions and Amy Sherman- Palladino. They don't belong to me, just borrowing.


Luke was trying to relax in his apartment after a long day at the diner when the telephone rang. He groaned, thinking it might be Nicole wanting to know why he wasn't coming to spend the night at their place, again. He picked up the phone, readying another excuse.


"Luke!" A familiar female voice spoke excitedly.


"Yeah, it's your crazy sister! Although, I'm now your crazy engaged sister!"

"What? Wow."

"Yeah, exactly. TJ proposed last night, it was so romantic. We were at the Renaissance Fair in upstate New York and he proposed to me at my booth. He told me he was looking for some jewelry to give a special lady in his life and before I knew it he was on one knee holding a diamond ring!"

"So you're getting married."

"Boy, you're really observant. You don't sound so excited."

"Sorry. I'm happy for you Liz, really. It's just that I wasn't too thrilled when I met TJ or Gary or whatever his name is, but he seems to be genuine. Although the guy thinks I'm a dick."

Liz laughed. "No he doesn't. He told me about that and I said that you were just being protective of me. But I think you guys are going to be great brothers-in-law."

Luke groaned inwardly thinking of having to pal around with TJ but tried to be happy for Liz.

"So when's the big day?"

"Well, TJ and I have a break from the fair circuit coming up soon and we'd like to get married in Stars Hollow on in early May, probably the first. We're thinking of having a very simple wedding, just family and friends, maybe in the town gazebo or something like that."

"So soon?"

"Well, we don't see any reason to wait. Neither of us is getting any younger....oh and Luke, I wanted to ask you something..."

"Do you need me to pay for the wedding?"

"Oh, no! I would never dream of that, you've done so much for me already. What I wanted to ask you was...would you give me away at my wedding?"

Luke wasn't expecting this and was touched. "Of course I will."

"Oh thank you! You don't know what that means to me. I wish Dad was here to do it but since he isn't I can't think of anyone else in the family I'd want to give me away."

The word 'family' made Luke think of a certain surly nephew. "Oh, is Jess coming to the wedding?"

"Jess? I don't know. I haven't told him about this yet, he's next on my list."

"Oh, then I should let you go finish."

"Well, you should receive my wedding invitation soon. I'll make sure to send it to "Mr and Mrs. Luke Danes. I can't wait to meet my new sister-in- law but I don't even know her name."

"It's Nicole."

"Nicole." Liz repeated. "Oh and before I forget, I would also like to invite your friend Lorelai."

Luke was surprised. "Really, why?"

"Oh, I just really liked her when I met her, I felt like we connected. Can I have her address?"

Luke gave the address, wondering what it was going to be like to have both Nicole and Lorelai at his sister's wedding.

"Well, I gotta get going, Luke. I'll give you a call closer to the wedding date. Love ya."

"Bye, Liz."

Luke hung up the phone and shook his head. So his sister was getting married after all these years. He truly hoped that TJ was the one who would take care of her and make her happy. That's all he really wanted for her anyway. Now if only he could fix his own mess of a marriage.