Crimson Nights

By diddly day

A/N: Okay, I love writing Darkest Hour. But I want to write something else. I might not even post a second chapter. I need to get my creative juices flowing. In addition, I just got done with my English class and I want to write something fun. And I've played around with this idea for a while.

Summery: What if Leon came along with Claire to Rock Fort Island? What would have turned out differently? This isn't a Steve bashing story all the way. A lot like in the game , the characters will losen up to him. But until then, he might get on a few character's nerves.

Disclaimer: Everything in this story belongs to Capcom. So don't sue.

Chapter one:

"Who the hell are you?"

The kid was an ass. Leon decided that when he felt the cold steel of the gun barrel press against his greasy forehead.

"Answer me!" The kid clicked the gun. His eyes held intense warning. Leon's mouth had turned into a desert, making his throat feel like sandpaper when he swallowed. "You work for Umbrella, don't you?"

"Do I look like I work for them?" spat Leon quickly. The kids green eyes trailed up and down Leon's figure. If he thought he did work for Umbrella, this kid was an idiot.

"You look like you've been through the ringer." He let out a laugh and pressed the gun deeper into Leon's skin.

"I guess you could say that," Leon's voice was slightly shaking, praying that this child wouldn't blast his head off. "I was beat up very bad when they took me here. And now the island has been attacked. That is what happened right?"

The kid stared at him suspiciously. His lips pouting like a five-year-old boy who had to finish his vegetables. His gun flickered as the flames that ate a nearby log danced.

"You should know, you were probably the one who attacked it." His voice sounded close to insane rage.

"Look! I didn't do anything. You don't want to kill an innocent person right? I'm a cop. I've helped people in need." Leon's arms were getting heavy as he held them up in defense.

"I don't believe you," the kid stated simply.

"Well, that doesn't matter. You rather trust those creatures out there than me?" Leon saw the kid's finger twitch on the trigger. His heart suddenly dropped to his stomach. Sweat was dripping down his already damp face. His light hair clinging to his head. Leon moistened his lips with his thick tongue.

"Fine." The gun pulled away from his head. Leon was sure that there was a red round circle indented in his forehead where the gun had been. The kid put the small 9mm down to his side. "I guess I have to trust you."

"Okay," Leon exhaled. The boy took a step backwards and wiped his dirty face.

"So, we're cool now huh?"


Leon pulled his fist back and nailed the kid's cheek, his wristwatch nicking him under his eye. He went down easy. He landed on the dirt with a small thud and stared up and Leon with shock. A trickle of blood oozed out where Leon's watch had caught him.

"Now we're cool."

He bent down and pulled the kid off the ground.

"Screw you," The kid whined as he wiped the blood off his face. "You can die out here for all I care." The boy turned around and started to jog away.

"Will you at least tell me where I am?" shouted Leon after the kid.

"Welcome to Rock Fort!" he yelled back over his shoulder as he disappeared into the burning prison.


Claire's head hurt. And her stomach didn't feel any better. The rocking of her cell jolted her off her knees. The lightbulb flickered in her dimly lit cell. Her mind raced as he recalled the last few hours. In the Paris facility. Running. Machine guns and helicopters. Leon falling down the stairwell. Leon . . . Where was he? The man who had taken her. Had he done anything to Leon?

Claire stood and observed her surroundings. Her eyes trying to focus in the dark room. Bars trapped her and her palms pressed against the smooth steel. Her swollen, hot fingers coiling around the bars. The sudden scuffing sound in the room made her pull away.

Something was moving.

But where? Her hands digging into her pockets, she fished for anything, when her hands gripped around the lighter Chris had given her. Hands shaking, she flicked the lighter and the small flamed brightly lit the black room.

A face was inches from hers. She fell backwards in surprise, the lighter falling to the ground. The door opened as the strange figure unlocked her cell. The hand picked up her lighter and handed it to her. Claire, trying to make out her rescuer's face, took it thankfully. His skin was dark and smooth. She knew his face. He looked just like . . .

He limped over to the chair beside the desk.

"Come on out," His deep voice echoed throughout the hall. "You're free to go."

"Why are you letting me go?" Claire somehow found her own voice as she stood up and exited the small cell.

"Because it doesn't matter now."

