Crimson Nights

By diddly day

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Chapter Two:

"Please deposit any metallic items you have in the security box."

Claire gazed down at her silver lock-pick that reflected the flashing blue light, and back at the open slot before her. The weight of the gun in her holster seemed to grow heavier as she listened to the calm, but emotionless, monotone words.

"Please deposit any metallic items you have in the security box," the feminine voice repeated.

Then Claire heard the slow scuffing of something moving outside. . .

Yeah right.

Grabbing her gun firmly from her hip, she decided that she could part with the lock-pick. Her hand trembled slightly as she dropped the small item into the slot. Claire gazed again at blue light that buzzed directly above her head. Her eyes traveled to hall on the other side of the metal-detector. She would have to give up her gun to proceed any further. And the only way to find Leon, was to keep moving. A sense of forbidding overtook her as she slid her small handgun into the box after the lock-pick.

"Fine," Claire muttered half to herself, half to the security box. "Take it. You noisy bitch."

A thud greeted her as the small slap closed shut. Pacing through the dark hallway, she glanced at the glass pane, barely able to see the misty shadows that sauntered aimlessly to and fro outside her window. Slowly, she trod through the small corridor.

Tap, tap, tap.

Claire's ears perked up as she walked through the next metal-detector.

Tap, tap, tap. . .tap, tap,

It was coming from the other side of an average sized steel door. Immediately, she wished she had not left her gun so foolishly in that stupid box. . .

Her hand shook as she grabbed the knob and opened the door. The sound was now much more rapid and off beat. Gazing in the room at, what looked like, huge computer modems, Claire followed the sound, hoping that nothing would pop out at her as she peeked around the corner. A small laugh welcomed her on the other side, and she saw the hunched over form of a young man bending over a computer. His fingers were swiftly brushing over the keyboard.

Tap, tap. . .tap, tap, tap.

Claire exhaled firmly in relief.

"Oh, it's just you."

The boy named Steve stiffed as soon as she spoke. His head whipped around quickly, and for only a second, Claire saw a glimmer of fear in his eyes. Upon seeing her, his body relaxed and he managed to sport a tight smile. The grin, though forced, was still as arrogant as the one she had seen back at the prison.

"Did I scare you?" Claire couldn't help of keep the satisfaction out of her voice. Steve's smile stiffened.

"Hmmm?" The glow from the computer monitor made his green eyes brighten eerily. "Me? No, you didn't."

Not waiting for her sarcastic retort, he stepped away from the computer. A man with dark brown hair was displayed on the screen. Claire, however, only glanced at the photo.

"You know him?" Steve asked, waving his hand at the picture of the young man. "Chris Redfield?"

"What?" Squinting her eyes, she stared at the screen at the man who was correctly Chris. "My brother?"

"Ah! I knew it." His smile was now as cocky as ever. "Did you know that he is under surveillance? Looks like Umbrella is scared shitless of this brother of yours."

Claire didn't answer him. She was still gazing at Chris. Great, first Leon, now Chris. How in the hell was she going to get out of this? And alive for that matter? So Umbrella was threatened by her brother? As well they should be.

"Oh no," she whispered, not aware that she was all ready beginning to typ in his email address.

"What are you doing?"

"I'm telling him he's being monitored. What the hell does it look like?" she replied angrily. Letting her fingers typ as fast as they could, she jotted a quick email to him.


I'm fine. But you're being watched by Umbrella. Do not send this back. It's too dangerous, they could be monitoring your incoming mail right now. Leon is missing. I have to find him. I sure he's still alive.

Take care,


"You know, this computer shows the latitude and longitude of Rock Fort. You could mail our location to him, and have him pick us up. We could have one big party!"

Claire could not mistake the sarcasm in his voice, but it was a good idea nonetheless.

"Actually," she began, "that's not a bad idea." She added a fast P.S. to Chris's message, and sent the email without hesitation.

"I was being sarcastic, you know." Steve smirked at her, and she could suddenly feel her teeth grinding together as she stared at those pouting lips.

"Really?" Her voice was tight and full of taint. "I couldn't tell, you know, because I'm so stupid."

His smile vanished.

"He won't come, anyway," he countered bitterly. "You're just wasting you time. He'll probably chicken out."

"No he won't," Claire couldn't stop the dangerous tone her voice took.

"What makes you so sure?" Steve's face became abruptly frigid. "People are afraid. I bet that man you're looking for has left you all ready. He's likely heading for America right now."

"Leon wouldn't do that," Claire hushed confidently.

"Wouldn't he?" His eyes wilted as he stepped closer to her.

"Not to me."

Steve smiled again. Shaking his head from side to side, he turned his back to her.

"You're in for a rude awakening, sweetheart." And then he left.

Claire wasn't aware that she was shaking. His words had affected much more than she would've liked. What if Leon had left her? What if Chris wouldn't come? Was she going to be alone on this island with no hope of escape. The only man to rely on casually leaving her all by herself in a creature infested prison?

No. Don't think like that. He'll come.

Gazing at the door in the corner of the room, she had to blink a few times before realizing that the knob was slowly turning. . .

She sprinted from the room within seconds. All the while, praying that she would be able to make it back to her gun in once piece.


I can't breathe.

Leon fell to his knees clutching his chest. What the hell was wrong with him? Was he having a heart attack? He laughed at that last thought. He was too young for a heart attack. Forcing himself to his feet, he trudged up the cracked steps to a fancy building.

