An Assorted Collection Of One-Shots

By: Midnight*Starfire

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One Shot # 1. Genre: romance. Rating: PG.

Warning: Fluff ahead.

How The Ocarina of Time Should Have Ended....(in my opinion)

Springtime in Hyrule was the most breathtaking of all. Not a single ivory cloud in the cerulean blue sky. Harmonic birds chirped in the lush trees and the wind whistled through the green fields causing the vivid colored flowers to dance to their own melodic music. Everywhere life was blooming and bustling. The golden sun glowed overhead and warmed the skin of two Hylians, a young man and a young woman, as they sat near the edge of the prodigious Lake Hylia. The handsome man looked into the crystal lake at his reflection, he had honey blonde hair that gracefully fell into his deep inhumanly blue eyes. The beautiful woman laid her platinum blonde head on his shoulder and shut her angelic baby blue eyes. She gently grabbed his hand and interlaced her delicate soft fingers with his strong rough ones. She snuggled her head into his shoulder, becoming intoxicated by his pleasant yet strange scent.

"It's a wondrous day, isn't it Link?" she asked.

Link, broken from his trance, turned and placed a light kiss on her forehead. "It's beautiful, Zelda," he said looking more at her than the scenery. She was all the scenery he needed. Then, he was silent, which was far from regular. Link hoped he had concealed his feelings well, because he did not want her to ask, he didn't need to express his fury towards a recent situation. Zelda removed her head from his shoulder, as she opened her eyes to look upon her love. Immediately, Zelda noticed he was staring off into the horizon. The look on his face expressed that he was displeased with something and Zelda did not like not knowing. Link was never wordless with her, they always had something to say. Zelda took a deep breath, "Link, what ails you?"she asked.

"Can I not enjoy the beauty of silence?" he asked coldly.

Zelda felt a pang of sorrow, guessing it was her fault that he felt this way. "Please tell me what is wrong, Link," she pleaded.

Link heaved a great sigh, "Impa has told me of your father's plans, Zelda. How do you think that makes me feel?"

Zelda pulled away from Link, "You have found out then? I had planned to tell you, but I had not had the right moment yet. I'm not worried about it because it will never happen. I figured you did not know...." her voice trailed off.

Link turned to face her and the deep emotion in his eyes sent a shiver down her spine. "I know it all Zelda. I know about how he loathes our relationship and has decided to find someone for you. Nobility perhaps, I think it matters not. As long as I am without you," Link said, spite evident in his voice.


Zelda moved closer to Link and reclaimed his hand that she had released. "I could never love anyone else Link. It will not let my father tear us apart," she assured him.

Yet more silence.

"Truly, you would be better off without me. You should marry a prince, someone who knows politics and how to rule a kingdom. I could never provide for you anything that you deserve," Link said forlornly. He hung his head and suddenly became very interested in the emerald green grass beneath him, as he attempted to avert his eyes. He could not let Zelda see how bad this situation was wounding him.

"Link , you know those things do not matter to me. I do not want a prince, and I do not care for material possessions. I do not want a kingdom if it means I cannot have you," Zelda began, but Link cut her off.

"What do you mean you do not want a kingdom? You do not want to be the Princess? Could you just abdicate your future throne like that?" Link asked her.

"I want nothing more than you, Link," Zelda then took a profound breathe accumulating all the strength she could muster to say what she desired most, "Link I think we should leave Hyrule. Together. We can start life over and never have to worry about my father."

Link suddenly smiled, losing control of his reactions when he wanted to seem stern. "Surely you cannot be serious?"

Zelda leaned forward and fervently kissed him, "Oh, but I am serious. All I need is you."

"Alright, so we are going to be fugitives," Link laughed a little bit apprehensively, "When do we leave ?" he asked skeptically.

"Tonight," said Zelda excitedly.

Link's blue eyes widened , normally it was him who came up with the outlandish propositions and ideas. He was the one who caused all the disorder, sneaking into the castle to see Zelda, and then sneaking her out. He was the alleged Hero of Time, an eminent warrior. But that was the side of him others saw. Nobody knew that he broke any and every rule with or for Zelda. It was no wonder that the King despised Zelda's relationship with the mischievous Link.

"I'm quite proud of how I have rubbed off on you Zelda," Link said with an arrogant smile, mirth dancing in his eyes as he helped her up.

Zelda received the help he offered and stood to her full height, "What can I say? You have really had an effect on me.... and I hate you for that," she teased.

"No you don't," he reminded her.

"Yes I do," she argued playfully, as they began walking.

And so it came to be Zelda took a few possessions with her, like the ocarina of time, and that night escaped the treacherous castle with Link. The two of them then went on a quest, that took them deep into the dark Lost Woods. In search of a faithful friend that was lost to Link long ago.....

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