Claire could see a dark crimson stain on his white shirt. He grabbed a white bottle and shook it. "Shit!" He suddenly threw it across the room. Leaning back in his chair, he closed his eyes.

"What doesn't matter?" Claire asked and stepped closer to him. He laughed.

"The island has been attacked. Even if I let you go, you probably won't even make it ten feet out of this room. But I might as well give you a chance." He opened his eyes and squinted at her.

"And what about you? What are you going to do?" Her lighter was growing hot in her hand.

"Don't worry about me. I'm getting what I deserve," he chuckled again. Only it was much more pitiful.

"You took my friend," Claire started. "What happened to him?" She waited for his reply, silently hoping that Leon was okay.

"The male? The one who fell down the stairwell? He was scheduled for execution tomorrow. Last I heard he was on a truck to the Rock Fort Military Training Facility."

"But his execution was tomorrow, right? He's not dead yet?" Claire could feel her throat tighten up.

"I'm sorry, but your friend is probably already dead." He shifted in his seat. "When you see what the Island looks like, you'll probably understand why I say that."

"He's alive." Claire didn't believe her own confident voice. "I'll find him."

"I hope you do." He seemed to really mean it.

"Thank you . . . "

"Rodrigo," he finished for her.

"I'm Claire." She almost smiled at him, but thought better of it.

"Yeah, I know."


Leon sat down next to the small river, his legs exhausted from the long walk. The sound of running water calmed him a bit. He rubbed his feet as his ankle hurt like hell from falling down the stairwell in the Paris facility. While his dry, cracked lips were stained with blood from his own mouth.

What had happened since then, Leon wasn't quite sure. They had beat him almost to death the moment he had set foot on Rock Fort. His stomach was sore from the low blows that the soldiers had given him. The cuts and scrapes made it hard to sit still as he drank from the cold, dirty water.

His head was killing him. Blood was now soaking in his dry hair and his jaw ached from being wacked by their handguns. Leon let himself fall back onto the hard ground and allowed himself to breathe in the fresh air. Running a hand over his face, he stared at the bridge nearby. It was connected to a large Palace, and then ran over the river to an extravagant mansion. The dark clouds blocked the black sky.

Claire. He had to find her. Everything had gone dark after they took him. He remembered shouting at her to run when he fell. She had almost stopped and gone back for him, but his voice had gone horse from yelling at her to save herself. She did as he commanded her. However, he knew they had taken her. For after they were through beating him, they loaded him onto an army truck and bound his hands with rope. After mocking him and slapping him around, one of the soldiers let it slip that his "girlfriend" was taken shortly after they got him and was somewhere close.

That's when the explosion happened. A tree fell over and crashed onto the front of the army truck killing the two men that captured him instantly. Leon was spared, but when the truck rolled onto its side, he was sure he was done for. He had just enough time to crawl out of the back of the truck and run when it exploded, throwing down the hill and next to the river. Since then he had followed the flowing water for hours. Only to meet those same dammed creatures he had met in Raccoon, and some brat who almost blew his head off. He still had yet to run into Claire, which he prayed with every step he took.

He needed her. She had become something of a remedy to him. She needed him to protecther and tell him everything would be okay. He hoped she was in better shape than he was. That is, if she wasn't already blown to bits from the island being attacked.

Closing his eyes, be remembered what had happened before he left.

They were in a Paris hotel room. Chris sat hunched over a desk, typing frantically on his laptop as he tried to hack into Umbrella's database. Leon sat next to Claire on one of the beds. He turned to look at her. She looked nervous. Her brown bangs fell into her eyes, she didn't bother pushing them away. Without thinking, Leon's fingers reached out and swept them away for her. He rested his hand on her cheek. She turned and stared at him intently.

Her pink lips parted as her eyes searched his. Leon didn't think as he leaned in and placed a soft kiss on her forehead. It was supposed to be a friendly gesture, but it somehow felt much more personal. He knew that Claire had felt it too when she gripped his shirt in her fists. One hand sliding up and placing on the back of his neck.

He embraced her, his cheek pressed against her temple. His lisp close to her ear.

"You be careful, okay?" he whispered. She didn't respond. He knew she wasn't going to make any promises she couldn't keep. She was good at that.

