Sailor Moon: Five Rings

BY Dragonfang33

Synapes: A Sailor Moon/Legend of the Five Rings Crossover, Lita's ex-boyfriend returns, though he is now a full fledge Samurai of the Scorpion Clan, and soon becomes cought up in the war against both the Nega Moon and the Shadowlands.

Introduction: The Gates of Time

Two figures stood facing each other in front of the large gate way. One wore a sailor's uniform, with a black mini skirt and a pair of black boots. The other wore the armor of a Samurai, and had his face covered with a face mask. At his side was a long Samurai sword and tied to his back was a flag with a golden scorpion insignia.

"Why have you come to the Gates of Time?" Sailor Pluto asked.

"I've got my resions Mother." the Samurai replied

"You seek to return to the one you loved," Pluto replied, as she gazed into her son's eyes, then she spotted the sword tied to his waist.

"Rhone, you know about that sword," Pluto asked, "it was your father's."

"Father is dead mother," Rhone replied, "and the forces of the Shadowlands are advancing toward the Second Plane." Pluto felt her blood run cold, Amoro, the finest swordsman in all of the Scorpion Clan, and the one man she loved, dead.

"How did it happend," Pluto asked

"He was ambushed and killed by Oni," Rhone replied, "along the border of our lands, or should I say what's left of them." Rhone began thinking about all that his family had done to the land of Rokugan, from the coup his grandfather undertook to save the lands fromthe Shadows, to his family's humiliating exile, to the love that he had for her, and the choice he had to make between his honor as a Samurai, and his love for the Princess of Jupiter.

"Mother," Rhone said, "I must stop the Dark Samurai of the Shadowlands, and reclame our family's honor."

"I understand Rhone," Pluto replied, "But I still can't allow you to pass, for if you do the perfect future of Lita's world will be destroyed."

"Then so be it," Rhone replied, as he fingured the flower locket around his neck, he then gave his mother a cold look and asked her, "what good is this new Silver Millenium if freedom and justice are forbidden?" Pluto gave that a thought, for now she was facing a choice of her own, her duity to see that Neo-Queen Serenity came to the throne of Crystal Tokyo or the love and respect for not only her native clan but that of her own son, and his love for the Sailor Scout of Jupiter.

"Very well Rhone," Pluto said, "you may go, but be warned, you will face not only the threat of the Dark Samurai, but also the threat of the Nega Moon Family." Rhone touched his father's sword lovingly.

"Mother," Rhone said, "I am a Samurai, and should I fall, I will fall in battle, like a true Samurai." With those solum words, Pluto opened the gates of time, and watched as her son, Rhone Sekigahara vanished into the swirling vortex, but not before he faced her one last time.

"Hail the Scorpion," Rhone said, as he eyed his mother, and before long Pluto found herself saying something she hadn't said in a long time.

"Hail the Scorpion," Pluto said, and with that her son vanished.