Chapter 3: Forever

~Yoru no machi wa shizuka de fukai umi no you

Tsuzuku michi ni tada atashi hotori dake

Tooi koe wo tayori ni aruite yuku no

Zutto sagashiteru sotto hikaru aoi hikari~

Kisara glanced around her, noting how empty the sidewalks were. The spring shower had caused many people to stay inside today. She spotted a duel disk in a store window, and immediately Seto's face swam through her mind. She sighed and adjusted her blue umbrella. She looked up at the sky and saw that the clouds did not show any sign of parting soon. The rain felt cool and soothing on her face; she was tempted to simply let herself get wet. She moved the umbrella back into place anyway. She was wearing her favorite blouse and skirt, and she did not want it to get wet.

'You're crazy for doing this you know,' she told herself

'Yes, but something tells me I have to do this. It's the only thing I can do.' She thought

Kisara kept walking, following an instinct yet, not quite sure where it would lead.

~Nee atashi wo mitsukete

Soshite yonde kokoro de

Donna ni hanareta to shite mo kikoeru kara~

It had been three months since she had confronted Seto. Since then she had cried innumerable times. She had tried to go on. Some of her friends had even set her up with someone else. It did nothing. Every night she still dreamed that Seto was with her. She still thought of him constantly. She hoped that he would hear her pain and come to her. She hoped that somehow he would change his mind and tell her he didn't mean what he said that autumn night.

~Gin no akari ga tomoru sorezore no heya

Kitto dokoka ni wa iru to negainagara aruku~

As she walked on Kisara could see the silver glow of lights coming from the houses she passed. The rational part of her wanted to stop, to turn back and simply forget about doing this. Yet, Kisara refused. She had to do this. Her heart would never be at peace if she did not. She had searched forever to find him once. She could not just let him go again.

'Let him be home,' she thought

~Nee anata wo mitsukete

Soshite nidoto wasurezu

Donna ni mune ga itakute mo soba ni iru no~

She was here. Kisara stood at the gates of Kaiba mansion. She pushed the bell and heard Mokuba's voice over the intercom.

"Who is it?" Mokuba asked

"It's me, Kisara," she said meekly

"Hey Kisara! It's good to see you. Hold on. I'm opening the gate." Mokuba answered happily

The white bars parted. Kisara took a deep breath and walk to the front door. As soon as she reached the door Mokuba had it open. He hugged her waist, and she hugged him back.

"I missed you Kisara. Where have you been for the past three months?" Mokuba asked

Kisara smiled down at the child. He was so sweet.

"I was just busy," she answered quickly.

If Mokuba found her answer vague he did not show it. He led her into the dining room and insisted that she have something to drink. Kisara agreed to tea.

"You know Seto's been kinda weird lately," Mokuba said

"How is Seto?" Kisara asked

"Well he's alright I guess. He just seems sad," Mokuba replied

"Mokuba, I....I came here to see Seto. Do you think you could tell me where he is?" Kisara said

"Sure. He's in his office upstairs," Mokuba answered

Before Kisara could do anything Mokuba had rushed up the stairs and was knocking on the door of his brother's office. Kisara waited anxiously to find out what Seto would do. Would he ignore her? Come down? Kick her out of the house? Light footsteps on the stairs answered her question. He was coming down.

He walked into the living room slowly. He wore black slacks and a black long-sleeved shirt. He looked essentially the same as when she had last seen him. Except there was a slight difference, as Mokuba had said, he seemed sadder. Kisara rose and the two adults simply looked at each other for a moment.

"Hello, Kisara," Seto said, breaking the silence

"Seto," Kisara answered

Seto moved to take the seat opposite of Kisara. Kisara sat too. Both of them wondered what to say next.

"It's been a while," Seto said

"Yes, three months," Kisara agreed

Kisara looked up. Seto's cerulean eyes were studying her intently. Kisara felt her heart rate increase as Seto watched her.

"Kisara.." Seto breathed

"Seto! I miss you. I haven't been able to stop thinking about you. Look. I came because I wanted to tell you something. I want you to know that I love you; I always will. Loving you is painful, but being apart hurts more. Seto please don't push me away," Kisara said

Seto did not answer.

~Tsunaide te wo

Hanasanai kara ~

Then he took her hand in his. He pulled her close and wrapped his arms around her. At first Kisara was shocked. Then she wrapped her arms around him. She held tightly never wanting to let go.

~Atashi ga anata wo mitsukete

Soshite nidoto wasurezu donna nu mune ga itakute mo soba ni iru no

Zutto Zutto ~

Seto pulled away.

"Kisara, I should have told you that night. I love you,"

He leaned down and kissed Kisara. Her arms were still around him. Her warmth filled his being throughout and Seto finally felt warm.


Ningyo Hime Lyrics Translation;

At night the town is quiet like the deep ocean

All alone on an endless road,

I walk, following a distant voice

Always searching for the soft blue light

Please find me

And call me with your heart

Because I'll hear you no matter how far apart we are

A silver light shines in every room;

I walk on hoping you're somewhere out there

I'll find you

And I'll never again forget you

No matter how much it hurts, I'll stay by your side

Because I won't

Let go of your hand

I'll find you

And I'll never again forget you

No matter now must it hurts, I'll stay by your side.


I do not own Yu-gi-oh

Again, this is a really pretty song. It's called Ningyo Hime and its sung by Tanaka Rie. It's the second ending theme to one of my favorite animes; Chobits. I heard it and I feel that it's something I would sing to Seto to reassure him or comfort him (gets embarrassed by her fangirliness). I hope you get to hear it yourself because the music really compliments the lyrics and the singer is very good. Thanks for reading. Any questions, comments, or concerns can be sent to