Falling onto their sides, the two held each other tightly. If Chris was bothered by their closeness, he didn't show it. Instead he pretended nothing was happening and continued to stare studiously at his computer screen. Leon would stare at her as she closed her eyes, but when he did the same, he could feel her eyes on him.

Feeling somewhat calmer, Leon pulled himself up off the ground. The blood smeared on his upper lip wasalready dry. He needed to find Claire. But he needed to find a gun first. Quickly.


Claire slammed the gate behind her in horror. The T-virus had leaked out here too? She stared at the dead beings that crawled toward the gate. Their milky white eyes shining in the moonlight. Sprinting as fast as she could toward the end wall, she stretched her legs and leaped as high as she could. Grabbing the top of the wall, she pulled herself over with all the strength she could muster. Only to fall next to another corpse on the other side.

She sighed gratefully when she realized he was already dead. Pulling herself up she began to look of any other horrible monsters. She made it about three steps when she felt a bullet whiz past her head. Switching onto autopilot, Claire fell down and scrambled for cover, when a light fell on her. She moved quickly, bullets kicking dirt up around her. She dove behind a truck and reached for anything.

She wrapped her fingers around something smooth. Looking quickly to see it was a standard hand gun, she drew it close to her side. Trying carefully to aim and not be shot at the same time, Claire fired her new gun.

The bright light went out and the gunfire ceased.

"What the hell?"a voice shouted from the watchtower. "Are you a human?" she heard him yell.

"No!" she answered back, but not without rolling her eyes.

"Hold on. I'm coming down!" The stranger waved his arms. She watched as a skinny young man coiled himself over the balcony and inched his way carefully down, scaling slowly so not to fall. When it looked as though he wouldn't fall to his death, the boy jumped and landed with a soft thud in front of Claire.

"Sorry about that. When I see something move, I just start blasting-"

"Shut up!" Claire stuck the gun far into his face. "Take one wrong move and I'll shoot." She stepped away, trying to make out his face.

He was attractive, she decided. Very attractive. His sea green eyes glowed with his fiery hair. Whisking his bangs away from his eyes. A small cut under his right eye with dried blood around it was fresh. Claire cocked her gun and pointed it at him with good range. Warning him if he did anything, she'd blow his head off.

"Relax," he said, a haughty smile stretching across his face. " It was a mistake. You would've done the same."

"I would've made sure what I was shooting at," Claire shot back. He was cute, and she hated his attitude.

"A lesson learned." He did a little bow. "So, what brings you here to Rock Fort?" Rock Fort. So that's what this place was was called? Claire dropped the gun away from his face.

"Why?" The kid shrugged.

"I just want to know. My name's Steve Burnside. I was a prisoner here."

"I'm Claire Redfield." He smiled again. Probably because he was able to get her name out of her.

"Nice name. I like it. Claire." Steve folded his arms across his chest. Claire shook her head impatiently. She had to find Leon.

"Have you seen a man around here anywhere?" Steve raised his eyes at her.

"I've seen lots of men. Mostly dead. But whatever."

His words scared her. She hadn't let herself believe that perhaps Leon might've become. . . One of them.

"He was going to be executed. Light brown hair? Or dirty blond?About six feet?"

"Why? Is he your boyfriend?" Steve looked Claire up and down, a faint smile returning to his lips. Claire sighed again and told him the truth.

"No. But have you seen him?" Steve reached up with his hand and touched the wound on his cheek with his fingertips. His mouth curved downward in a frown.

"No," he answered. "I haven't seen anyone." His voice was sharp as it cut through the air.

"Oh." Claire looked down. Steve turned and started to run off. "Where are you going?" Claire shouted. Steve stopped, turned around, and sighed with irritation.

"Apparently, there is an airport around here some place. If I can find it, then I will be able to say goodbye to this island." He turned back around again.

"Hey, wait up!" She knew no good ever came from splitting up. She had learned that the hard way. Steve stopped again.

"Nope. You will only slow me down. Why don't you spend whatever time you have left to you for your friend?" And without waiting for her to reply, he spun around on his heel and took off again. Claire watched him until he disappeared into the darkness.

To be continued. . .

A/N: Okay. I know this is kinda boring. However, I was getting tired of writing reports, and Darkest Hour. And I was playing CVX and thought what would it be like if Kennedy came along? Well, perhaps I'll write chapter two. But I'll probably update Darkest Hour and In Secret first. Please Review!