Another bolt of pain flew to his heart, and he grabbed the wall with his sweaty fingers. Was he going to die? Dragging his feet, he opened the Palace doors and rushed in. He would have to keep going. There was no other choice. But it was all he could to do stand.

Claire. . . I have to find Claire.

And then he fell.

Landing on the floor, the ache under his breastplate intensified. Leon gasped and coughed, trying to recover from the wind that had been knocked out of him. He threw his head back, and stared at the leg of the corpse he had tripped over. It was a soldier. His skin was gray, and hung loosely off his bones. But his skin wasn't what Leon was looking at. His attention was focused at what was in the dead man's hand.

Squirming on his belly, Leon slithered to the gun that was grasped feebly between his fingers. Stretching his hand forth, he could almost feel the cold metal against his skin . . .


He almost didn't register the bang that followed, until it was too late. A bullet shrieked through the air and past his ear, nailing the already dead human in the head. The force of the bullet knocked the corpse out of its original position, and it slumped over Leon's body.

The odor was overpowering. And he tried his best not the hurl as he gagged and writhed away from the rotting, sunken eyes that stared lifelessly back at him.

"Dammit!" a high, cold voice cursed. "Would you stop moving?"

Another bang. It felt as though someone had just thrown a hurtling rock and Leon's hand. A mighty sting erupted on the side of his palm, and he felt something warm gushing down to his wrist. The bullet had nicked his skin.

"Stop! I'm not one of those – "

The sound of an empty shell hit the ground, and he knew that whoever was shooting at him was reloading.

His wounded hand reached out and snatched the gun that the dead soldier held. Leon ignored its squishy fingers as he snatched the gun away from the corpse. Swinging his gun in the direction of the shooter, Leon fired randomly.

Slice abruptly filled the hall. Venturing a glance behind his shoulder, he cast his eyes at the beautiful room, all the while searching for his captor. A man stood at the top of the stairs. His blond, almost white haired shimmered under the chanticleer that hung over his head. In his hands a large .22 rifle was pointed directly at Leon's face.

Slowly, he began to walk down the stairs. His aim never awry, he took his time getting to Leon. Knowing that this man was not letting his guard down, he cocked his handgun and held it close to him, aware that if this guy was in the mood of a gun fight, he had no idea who the hell he was dealing with.

Upon seeing that he had not dropped his gun, the stranger stopped. Leon saw the rifle that pressed over his shoulder, and his finger on the trigger, ready to fire at any moment if Leon did anything foolish.

"Who are you?" demanded the guman. Leon grimaced. This guy's voice was worse than that stupid kids. "Are you responsible for the attack on my island?"

His island?

"What?" Leon sputtered. "No, I – "

He was now leaning over him. The man shoved the barrel of his gun closer to Leon's face. He, in return, jammed his pistol into the stranger's stomach.

"You so much as take another step, and I'll put a bullet in your gut," Leon warned. The person hesitated, and then dropped his rifle away from the ex-cop's face. That was the second time today he had been held at gunpoint.

"Talk," ordered the blond in a squeaky voice.

"Listen," he began rambling at once. "I got captured and they knocked me out. And when I woke up, this entire place was filled with those. . .Things. I only want to find my friend. Her name is Claire Redfield. And she– "

The expression on the gunman's face told Leon that he had said the wrong thing. Out of the corner of his eyes, he saw the man's finger twitch lightly over the trigger.

"Claire Redfield?" his captor repeated. "Chris Redfield's sister?" Slinging the rifle over his shoulder, he folded his arms across his chest. "Hmmm, I had no idea she was on the island."

"You know her?" Leon asked dumbfounded. He had thought that this man would shoot him on the spot after revealing that he knew Chris.

"I know of her. I can't say I've ever really met her. Her brother has caused some problems for my family and business, you know." He smiled warmly at Leon, but there was something in it that didn't look right.

"Business?" Leon lowered his gun. Afer all, He had lowered his. "You're in charge of. . .Umbrella?"

The man laughed.

"Heaven's, no! But I'm in charge of bits of it, and so forth. You see, my grandfather was one of the men who founded this company," he replied airily. "So, this friend of yours, Claire. You say she was brought here?"

He was circling Leon as he sat on the ground. It almost seemed as though this man was less interested in his own corporation, and more intrigued by Leon's lady friend. It made him uneasy.

"I'm not sure."

"Well, I'll help you find her." Leon's head snapped up.

"Huh?" The stranger gazed at Leon and grinned, showing his unnaturally white teeth.

"Yes, that's right. I'll help you. After all, my role with Umbrella is pretty much gone. I'm sure you've seen the island. Quite a pity, really. I've worked so hard, and it's all for nothing. So there's not much left. I'll search for you – don't worry – I never fail."

"What's in it for you?" he questioned. There had to be a catch. The man's smiled widened. Another blast of pain fired inside of Leon's chest, and he jerked his head slightly down, hoping it would pass.


Leon barely had time to look up as he saw the butt of the rifle coming down over the crown of his head. Then. . .



She'd find him. If this male was searching for her, then this so called Claire would be looking for him as well.

And when she did, he'd be there to reap the benefit.

Gazing at the unconscious man that he had knocked out, he slung his rifle back over his shoulder. He would make an excellent test subject. And so would the woman. . .when he found her.

After all, he always kept his promises.

To be continued. . .

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